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플스빌: Your One-Stop Gaming Destination
Oct 26, 2019

With Korea being as big of a gaming country as it is, one might think that it would be easy to find games for whatever console you decided to bring over with you.  However, despite there being a PC room on pretty much every street corner, stores selling products for systems such as Nintendo and PlayStation can be very hard to find.

But just because they are rare does not mean they don’t exist.  플스빌(PSVill) is a popular video game shop that has been around since 2003.  Although it focuses mainly on PlayStation games and accessories, it also has a good amount of gear for the Nintendo Switch.   There are over 30 locations scattered all over Korea including two different stores in Cheonan alone.

Location 1: Seongseong-dong (성성점)

The first store can be found in Seongseong-dong (성성동) in between the Lake Tower Prugio Apartment Complexes 1 and 2. It is located on the 6th floor of the Varuna Tower (바루나타워) and can be a bit hard to find as this building is quite new and a lot of it is still under construction.

Although the lady working behind the counter did not speak any English, she was very friendly and did her best to be helpful.  The shop has a large variety of PlayStation games and a decent selection of Nintendo Switch games spread out along the walls.  Underneath the games on shelves were all sorts of accessories including controllers, VR attachments, headsets, musical instruments. Steering wheels and more. They even sell entire consoles.

At the far end of the store, they had a couch and TV with a few different consoles set up where customers could try out games for free.  And next to the sofa was a sweet looking race car setup hooked up to a PS4 with a racing chair, steering wheel and even break pedals.

Location 2: Buldang (불당점)

The second place is located in Buldang (불당) right outside of the brand new Summit Place Apartments. This store is set up much like the first but because it is a tad smaller it has a bit less.  There is still a large wall full of games with consoles and accessories underneath.  They also have a TV and sofa for playing games although there is no racing set up at this location. The guy working the counter spoke decent English and was once again very kind and helpful.

What sets 플스빌 apart from other video game stores in Korea is that they give you the option to either rent or buy games.  플스빌 offers a few different ways to do this.

 First, they have the monthly unlimited packages ( 한달간 무제한 게임대여).  There are three different packages. Gold, which costs 20,000 a month and  allows you to rent as many ‘Gold Title” games as as you want. Premium, a 39,000 a month package that allows you to rent as many ‘Gold and Premium Titles” as you want, and Premium Family, which is the same as the Premium package but allows to rent multiple games at the same time.  This final package goes for 55,000 a month.

If the monthly packages seem like too much of a commitment, fear not because 플스빌 also offers individual game rentals starting at 7,000 a week for  ‘Gold’ games, 10,000 for ‘Premium’ games and 15,000 for ‘Diamond’ titles.

Times and Locations:

Seongseong-dong: 충남 천안시 서북구 성성8로 2-44 바루나타워 601호 플스빌 천안성성점

                                   Open 12:00 – 19:00, closed on Tuesdays

Buldang: 충남 천안시 서북구 불당25로 8 호반써밋플레이스센터시티 상가동 128호

                                   Open 11:00 – 21:00, closed on Mondays