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As a parent with two little ones, I’m always looking for places to visit that are child-friendly. We visited the Monello Premium Kids Cafe recently, which is perfect for those days where it’s too hot, too cold, or too rainy for outdoor play – or simply when you’re just after a change of scenery. Best of all, it’s relaxing for adults, too!

Once you arrive at the cafe you’ll be instructed to remove your shoes, which you’ll place in one of the lockers right by the entrance. One thing to note: bring socks for you and your kids if you’re not already wearing any. I had sandals on and the lady at the counter gave me a new pair of socks to use, but next time I’ll know to bring my own! Give the key for your locker to the staff member at the counter — they’ll mind it so you don’t need to worry about losing it — and then your kids are ready to play.

The Kids Cafe here is divided into several different sections, each of which allow for unique kinds of interactive play.

Kitchen and Market Zone

This area is brilliant if your kids enjoy playing shops! The market zone contains a bunch of play food supplies, baskets, cash registers – even mini shopping carts. Once they’ve grocery shopped for all the ingredients they need, they can head over to the kitchen zone and meal prep. There are even toy dustpans, mops and vacuums for them to clean up any imaginary messes they’ve made.

Cypress Zone

Blocks, blocks and more blocks! Kids are able to play with dump trucks, toy tractors, dinosaurs and more among these tiny cypress blocks – they look almost like sand from a distance.

Fishing and Camping Zones

The fishing zone is a fun and challenging one – your kids can try and pick up magnetic fish through a perspex glass floor! Great for hand-eye coordination skills.

The camping zone is right across from the fishing area, and consists of a tent, a toy outdoor grill and some camping chairs. It even comes complete with a green rug that looks like grass!

Block Zone and Train Zone

For the building-lovers, there are loads of blocks to build with here, including magnetic blocks and traditional ones. The train zone is filled with ride-on toys, as you may have guessed!

Trampoline Zone, Ball Pit and Maze Zone

This area contains a ball put that kids can slide into, two different trampolines (one for the bigger kids and one suited to toddlers), and a fun climb-through maze area.

Parents Area

There’s also a spacious area with plenty of tables and chairs for parents, and the cafe is designed so that even when you’re sitting down you’re able to see what your kids are doing. You’ll find two massage chairs too, if you need some extra relaxation time at a cost of 2000 won.

Eats and Drinks

The cafe part isn’t neglected here either, with a range of beverages and bites to eat on offer. Drinks include your standard coffee fare of Americanos and lattes, alongside frappes, hot and iced teas, smoothies and flavored lemonades. As for the eats, you’ll find options including bagels, paninis, various types of fried rice, and the always kid-friendly staples of french fries and hot dogs.

The Details:

196 Handeul 1-ro, Seongseong-dong, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do

Waze Maps link: https://www.waze.com/en/directions/south-korea/%EC%B2%9C%EC%95%88%EC%8B%9C-cheonan-si/monello-premium-kids-cafe/83296624.833097316.13862333.html


Open daily from 10 am until 8 pm, however do note that the cafe closes on the second and fourth Monday of each month for intensive cleaning.

The premises is located at the March Avenue Mall, and you’ll find free undercover parking at the venue. If you don’t grab a bite to eat at the Kid’s Cafe, never fear – there are loads of independent eateries close by, too!

The premises also has a party room for child’s birthday parties or similar occasions. Rental costs for the party room are 20,000 won (weekdays) or 30,000 won (weekends). Advance reservations are required. 

Admission Costs:

For children, 1 hour at Monello Kids Cafe is 6000 won, and 2 hours is 12,000 won. If you have children under a year old, admission fees are reduced. 0-5 month olds are free, and 6-12 month olds are 3000 won. Accompanying adults pay 2,000 won per person.