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Cheonan Public Sports Park
Sep 29, 2020

Cheonan Public Sports Park

Cheonan Civic Sports Park

Holidays and following a continuous social distancing life don’t have to mean being stuck at home. It would be refreshing to seek the green outdoors even if you are in the city and still follow the social distancing rules. How? Or should we say, where? We’ll share one right in the heart of the city. All you need are your mask, your own water bottle, and a good pair of walking shoes. 


One doesn’t really need to go so far for a quick stretch or a mini hike. There’s one right next to south of Cheonan City hall. Citizens can now enjoy another green space after months of that area being closed-off while construction is going on. 

What’s there and what can you do there?

Good warm weather and high skies brought my itchy feet to the hill and to the rest of the grounds of Cheonan Civic Sports Park. The hill itself is relatively small and it only took a few minutes to reach the little clearing at the top. There were a couple of benches for people who might need it to rest or maybe for some to  just enjoy being surrounded by the trees. 

The main entrance to this park is along Geomeundeul Road in front of Twin Palace but it is also accessible through the city hall. A wide oval grass field with walking pathways is on the right. It’s good for taking a walk on a more leveled ground. Once you get warmed up, you can try the trails going up the hill. It’s not that challenging for a well-able bodied person to worry about. There are about four or five starting points to do that. There’s one near the entrance if you just want to go straight to it. 

But if you are ready to step up your game, there are a couple of outdoor courts on the left side of the park.  A couple of badminton courts are on the right of the entrance, next to the restroom. The futsal and footvolley courts are just a bit farther more on the left.

What else?

A tiny restroom fitted with a simple washstand for two toilet cubicles was easy to spot at the entrance. And there’s a parking space for about 38 cars on the right. There’s more parking spaces on the west side adjacent to the city hall’s.

Speaking of which, an elevated rest area on the western part near the futsal court and wider parking lot is also a good place. The zigzag stairs from the parking lot leading up to it makes it more fun to climb. And the view? It’s not so bad if you look at the banner photo on this post, isn’t it. 

Food? There are restaurants that offer takeouts just across from the city hall block. This is right next to the  main seat of the local government with apartment complexes nearby so food, banks, hospitals etc. are pretty accessible even on foot. 

Things to remember:

As with every public park here in Korea there are things to remember that are NOT ALLOWED.

  1. Leaving waste and trash.

  2. Drinking and smoking.

  3. Cooking and camping

  4. Two- wheeled vehicles and more are not allowed except in the designated parking area. 

  5. Golf, baseball, electric kickboards etc. are also not allowed to protect other people from possible injury that these can possibly cause. 

We can enjoy the place with nothing but our feet and heart-filled with appreciation for the green space. After all, we need to spend a little time away from our screens and outside the four corners of our homes. Finding that pocket gardens and parks nearby will be just one way to do that while still maintaining the current social distancing levels. 

Again, always choose to be healthy.