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Cheonan City Late-night Buses
Nov 9, 2020

Cheonan City has decided to operate late-night buses to enhance the convenience of public transportation during late-night hours starting December.

The city plans to introduce late-night buses that travel every hour from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. when city buses are cut off to connect with other public transportation such as subways, KTX and trains.

The introduction of late-night buses is a part of the transportation welfare services.

Late-night buses will operate on three 16-seat small buses and a total of two routes, and the city plans to deploy late-night buses first in the eastern part of the city, which has a large floating population, using big data analysis service data.

The late-night bus route will run around the terminal, Dujeong Station, Cheonan City Hall. The other one will run the western wings of Cheonan train station, Ssangyong Station, Cheonan Asan Station and Cheonan City Hall.

The late-night bus fare is the same as the regular bus fare in Cheonan, which is 800 won for children, 1,280 won for teenagers, 1,600 won for adults. With transportation cards, it will be 700 won for children, 920 won for teenagers, and 1,500 won for adults. In addition, free transfer can be made once within 45 minutes.

From July to November last year, the city discovered late-night bus routes through a big data analysis project in Cheonan City and signed a business agreement with two city bus companies on late-night bus operations, and plans to purchase small electric buses at a cost of 510 million won (195 million won in state funds and 315 million won in city funds) this month.

A city official said, “There have been complaints about the need for extended operation of city buses only by using taxis because public transportation such as subway, KTX, and trains are not connected to city buses,” adding, “We plan to plan late-night buses to realize universal transportation welfare late at night.”

“The finalized version of late-night bus route has yet to be finalized, but we plan to circulate around sections to enhance connectivity with public transportation such as subways, KTX and trains,” he said. “Through the evaluation of the operation, the late-night bus routes may be expanded.”