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Things to do in Cheonan on the 3rd weekend of March
Mar 15, 2019

 As the weather’s getting warmer, we can definitely feel Spring coming soon.
This week, let’s see what kind of fun you can have in Cheonan!


There will be a gallery opened to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement, “100 years ago, the record of that day” at the Hanbbyeom gallery Samgeori.

The gallery will focus on Nakgyun Shin, who had led the fight for Korean independence through media.

We can see the flow of Korean photographs through the 1920~30s.

Admission will be free from March 1st through 24th 2019 with the exception of every Mondays.

The beautiful garden Hwa-Soo-Mok is located at Dong-Nam gu Mokcheon-eup Gyochun Jisan-gil 175.

Not only the citizens of Cheonan enjoys the scenery, but the out-of-staters and tourists love it too, especially in Spring where you can take delight in blooming fragrant flowers!

It is open at all times, so don’t miss out!


Through insect ecological experience, you can learn about the importance and value of insects and be aware of their roles in nature.

This interesting place, Chung-Nam Nature Insect museum is located in Dongnam-gu Gwangduk-myun Gwangpung-ro 890-26.

It is an appropriate place for children, with activities such as learning about the life cycle of cicada larva, rainbow-colored sand art featuring insects, making insect specimen, etc.

Make an unforgettable experience with a fee of 10,000~15,000 won!


 Natural Nu-Ri-Sung, a mountainous place with streams and flowers is where you can experience the farm life.

It is located in Dongnam-gu Gwangduk-myeon Charyunggogae-ro 449.

Women and men of all ages can come and enjoy the natural view, insects and plants!

 Spring will be arriving earlier than last year!

Have a Fiery Friday (Thank God it’s Friday!), Happy Saturday, and a Joyful Sunday!

We will be back with more great pieces of information next time!

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