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Night Life in Cheonan
Apr 19, 2018

Far too often do foreigners get the impression that nightlife experiences exist and can only be found in 2 places within South Korea? That namely would typically be Seoul and Busan. Well, its official I’m about to blow your minds. Chungcheong province or namely Cheonan consists of a variety of nightlife entertainment for the young, middle age and the old. The nightlife experiences vary from a relaxed night along the Cheonho-ji Sports Park to a great Mexican family bar restaurant in an upmarket Buldung and to end the evening a buzzing nightlife in Dujeong dong where you can compete with your friends as to who does it best in a game of bowling treat yourself to Korean street food and dance to K-pop.

Temple Street bar and bowling

This Dujeong area is definitely not for the weak. The vibrant colors, excited students and K-pop music playing from the surrounding clubs will invigorate your sense to start parting again. Coupled with a variety of Korean street food such as tteokbokki, odeng and my personal favorite pajeon. These street food snacks will come in handy before and after a night out in this party district.

One cannot ignore one of the more popular Korean/Western clubs called Temple, which is widely known as ‘Temple Street bowling club’. Mind that this is nothing like the spiritual temples you might be thinking of. This Temple Street bowling club is a thrilling combination of a bowling alley and a bar under the same roof. The two are so well separated that one would forget there’s a well-equipped bar with-even better customer-service 10 meters away from a well-executed strike. The Bowling club allows for a game of darts to be played between drinks and bowling on their multiple dart machines. The menu is also not to be ignored the Korean styled menu has an impressive variety of food. This would vary from pizzas to salad dishes. Their friendly staff is always a ring away to assist you.

Cantina family bar and Restaurant

Cantina is located within the Buldung area which is a developing and upmarket area in Cheonan. The Mexican family bar brings a refreshing restaurant experience which is down to earth and varies unique to the Cheonan dining landscape.

The Cantina Mexican restaurant and family bar are by far one of the best nightlife experiences one can have in Cheonan. Not only does it cater to families but it has an evolving crowd during its operating hours (5:00pm – 11:00pm).The restaurant which boasts its well thought through Mexican menu has an array of burritos, tacos, and Mexican styled wings to name a few favorites. This large variety of food allows for an open discussion with the staff regarding their meals and even the chef’s special for the day. The restaurant makes for a fascinating date night venue due to the artwork, music and American-style service offered. With the walls adorned with a painting of mother Mary, the bars choice of beers and tequila.  You will be spoilt for topics of discussion. With the candid friendly service and being surrounded by Korean couples, a family with kids and possible two foreigners attempting to play pool.  One cannot help but feel immersed in utopia making Cantina a restaurant worth visiting again in the near future

Cheonho-ji Sports Park

In the evenings you are guaranteed to enjoy the fresh air that you come across at the Cheonho-ji Sports Park. The family sports club has been built for an active lifestyle orientated family. With well-equipped basketball, tennis courts and a running track which spans around the lake. Yes! There is a lake. This brings a unique calming atmosphere to the night life experience. You must not neglect It is more popular for its cluster of coffee shops which are conveniently located after a nights stroll. A special mention also to Sloww Coffee cafe for having carrot cake. Seeing content couples out for a late night walk, the odd family through the windows of the grandly designed chic coffee shops overlooking the lake. One cannot help but appreciate the quality of life attained by the well thought through Family Park.

Cheonan has gone out of its way to accommodate individuals from all walks of life. In a special way this has overlapped into the nightlife as well. The safety in this country is commendable, the facilities and well thought out conveniences make ones experience pleasurable. The Cheonan night life exemplifies the Korean culture in so many ways. Their willingness to go over and beyond provide the quality of life. This includes in a physical and spiritual sense. The breath taking views you can capture on your night walks from the winter right through to the summer. The bright lights and spirit of the young Koreans in Dujeong dong during the evening venture. As well as the memorable nights and making new friends in a Mexican themed restaurant. These aspects add an insurmountable quality towards your lifestyle in Cheonan.

Written and edited by Lona Ngubegusha

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