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ALADDIN STORE: Used bookstore and kpop albums!
Mar 19, 2019

One of my favorite places to visit in Korea is definitely Aladdin Store. Aladdin Store is a Used Bookstore that sells any kind of books you can imagine, but not only books but also mangas, manhwa(만화)s, comics, even K-pop, and other music albums! All of them for a cheaper price.

In Cheonan you can find Aladdin in “Yawoori Area” just in front of Shinsegae Department Store, up of Paris Baguette café.


You can find the books my sections and as I said you can find about almost everything. Usually I come here to buy books for learning Korean, I had paid just 5,000 to 8,000 won for books that their original price was 20,000 won or more!

Also, they have a common area where you can grab a book and read it. Most of them don’t have any cover so you can read or study there. Is very quiet and peaceful.

Other interesting thing about this place is that If you have in your house some books,mangas,comics or albums, etc. you don’t want anymore you can sell them here!

When you bring your stuff they will check it and then give you some money for them, so is a good way to get some extra money.


In the store, you can find some computers that you can use to search about the K-pop group or book you are looking specifically but you can also check through their website If they have what you are looking for.

Just CLICK HERE and is going to take you to their official website. Once you are there you have to write the name of the book you are looking for or the author and they are going to tell you how much of them are available in the store and the price.

They also have shipping service!


This is an example of how to use their website:

I searched “Haruki Murakami” and it gave me a list of all his books that are available in the store.

  • 1Q84-1 : Name of the book

  • 최저가 : 9,600원 = Price (minimum) some of them you are going to see they have 2 prices and the final price of the book is going to be between both, depending on the condition of the book

  • 재고 : 5부 : Available 5 units

  • A71, A16, etc: it means the sections number you can find them in the store and 3번째칸, 1번째칸, etc. means how many you can find in that section

How to get there?