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American Tray: Cheonan Branch
Jan 20, 2020

KN95 Mask, hand sanitizers, and all other things that can protect you from the flu. 

These things are flying off the shelves with the current health scare that is going on around the world. Some people might be in panic buying those counter measures but let’s see if we can look at it from another point of view. 

Fight the Virus from Within

Start from within. Boost up your immune system with a more healthy lifestyle. Get enough rest, physical exercise and nutritious food. We will be sharing an option for you to get a load of nutritious food without having to go to all the trouble of cooking and juicing.

American Tray is a unique cafe restaurant with the goal of providing another healthy food option for Koreans. They provide an alternative to the more popular and usually dubbed as unhealthy American food. It first opened in Incheon and a few more followed in the Gyeonggi-do area, mostly around the western side of Seoul. It didn’t take a long time to have some people interested to have one right here and open one in the Dujeong area here in Cheonan sometime in the middle of 2019.

Located at a corner unit at the ground floor of Prazium 8 building, the interior exudes a relaxed country style atmosphere with the wooden tables and chairs.

Al fresco seating is also available during the warm months. There are chairs outside for those who would like to enjoy the outdoors during the warm months and metamorphose into a covered tent during the colder months. 

The kitchen is right behind the counter and you can easily see your food being prepared. The smell of your healthy food wafting through, as you patiently wait for it, is enough to work up an appetite. Get ready to be filled, and not just feel full, with their nutritious menu. 

What's on the Menu?

The menu includes salad, sandwich and side menu, smoothies, teas and coffee.  It specializes in organic salads and cleansing juices. It isn’t exactly an exclusive vegetarian fare so meat-eaters should not shy away from it.

Their menu is filled with salads, immune-system boosting smoothies, and with a couple of sandwiches and soups that pairs up pretty deliciously together.

There are six kinds of salad bowls to choose from starting with 7,500₩ American Tray Salad to 12,500₩ Cobb or fresh Salmon Salad. You can also add Avocado Salad as a choice for non-vegetarians since it has egg and bit of bacon in the ingredients’ list.

They use balsamic dressing in half of their salad menu. And if you have no restrictions on meat, you can try onion yoghurt dressing for the Cobb Salad, wasabi mayo dressing for the Salmon Salad, or chili dressing for the avocado salad.

For those who are trying to avoid meat, Super Grain Bowl and Ricotta Cheese might fit the bill but the latter might not possibly be for vegans because of the cheese.

As for the power-packed juices, you can choose between a smoothie or cold pressed juice. There are about three options for each such as beet, kale and millet sprouts for cold pressed. But if you’re not that keen on those, they do have the more regular drinks like tomato juice, organic basil lemonade, teas, and coffee which also includes a nut milk latte.

Now, if salad and drinks are not filling enough for you, there are four kinds of sandwiches, a pizza and a soup to try as well. Sadly, there isn’t any meat-free option for the sandwiches yet. The closest option would be the Potiron Salad Pizza. They also have set menus available.


The servings for the sandwich are pretty generous for one person specially if eaten with the delicious soup so better come ready to be filled up. Or you can also have it for take out. They also try to be eco-friendly for their biodegradable food packaging.

They are also available on the popular delivery apps (배달의민족 and Yogiyo).

While this place may seem to target people who want to lose weight, please don’t just jump to conclusions! It’s about time to rethink that stereotype with the current health crisis flooding the news and social media. It won’t hurt to choose to eat healthy to build a better immune system. That, coupled with utmost precautionary habits, will help us through this following weeks.


How to Get There?

How to get there?