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Anabada Market; a Movement to Save our Environment
May 28, 2019

Have you ever heard of the Anabada movement? It is an acronym for a: 아껴쓰고 (conserve), na: 나눠쓰고 (share), ba: 바꿔쓰고 (exchange), da: 다시쓴다 (reuse). It was a national movement during the IMF of 1997 to save the energy and recycle to get out from under the management system of the IMF. A meaningful movement should go on, right?

To create a partnership of coexistence and support, the Cheonan Asan Win-Win Partnership Center is opening the anabada market from April through October, on Saturdays of the 3rd week. The information is as follows.

■ Date : April 20 to Oct 19 (Every third Saturday)

■ Time : 11:00~15:00

■ Place : the Cheonan Asan Win-Win Partnership Center square
■ Participants : citizens of Cheonan and Asan
■ Main event : anabada market, Cheonan/Asan local food direct market

This anabada market is created for the win-win partnership of the city of Cheonan and Asan for their coexistence and support. The two cities organized the partnership center for the regional developments and to enrich the lives of their citizens through supplying agricultural goods, saving the environment by reusing energies and natural resources and building the neighborly bonds by sharing.

The anabada market will be regularly opened from April 20th through October on Saturdays every 3rd week.

You will be able to freely sell recycle goods such as clothing and other household items at the anabada market (applying for the participation beforehand is necessary).

There also will be a local food direct market that sells various vegetables, fruits, honey, trees, and bean pastes, as well as food stands that sells dumplings or chicken. Furthermore, there will be a “Free Library Book Exchange” event where you can give, donate or exchange used library books.

Please contact the Cheonan Asan Win-Win Partnership Center’s management cooperative department at 041-417-5022 for further details.

We will be looking forward to see lots of support and participation from all citizens of Cheonan and Asan at the anabada market. Please visit and make memorable moments through our events and programs!

How to get there?