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Angdoo: Creativeness and Cups of Tea
May 13, 2019

Heungheungbaljeonso (흥흥발전소) in Cheonan Youth Mall is a remarkable space of encounter between artist, bohemian atmosphere and art enthusiasts. Or it’s what used to be. Recently, Cheonan Youth Mall has been under several remodeling and renovations causing the decrement of visits, popularity and then customers, as well. However, the place still holds the same concepts and values. There are a few beautiful shops open and working but at a limited schedule and some others that are to be open sometime soon. Among those few shops you can find in Cheonan Youth Mall there is one that has been strong enough to resist and stay still loyal to the original mission established for the building.

Angdoo, a shop with a huge full-of-good-atmosphere space. Walls, shelves, stands and some other furniture full of a variety of handmade products in an exhibition. Materials beautifully organized as decoration. A noticeable sector close to the window with family-like tables where enthusiasts can learn or practice handmade work. And at the bottom a corner with sweets, coffee, and tea. Undoubtedly, It’s the perfect place to get connected with artisans and independent artists, a place to heal and relax through crafts and tea, a place to grow and develop new skills.

What is Angdoo?

Angdoo is, simply, an artisanal workshop studio, handmade products shop and coffee shop all in one. A handmade editing shovel and handmade playground where you can create, design and manufacture everyday accessories while having a cup of tea. You can take classes to learn at your own pace new artisanal skills. You can easily consider it as a place where you can relax by putting your mind to work in an artistic task and by letting your creativeness and imagination have control for a while.


Why artisanal workshops?

Well, by taking workshop classes there you obviously get a chance to make your own accessories, learn a new hobby and probably make profits from it. The main objective of Angdoo is to create a space where you can let your mind out of all the complications of life and instead enjoy a unique time of connection with arts. However, developing artistic skills is not just a way to relieve stress but also an effective exercise to improve concentration and productiveness. All of this while taking a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Can I buy accessories in Angdoo?

Of course, you can! The first sight of the place gives you the impression of being, actually, a shop. It’s pretty interesting to walk between the different types of furniture and appreciates all the products that are exhibited there. For all the ages, for all the styles, for all kind of necessity and for all the tastes. You must pay a visit and I assure you can’t leave without buying something!


Why buying handmade?

The work of artisans and artists is unique and full of the spirit if you compared with those manufactured by industrial machines. The artisanal products reflect the true nature of the contemporary visual representation of Korean arts. I mean, by buying handmade products you have a direct connection with real Korean artisans and in Angdoo you’ll have a gasp of the meaning behind the process of creation, the effort put in each product and the good feelings and dedication. Buying artisans’ work supports a sustainable economy, supports the original contemporary culture, supports the respect for the environment, etc.

How to book a class?

Well, the shop has many facilities in this aspect. You can either book by sending an email (loved28@naver.com) or personally go to the shop and ask there. There are different options regarding learning-methods like learning “slow” by taking many classes or learning “one-day” class. I recommend you to visit Angdoo and venture in a one-day class of anything of your interest there. The owner is super nice and motivated. When we visited the shop despite the time and that we didn’t book she offered us to try learning whatever we wanted. So you just go there and do it!


When and where?

The address is 31129 충청남도 천안시 동남구 은행길 5-4 (대흥동) 천안청년몰 2층.  Search for Cheonan Youth Mall and Angdoo is in the second floor. It’s pretty close to Cheonan Station and very easy to go from there by walking. About the working time, I recommend you to go to have more chances during weekdays from 11:00 ~ 18:00 hrs. but every shop has their personal schedule.

In case you want to contact them.

Phone: 0507-1302-0739

Website: www.angdoo.co.kr

Even if there is no disponibility for classes at that moment you still can enjoy a cup of tea while appreciating the handmade products in the exhibition as a real art gallery or something. Besides you can also take your time for real shopping. No matter if you live in Cheonan or you’re just a passenger in the city I think Angdoo is a place you must visit. There is always something new happening there, a new adventure, a new flavor, a new material, and a new technique. The environment is something special and different, kind of bohemian. Make plans with your friends and pay a visit to Angdoo, you won’t regret!

How to get there?