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Art and Craft Supply Store in Cheonan
Dec 2, 2019

This post is for the crafty folks in town. A friend of mine recently asked if there is a big craft store in Cheonan so I went and searched for one. This is what I found.

Jimoonsa, a little bit similar to big box stores for school, home, office, arts, and crafts supplies. There are two branches in Cheonan: Dujeong Branch near Dujeong Station and Building Branch near the KTX Cheonan-Asan Station. While these might not beat the ones in Seoul, they are a good alternative to the typical mazes that you would usually find in a regular stationery store in your Korean neighborhood. This is bigger, spacious, and with more variety of supplies available. We want to give the how-to-get-there part right away to save you time. But if you want to get an idea of what you can find there, scroll down at the end and drool if you may.  (That is the crafter inside talking!)

1. Jimoonsa Buldang Branch

천안시 서북구 불당 34길 3-18


Hours: 10AM-8PM Everyday

How to get there:

By bus: From KTX Exit #3 (17 minutes from the bus loading area)

  1. Take Bus #90 and get off at the third stop, Hoban.

  2. Then cross the street and walk up to the corner on your left.

  3. Turn right, and go half that block until you find Paris Baguette across the street.

  4. Jimoonsa building is the one just behind it.

On foot: 25 minutes

  1. Take Exit 2 from the Cheonan-Asan KTX and head to the EMart Traders at the corner.

  2. With Y City and Lotte Mart across on the right, cross the street to Emart 24 (yes, Emart is everywhere in this area.) 

  3. Keep walking going past that building, a GS gas station, Galleria Department Store (big corner street again), and Hoban Summit apartment complex (across) until you get to the corner, NH Bank. 

  4. Turn left at NH Bank. Go for 2 blocks more, and turn right. 

  5. Keep going this block, passing by a dumpling store in between two convenience stores (GS25 & CU^^) until you reach Paris Baguette. 

Click here for the Kakao route.

Now, what was it that we were trying to find? Oh, yes! I almost forgot! ^^ Jimoonsa is behind that bakery.


If you are driving, there’s parking available in the upper floors of the building.

Parking ramp entrance is easy to spot but may be hard to get into because of the street-parked cars on both sides of the narrow street.

Free parking is available with a receipt as proof of purchase. You will have to inform the cashier of the last 4 digits of the plate number upon paying.

  2. Dujeong Branch

천안시 서북구 성정중 4길 32

Tel. 041-567-2325

Hours: 10AM-8PM Everyday

(They moved to a new location but it’s still near the old one.)

By bus (18 minutes):

From Cheonan Bus Terminal, take bus # 910 at the bus stop right in front of Shinsegae Department Store.

Get off at Seongjeong Hyundai Apt. Walk back towards the Animal Hospital that you had passed at the corner.

Go straight across and continue for another block, then turn left. It’s the second building on the left.

Here’s a link for the kakao map route for the visual information.

What’s in there?

You can find fancy writing paraphernalia, toys, home, school and office supplies.

There are also lots of possible gift items for the holidays if you are not into minimalism. ^^

And of course, there are party and crafting supplies for teachers, moms, or crafting buddies.

Now, what? You’re still reading? Well, thank you. You can also check out their website which is all in Korean.

But here’s a treat for a quick peek on what’s inside before you head out to one of their offline stores.

How to get there?