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  • Squid Game at Jiksan Hyanggyo
    The invitation did not come in a card with those interesting shapes on it but through an IG post. Elementary kids got a chance to play squid game at a special location in the city, Jiksan Hyanggyo and Gwana. They also got to try other old Korean playground games too!
  • Funny, quirky and cheap stationary and toy shop for school k...
  • Mugunghwa Garden- Korea’s national flower park
    Mugunghwa Garden Mugunghwa, also called "Rose of Sharon" or Hibiscus, is the national flower of Korea. Mugunghwa means "eternal blossom that never fades". It has been described in ancient records...
  • Urban Oasis- Shinbuldang Areumdri Park (아름드리공원)
      Since Google Maps is not that accurate, check out Naver Maps for further directions. https://m.place.naver.com/place/38003904/home?entry=pll Location: Areumdri Park (아름드리공원) Chungnam Cheonan-si Seobukgu Buldang 21-ro 25 Nearby: NoBrand store, O’st Avenue 오스트애비뉴  
  • Family Summer Fun at Taehaksan Kids Forest
    Where to go on these hot summer days to cool off? You would directly think of beaches but did you know that the Korean mountain areas and streams offer a...
  • English children’s books at Cheonan Asan library
    English reading fun for kids  icon-book    Reading is a fun and educational activity for children. Did you know that the Cheonan Asan Cooperation library has an English children's book section?...