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  • Cheongsu Lake Park
    It has such a great photo zone with a peaceful lake and a beautiful fountain, especially at sunset! It has a walking trail that goes completely around the lake and...
  • Manil Temple
    Manil Temple is situated on the mid-peak of Seogeo Mountain (579m). Although its exact founding year remains unknown, it is speculated to have been built in the Goryeo Dynasty, based...
  • Ssangyong Park
    Are you looking for a place with wide lawn for a picnic or outdoor activities like frisbee? Then Ssangyong Park can be the answer. Especially during summer time, you can...
  • Seonghwan Ihwa Market
    Traditional Seonghwan Ihwa Market is trying to turn into a symbolic market combined with traditional and modern art. With various artworks including stained glass statues and glass mosaic wall, the...
  • Namsan Central Market
  • Ligak Museum of Art
    This is a contemporary art museum that honors the memory of sculptor Lee Jong-gak, known for his passion for the arts and great accomplishments, and performs related research. Diverse contemporary...

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