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Awesome Tips for Awesome Pictures, at Cheonho Ji; Dandae Lake
May 28, 2019

One of the most important themes when going on a trip is to take the best picture of your life. Thus, tourists of various age groups tend to go for a trip to a place where they can take such pictures. Today, I will introduce you to a place where you can take great pictures every spring in Cheonan. It is Cheon Ho Ji, where cherry blossoms and other flowers thrive every spring. The night view of Cheon Ho Ji is one of the 12 sights of Cheonan and it offers a great view during the long hours of the night.

Cheon Ho Ji was actually made by the Korean Rural Community Corporation in 1957 to supply water for the agricultural uses in the Cheonan area. Nowadays, the reservoir is becoming a place for relaxation among citizens. There is a Kpop song that says, “Let’s walk along the Dangook University lake” that Koreans like to sing in every spring. The Dangook University lake literally is the Cheon Ho Ji!

When I went to the reservoir, the breeze was light, and the reflection of the Dangook University on the water was stunning. The early blooming forsythia and the cherry blossoms make the best of spring view. The yellowy green buds add a bit of freshness into the scenery. The cherry blossom festival course along the Dangook Dentistry department has a nearby public parking space where many citizens use conveniently and to enjoy the walk. Right now, the green buds of the willow trees are blooming, so the place is lively with fresh greens. Even during high noons on weekdays, lots of college students wearing their department jackets and people are visiting the Cheon Ho Ji to look at cherry blossoms at its best.

Many citizens only walk around the vicinity of the Cheon Ho Ji for the cherry blossom views, but for great pictures, you must visit the alley between the Dangook Fine Arts department and the Yulgok Library. The cherry blossom trees at the Cheon Ho Ji is only on one side of the sidewalk, so while the view is quite enjoyable, it isn’t enough for pictures. However, the alley is actually a tunnel, so you can take the picture of your life.

Now, I will give you some tips about how to take these pictures of your life. Please note that I am not a professional photographer but just a regular person who loves to take pictures with tips on using different angles, rather than professional camera skills.

1. Take your camera and take a picture of the sky.

When the sky is clear and beautiful, it would be better to take a picture of the sky with cherry blossoms or things around yourself, rather than crowds of people on the streets.

For example, these two pictures below are the pictures that I have taken at the same spot. The first picture was at the cherry blossom tunnel, so there were crowds all around. I was busy editing out the people afterward. Let’s look at the next picture. If you tilt the camera up to the sky and tada! What do you think? Does it look like the same place? You don’t necessarily need the whole entire body of a subject, so it would be much better to take the picture under the crowded cherry blossom tree.

2. Go inside, not under the flowering tree.

People tend to go under the prettiest flower tree to take pictures, but that can leave shadows and you cannot take the whole entire tree in your photo. However, if you go inside the frame of the flowers of the tree, you can easily take the flowers more naturally. This kind of photo can be achieved by simply using different angles. The picture below is a photograph of the Cheon Ho Ji walk. What do you think? Doesn’t it feel as though you’re inside the frame of the flowers?

The top picture has the forsythia right in front and focused on the model standing far behind. The photograph looks more lively with the forsythia in front of the camera lens. Take a picture with forsythia alongside any street and this way, your photograph will be more special.

3. Use props or wear bright clothes.

When going out for cherry blossom festivals, I recommend you wearing bright colored clothes rather than darker ones and also use straw hats or sun umbrellas. While cherry blossoms are brightly colored, the whole entire photograph might look somber with dark clothes. Also, it would be harder to achieve the brightness of the cherry blossoms, since the camera automatically adjusts the brightness. If you take advantage of simple props such as hats or sun umbrellas, your photos will look much more cheerful.

4. You don’t always have to go for the front view.

The subject could look slimmer if you take the picture a bit sideways rather than take the front side. A photo with a person looking at the flowers from his or her side has a different charm. Right now, the campus within the Dangook University is bursting with beautiful red magnolia. Take a picture of the flowers with wide skies, not a close up of the flowers. A view from the backside of a subject with cherry blossoms all around can make the photograph look sentimental. What did you think of the four tips I gave you on getting the perfect pictures? Cheonho Ji is a beautiful place filled with spring flowers such as cherry blossoms, forsythia, and magnolia.

Why don’t you visit such a place with families, friends and loved ones and take their pictures? Go and see the famous spring picture hot spot, Cheonho Ji!

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