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Are you interested or do you usually make some kind of charitable donation, but still don’t know what institution or foundation in Cheonan needs your contribution?

If so, 아름다운가게|BEAUTIFUL SHOP is waiting for you to be part of the beautiful change.


It is a Korean social Foundation that contributes to the welfare and favorable change of the environment in society as well as the support of small communities for a better quality of life.

The Foundation has reusable shared-use stores in different cities nationwide where they receive the goods used (donations) to sell them and subsequently with the proceeds obtained help and support the development of different projects and social activities in Korea and abroad.

Let’s contribute with the Foundation!

In Cheonan it has two stores, one in the Seongjeong – dong area and the other in Ssangyong-dong, you can approach any day of the week except for Sundays and holidays from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm bringing your donation of clothes, shoes, books, food, cleaning products, school supplies among others that are still in good condition.

  • If in case you have many items that you want to donate and it is very heavy to carry it on your own, there is the option to call the store beforehand at  041-552-0095 to let them know the number of items that you will donate (it must be at least 3 boxes or up) so that the store can send its staff to your address to pick it up directly.

Visit the store

  Acquiring one of the varied products offered by the store at affordable prices is another option to also contribute to the foundation’s work. Outside the store you can see mostly products for babies and children, inside each group of items are divided into sections. Among the section of products with more variety is the clothing, books, and food. It also has a section for kitchen utensils and appliances.

Find the ¨ 아름다운 가게 | Beautiful Store¨ in Cheonan

   천안성정점|Seongjeong-dong Store

  • Address:  충남 천안시 서북구 동서대로 125-9 (성정동, 성정열린상가) 1동 1층 |  Chungcheongnam-do, Cheonan-si 125-9 Dongseo- daero, Seobuk-gu

  •  Phone: 041-552-0095

아름다운가게 천안쌍용점|Ssangyong-dong Store

  • Address: 충남 천안시 서북구 쌍용대로 63 (쌍용동, 베이직하우스) 베이직하우스 -63, Chungcheongnam-do Cheonan  63, Ssangyong-daero, Seobuk-gu.
  • Phone : 041-573-0094

For more information about the foundation visit the website http://eng.beautifulstore.org/

Or  follow them on their social networks:

How to get there?