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Buldang vs Shin-buldang vs Gu-buldang; What is the difference?
May 25, 2020

You may have heard about Buldang, Gu-buldang, or Shin-buldang but what differentiates these three?

Let’s talk about the origin of these labels for the popular district. It’s important to know that Buldang-dong is a district in Cheonan that is in constant development. Throughout its history it has been known as one of the rich areas of Cheonan. In recent years the terms Gu-buldang and Shin-buldang has been thrown around by locals. This is due to the sudden rapid development the district has had in the past few years.

Walking around you are able to see big franchises setting foot in this district. With the sudden growth came along the labels Shin-buldang and Gu-buldang. Shin meaning new and Gu meaning old has created an imaginary border separating this district. The main road running down the district is what separates the so called old and new Buldang.

This term has been coined by the locals as a way to locate shops, cafes, restaurants, and even where people live. You may hear people talking about a new café that has opened up in Shin-buldang or a popular pub to visit in Gu-buldang. To a new comer’s ears that would make it seem as if they were in two completely different areas, but in reality they are located in the same district of Buldang-dong. This separation of Buldang-dong is acknowledged by the locals, but if one were to look up a map there is no official label for Shin or Gu- buldang.