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Cafe de Flore

Spring has officially come to Cheonan. Springtime is all about picnics, going hiking, spending time with friends, and of course, barbecuing. There is one place near Gakwonsa in Cheonan that offers all of these.

The Barbecue area is located next to Cafe de Flore. Here you will call in advance and reserve a table. The BBQ area has about 10 tables that you can rent in advance for 3-hour increments. The Cafe will provide the table, the bbq, and the charcoal for the grill.  You have two options for meat. You can bring your own meat or you can buy some meat set at the cafe.

If you arrive early or want to avoid the heat, you can visit the cafe next to the BBQ area. The cafe has an inside and outdoor seating area. The menu has a lot of common items found at a cafe; smoothies, tea, coffee…etc. The prices were quite reasonable with coffees and teas costing about 3 dollars and fruit drinks being 6 dollars.

Cafe de Flore offers a variety of drinks and side dishes. The side dishes are included with the cost of your rental. The drinks you have to pay for and are self serve.  The side dishes were all of the traditional Korean side dishes; kimchi, lettuce, sauces..etc. Next to the side dishes is a big refrigerator with all of the drinks. There is beer, soju, colas, and water all for extra cost.  The Cafe also has a microwave and some ramen that you can buy for extra fee too.

I spent about 5 hours at Cafe de Flore with my friends. The cost of the table and bbq was 45 dollars.  If you have the time and are looking for a unique grilling experience, I recommend coming to Cafe de Flore. You won’t regret coming here.

How to get to Cafe de Flore

Phone: 010-2331-8186

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 각원사길 187-30

Hours: M-F 10:00 – 22:00

How to get there?