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Travel to Jeju with Cheonan’s Jeju Mijak (제주 미작) Cafe

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One of the long weekend holiday, Seollal (설날), has just ended.

How did you spend it?  Or how would you like to spend a long weekend then?



Most would choose to rest while on a vacation, might be abroad or within the country. What place comes into your mind when travelling just around Korea? I think, this is the most well-loved destination of most tourist or even locals to spend their holiday.

Right, that’s~~~

But here comes the time of pandemic where travelling especially to well-known places to tourists and even locals is discouraged. Just like my family, you might have opted to stay home.


So, if you missed Jeju so much, let me introduce a place that gives you this vibe.


제주 미작
Jeju Mijak

This newly opened cafe (January 27, 2021) brings Jeju vibe closer to us without even boarding a plane or being aboard in a ferry. It is located in Shinbandong area (신방동) away from the busy streets of Cheonan with a long stream and even a long area to take a stroll.


What things about Jeju do you want to see?

Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방 )

Hallasan (한라산) or maybe the Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉Sunrise Peak 

Hallabong (한라봉)


*ICONS by Yeojeong Lee

These are just afew of Jeju’s icon and you’ll definitely get to see it in this cafe too😆

the Cafe |outdoor|

Round tables and built-in benches are in placed if you opt to stay outside. Parking space is wide and is available at the back of the cafe.

the Cafe |indoor|

A wide area with few dividers.

Tables and chairs along the wide glass window.

Another “cabin” on the far opposite of the main entrance door. And another couple of tables and chairs enclosed by the Doldam, called to this wall made of volcanic rocks which is an icon of Jeju too.

the Cafe |Menu, food & beverage|

Plus point on the use of UV Sterilizer for the utensils there, just perfect on this period! By the way, it might take a while for your order to be served, but you’ll be amazed of how they prepared it especially the plating. 💞 So while waiting for it, you can look around and step outside for some photoshoot feeling like you’re in Jeju. As for me, the prices are just worth it because of the good taste and big serving that can be shared for 2-3 people.

the Cafe |What we Had|

There will be another long weekend ahead but you don’t need to wait for it to be able to take a trip down Jeju. Or if you feel sad or blue because you are extra careful not to go on a trip during a long weekend or holiday break, then, this Jeju Mijak got you covered.

Name: Jeju Mijak | 제주미작 (for Navigation)

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신흥1길 58 (신방동 150-10)

150-39 Sinbang-dong, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Contact #: 041-571-7572

Operating Hours: 10AM – 10PM (Everyday)

Flower Garden Event at Galleria (Feb-March 2021)

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Blooming days at Galleria (Feb- March 2021)

What to do on another grey and cold winter day in Cheonan?

Let a sea of flowers brighten up these frosty winter days.

Spring is almost there, at least at Galleria Department Store. See yourself…

A glimpse of spring is waiting for you from  February 17 to March 16 2021 at the Flower Garden at Galleria Department Store.

Hundreds or thousands of flowers of all colours and types have been installed and create the picturesque and pretty Flower Garden at Galleria.


A photo wall is greeting you at the entrance.

Galleria offers a special event related to the Flower Garden. You can get a free drink or participate in the Instagram photo competition.

Also visible on the picture, the “new normal” in Corona times:

Hand sanitising, temperature check and personal details before entering.

Ready to go…

Welcome to the flower paradise.

Dive in the sea of flowers and find your favourite flower.

It is the perfect place to take beautiful pictures of you, your loved one(s) or friends or just enjoy the floral scenery.

The flowers are more beautiful than my words could ever describe.


Let the flowers speak 

In a nutshell:

  • What?            Flower art installation

  • Where?          Located at the 9th floor at Arthall G at Galleria Department Store.

  • When?           From February 17 – March 16 2021

    •                Tip: Go there during weekdays to avoid the crowd.

  • How much?  Free of charge.

How to get there?

Stroll along Buldang Stream and Cheonbyeon Park (천변공원)

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How to escape from Corona cabin fever? Go for a stroll along the Buldang stream.

In this post, I would like to introduce you a nice walking path in Buldang-dong. The path starts at Cheonan-Asan library or Moda Outlet and goes all the way along the Buldang stream down to Shin-Buldang, or vice-versa, depending on where you would like to start.

This is one of the rare paths which is suitable for riding your bike or for jogging. It’s great for taking your baby out for a stroll as well. Many people also come for a walk with their dogs.


Even though the path goes through a busy part of Cheonan, it is surprisingly quiet and you can hear the calming sounds of the stream.

Splish splash

Can you spot the ducks?

You will pass four bridges on your way. The only thing which is a little inconvenient is that the path ends at Buldang bridge 3 and you have to cross the street to continue walking. Unfortunately the traffic light is turned off and the street could be busy. Hence, you need to be cautious when crossing, especially the elderly or when you are walking with a stroller. In my opinion, this could be improved to enhance safety.

Once you cross the street, you will find something interesting on your right.

There is a barefoot/ acupressure path. Why not give it a try to refresh your mind and give your feet a quick massage?

My highlight is the Cheonbyeon park (천변공원) and playground, which is located just across Buldang Middle School, Buldang Elementary School and Buldang bridge 4 (불당교4) near the Shin-buldang entrance of the path.



While the playground itself is more geared towards older children, the park area is also nice for babies and toddlers since they can practice walking on the grass.

The park is surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants. I imagine it would be very nice to enjoy a cup of coffee outside once the situation allows us to do that again.

The bridge is very pretty in spring and summer when the riverbank is full of luscious green and the bridge is covered with flowers.

The autumn scenery with its colourful red and golden leaves is charming, too.

Late autumn


  • Playground

  • Outdoor gym

  • Public restroom

  • Dog waste bag dispenser

  • Barefoot/ acupressure path

In a  nutshell, this path is great for an easy walk for everyone at every time of the year.

How to get there?

Two locations:

  1. You can get off the bus at Moda Outlet (Pentaport) and start walking from there or

  2. Start at Shin-Buldang. The nearest bus station in Shin-Buldang is Buldang Hyundai iPark No.1954


If you can read Korean, I would recommend to check out Naver Map for more accurate directions.

Click here 천안 천변공원

How to get there?

Screen Baseball in Cheonan

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With winter time in Korea It can be hard to get out and exercise. If you are a fan of baseball, — offers a fun alternative during the winter for exercise: Screen Baseball. Rather than round up 18 of your closest friends and play in the freezing cold weather, why not just play some screen baseball?

How much is it?

When you first arrive the worker will explain the pricing. The pricing is broken up into a variety of categories depending. If you come alone or want to play with a friend there are different prices. There are different prices for  6 inning or 9 inning games. There are different prices depending on how fast you want the  ball pitched to you.  If you have never done screen golf he will recommend that you do the minor league lesson which is a 7 inning game.

A basic 7 inning game will cost you 19,000  won.  The most expensive game will be 49,000 for a 9 inning game. The categories are broken down into major and minor league games. The minor league games have a ball speed of 60-80 km/ p hour. The major league games have a ball speed of 100km per hour. If you are unable to speak korean choosing a game might be a bit difficult.

The Extras

This Screen baseball place has a lot of extra amenities that make it a great place for friends and families. First, if you just want to relax and kill some time while your friends play baseball there is a huge lobby with lots televisions and games to play.  If you are hungry, there is a rather large snack menu filled with drinks and food to eat.  If you are hungry, there is ramen, squid, and candy to eat.  IF you want something to drink there is a variety of beer and cola for ordering.  The beers are all around 2000-3000 won and the food is 1000- 5000 won.

Screen baseball experience

Before you start off your screen baseball, the store has a large variety of baseball jerseys that you can wear to feel like a real baseball player.  When you walk into the room, the shop offers you baseball gloves, a bat, and a helmet. The worker will set up the game so all you have to do is just try and swing for a homerun.  There is a bench and a food menu on the wall when you want to take a rest from hitting the ball.

There is a large screen probably 12 feet tall at the end of a long hall. In the middle of the screen is a small hole that the ball comes out of. When you want to hit a ball there is a foot petal under home plate that you press. The Screen baseball plays like a normal game where you have 3 outs and 3 strikes per batter. There are no balls so every pitch will be a strike.

The game feels very realistic. There is a great surround sound system that makes you feel like you are in a real baseball game. All of the batters keep realtime stats and the game plays like a television broadcast complete with announcers and commercials. I haven’t played baseball in 20 years but I was able to hit some of the balls with the slower speeds. So if you are out of practice, don’t let it stop you. The game took about 40 minutes to complete but is well worth it with some friends.

Where is it?

AddressChungcheongnam-do, Cheonan-si, Dongnam-gu, Sinbu-dong, 451-1

Barefoot hiking and eco-healing trail (Buong Park 부엉공원, Yonggok Park 용곡공원)

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Ready for an unusual hiking experience? Try barefoot hiking.


Today’s post is about the “barefoot hiking and eco-healing trail”, a unique hiking spot for nature lovers.

It is located just between Cheonan and Asan. The Cheonan side is called Buong Park (부엉공원) and the Asan side is called Yonggok Park (용곡공원). This is a little confusing since they are both referring to the same place.

However, locals just call it Hwangttogil (황톳길), which means red clay path.


Hiking level and characteristics 

The trail is a an easy hiking trail along a small mountain. It is the ideal hiking spot for beginners and for the whole family.

The path is very comfortable to walk and the terrain is not steep at all. I could even comfortably hike with my baby in the hiking carrier.

The main circuit is about 2.5 km long and it takes 40 minutes more or less. There are various routes to choose from.

It is also a suitable “untact” activity  for social distancing since the paths are wide and are usually not crowded.


About barefoot hiking 


Did you know that barefoot walking has various beneficial health effects and strengthens the immune system?

It will be an experience for all senses and a massage free of charge for your tired feet.

How does it feel like? Walking on the red clay is very comfortable.

Why not give it a try?

Don’t worry if barefoot hiking is not your thing. Most people wear shoes and it will be a wonderful hike regardless of your footwear preferences.


The benefits of barefoot walking

Best season to go 


Whereas the barefoot experience is limited to the warmer seasons, the trail is beautiful for a hike all year round.
Spring and summer (except of the rainy season) is the best time to ditch those sturdy hiking boots and try barefoot hiking.
Moreover, it will be nice to watch the cherry blossom in spring. Autumn offers a beautiful scenery with red, brown and golden leaves and the sunlight shining through the trees. However, it is also wonderful for a winter hike when the sky is clear and the air is fresh.


Attractions for kids 


  • Forest playground

There is a lot to discover for the whole family. A hidden treasure is the forest playground which is located near the Cheonan entrance of the park. The attractions are built from wood and blend in perfectly in the mountain and forest scenery.

Kids can play while the parents can take a rest in the small hut.


Forest playground

  • Nature experience and learning trail

Discover the local flora and fauna. Who is living in the forest?

Young and old can learn something about the forest and mountain inhabitants.
Do you know who is living here? If you look carefully, you may discover foot prints.


Along the trail are shelters and benches to take a rest and enjoy the view. For those who cannot get enough exercise, there is an outdoor gym located at the Asan side of the park.

How to clean your well massaged but muddy feet afterwards?

Typical for Korea, the land of convenience, they have thought of everything.
There is a feet washing station in front of the restrooms at the Asan side of the park. It is a good idea to bring soap and a towel if you want to wash your feet afterwards.
Moreover, there is a station where you can blow off dust and dirt and a tick repellent spray.


Can I take my dog?

Unfortunately this is unclear.
I saw a sign in spring/summer saying that you should refrain from taking dogs to the barefoot trail. However, this post disappeared and along the paths are signs reminding of petiquette. Hence, I assumed that dogs are not banned, at least not in winter. In my opinion, this needs to be clarified by the park management.

I took my dog in the winter but would not take the dog when the barefoot season starts. When in doubt, it would be better to avoid the barefoot trail and choose another route instead or head right next to Jisan park (지산공원) near the Cheonan Asan library, where many dog lovers meet.


Sausage dog loved the winter hike


The barefoot and eco-healing trail is located close to Cheonan-Asan KTX station and Moda outlet (10 minute walk).

The closest public parking space is near the Cheonan-Asan library.

From the library, just walk up to the big intersection before the tunnel and cross the street. You will see the frog wall near the entrance of the park right in front of you. Walk left towards the tunnel and turn right to enter the park. You will see a wooden entrance sign and stairs. You are there!


Have a happy hiking day!


How to get there?

Our Snow Village during Christmas and New Year 2021

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I came from a country having no Winter season. That means, no SNOW!

Anyways, one of my childhood memory is to visit and see the miniature of a Gingerbread Village as display of this famous bakeshop in our city. It is their annual tradition which I also enjoy seeing yearly. Aside from beautiful houses with chimneys, the village is filled with white powder and tiny foam balls that depicts SNOW!

This one below is one of their display years ago.

With this childhood memory, I have dreamed of seeing a snow. And not only that, to experience a White Christmas! Yes, because the Gingerbread Village was usually displayed during the Christmas season in that bakery.

For the past years, heavy snowfall rarely happened in Cheonan. But gladly before the year 2020 ends, we experienced a White Christmas as well as a Snowy New Year!

A dream come TRUE!

Sharing to you a view from our window of our snowy village on Christmas and New Year’s day.

Our house is located on the foot of Taejo Mountain (태조산). From here, you can see the downtown of Cheonan.

How’s your experience during the White Christmas and New Year? Did you see a spectacular view too?

Tasty Madeleine Dessert Cafe

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¿Interesado en probar nuevas opciones de postres en Cheonan?
Las magdalenas son de origen francés, este delicioso postre se puede describir como pequeños pasteles, muy tiernos y esponjosos en forma de concha que deleitan a cualquiera en todo momento. Las magdalenas son ideales y recomendadas para el desayuno o la merienda debido a la variedad de sabores en los que se pueden encontrar.
En Cheonan existe un café especializado únicamente en la preparación de magdalenas, y que se caracteriza principalmente por ofrecer variedad de sabores y precios.

그레이스 플레이스 디저트 카페 / GRACE PLACE DESSERT CAFE

Grace Place Dessert Cafe is considered one of the best and famous dessert cafeterias within the Buldandong area today, but especially for the quality and flavor of madeleines it offers.


The coffee menu is divided into three types: Espresso, Non Coffee Beverages and Season menu and the cost varies between 5,000 to 6,000 won per drink.

Madeleines flavors are very diverse, prices are between 2,500 to 4,200 won.

Coconut Cube Pounds – 4.200
Milk Tea Cream – 3.000
Matcha Chocolate Chip – 3.200
Burnt Vanilla Cream – 3.000
Corn – 3.100
Kaya Jam Crumble – 3.000
Lemon – 2.500
Plain (organic sugar) – 3.000
Milk cream – 3.000
Cinnamon Fig – 3.000


The cafe is open Monday - Friday from 11am to 7pm, and on weekends from 11am to 9pm.

Check the Instagram account to stay update and find out the variety of products as well as their new recipes.


 충남 천안시 서북구 불당30길 24 1층 / Chungnam, Cheonan-si, Seobuk-gu, Buldand 30-gil, 24 1st floor.

A Fall Pink Farm in Cheonan

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In the autumn season, Cheonan has different places to walk around where we can enjoy the beautiful colors of foliage that this season emits, some may choose to climb mountains or others to visit parks, but what about enjoying this dazzling season in an autumn pink farm ?

성거산농원 / Seonggeosan Farm

Seonggeosan is a snug farm located in the Seonggeo-eup area on the north side of the city. This farm is dedicated to growing a variety of crops such as vegetables, peas and flowers throughout the year.

But it is until the arrival of autumn that this farm is much more beautified by organizing a ¨ Pink Muhly Festival ¨, and it is that the atmosphere of this farm is completely transformed into pink both by the touch of decoration on the facade of the farm as well as the magnificient and extensive areas of natural muhly that bloom from September every year.


On your visit to the muhly pink festival, you will find different and striking spots to take many photos such as a a big and fun swing where up to 2 people can be togheter, and also many pink benches that perfectly match the environment. Be creative and resourceful and take advantage of the weather conditions and the landscape background on the day of your visit to get a great photo.


This year with the theme "핑크뮬리 인생샷" or¨Pink muhly life shot¨, the festival has been taking place since last October 5 and will be open to the public until November 30.

General admission to the festival is 5,000 won per person, the price includes free coffee and a Korean medicinal herb tea that you can drink while you walk or look around the farm.

The farm opens the festival from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm (not open on rainy days).


 충남 천안시 서북구 성거읍 천흥3길 32  / 32, Cheonheung 3-gil, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungnam-do.



In Search of Pink Muhly Grass

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Looking where to find Pink Muhly nearby? There’s a couple of places right here in the city. You don’t have to go far. Here’s one for you. 

Pink Muhly

Pink Muhly (muhlenbergia capillaris) is a perennial grass that gets more attention particularly in the autumn.  It was recently introduced in Korea and has gained popularity through social media photos. It is originally grown in the United States. It was named after an American Lutherian pastor-turned-botanist Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg (1753-1815).  

Cafes and parks in cities find it interesting enough to add to their landscape. Some even grow it as a seasonal attraction. It’s been a popular autumn trend across Korea that cities would have some grass patches with it for people to go to in the fall season. 

Cafe Lee Sooop

Cafe Lee Soop (카페이숲) in Ipjang, northeastern part of Cheonan, has some photo zones waiting for you. The cafe is built at the foot of a small hill. It is a glass-walled cafe with the pink muhly grasses on the front to look at while chatting with friends. The interior itself looks airy because of the full light coming through from the front. It is pretty spacious inside with seats facing the pink grasses. There are tables and chairs outdoors if you wish to be closer to the grasses and more breeze on a sunny autumn day. 

The pink grass patch has pathways made into it to walk around and take pictures. There are a couple of photo spots to seat on for those picture perfect shots. Or you can also be creative to try those poses as you “glide” along the feathery pink grass. You will not be the only one to do so. Group of friends, couples and families visit the place with cameras and even tripods for this. Some also just want to enjoy the place as it is. 

Until then, the fruit drinks listed on the menu should suffice. They got strawberry and blueberry lattes available. An americano coffee would set you back for 5,500 won. Because of the current COVID19 situation, default serving will be on a disposable cup. You will have to ask for a mug if you wish to go for a more environment-friendly way to have your drink. They also serve teas, cold drinks and a few kinds of dessert cakes. 

Whether you are curious about the plant or want to take some autumn photos, you really don’t have to go far. You can stay within the borders of Cheonan to find Pink Muhly grass. So go ahead for a visit to take photos and enjoy the view while drinking some coffee or tea.

Getting There

Getting to 카페 이숲 would just take 20 minutes by car or taxi from the bus terminal downtown. There were taxis dropping off a group or two that day. But most people go there by car, as seen with the parking space available. A bus ride across from Shinsegae Department Store will take about 29 minutes (Bus Stop #685). Get on bus numbers 121, 200 and 201 getting off at Songnam-ri (Bus Stop #2374). You will have to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the cafe. 

133-1 Songnam-ri, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

충청남도 천안시 서북구 성거읍 송남리 133-1

Open from 11-9:30 PM, everyday for the months of October and November. Closed on Mondays during the rest of the months of the year.

You can also check out their IG account for more information.

East Asian Cuisine at Karavan in Cheonan

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When someone mentions shawarma, one would think of Turkey right away. This popular dish generally represents Middle Eastern food in social media. But this is what brought me a step closer to learn about Central Asian food. In this post, we will share about Karavan, an Uzbek-run Halal-friendly restaurant in Cheonan.

More Than Just Shawarma

Honestly, I am not very familiar with this kind of food except for shawarmas and kebabs. (Both of which are available in the restaurant, by the way.) I learned more about it, specifically about Uzbek cuisine, while writing this post. Let me share some dishes that an inexperienced like me can try at this restaurant. 

1. Pilaf or palov – This tops the list as it is one, if not the most, common food in Uzbekistan cuisine. It is a rice dish shared across Central Asia and known for many variations starting with its name. This dish is a typical part of the main course since it is made with rice, pieces of meat, carrots and onions. 

2. Shawarma and Kebab – I’m putting these two since more non-Asians, and maybe Koreans as well, are familiar with these dishes. One of these dish is what got me to the doors of Karavan restaurant after all. You can just order and have it for take out. It comes with yogurt which complemented the meat. 

3. Bread – This isn’t anything like the bread usually found in most bakeries locally. These are big flat round ones usually eaten with soup, main dish, or tea. There seems to be no rule on when or what food to pair it with. ALMOST. This is except on how it is eaten. Bread knife is not a friend for this. In fact, it is considered rude to cut the bread except for tearing it in smaller portions with your hands. 

The Menu

With that list for a start, let me now share what other food that they have on the menu.

Appetizer options include carrot salad, yogurt, and Uzbek bread. Next on the menu are Sherpa, a lamb-based soup with potatoes and carrots, along with Lagman noodles. 

They also have Manti, generous size-beef dumplings and Samsa if you prefer to have your meat wrapped. 

Prices are relatively decent considering that most of these are meat-based. 

How to get there

This Halal-friendly place is located just within a 5-minute walking distance from the Cheonan Bus Terminal area. In fact, we recommend just taking the bus or walking to get there. You don’t have to travel far just to taste exotic cuisine. 

The restaurant is open everyday from 12 to 22:00 PM. It’s on the second floor of the narrow streets in the area. You can call in advance for reservation or food pick up. 

Cheonan Dongnam-gu, Terminal 4 Road 4-1

Address: 천안시 동남구 터미널 4 길 4-1, 2 층

HP: 010-3043-7277

Facebook Page: Karavan Cheonan