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A Fall Pink Farm in Cheonan

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In the autumn season, Cheonan has different places to walk around where we can enjoy the beautiful colors of foliage that this season emits, some may choose to climb mountains or others to visit parks, but what about enjoying this dazzling season in an autumn pink farm ?

성거산농원 / Seonggeosan Farm

Seonggeosan is a snug farm located in the Seonggeo-eup area on the north side of the city. This farm is dedicated to growing a variety of crops such as vegetables, peas and flowers throughout the year.

But it is until the arrival of autumn that this farm is much more beautified by organizing a ¨ Pink Muhly Festival ¨, and it is that the atmosphere of this farm is completely transformed into pink both by the touch of decoration on the facade of the farm as well as the magnificient and extensive areas of natural muhly that bloom from September every year.


On your visit to the muhly pink festival, you will find different and striking spots to take many photos such as a a big and fun swing where up to 2 people can be togheter, and also many pink benches that perfectly match the environment. Be creative and resourceful and take advantage of the weather conditions and the landscape background on the day of your visit to get a great photo.


This year with the theme "핑크뮬리 인생샷" or¨Pink muhly life shot¨, the festival has been taking place since last October 5 and will be open to the public until November 30.

General admission to the festival is 5,000 won per person, the price includes free coffee and a Korean medicinal herb tea that you can drink while you walk or look around the farm.

The farm opens the festival from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm (not open on rainy days).


 충남 천안시 서북구 성거읍 천흥3길 32  / 32, Cheonheung 3-gil, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungnam-do.



In Search of Pink Muhly Grass

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Looking where to find Pink Muhly nearby? There’s a couple of places right here in the city. You don’t have to go far. Here’s one for you. 

Pink Muhly

Pink Muhly (muhlenbergia capillaris) is a perennial grass that gets more attention particularly in the autumn.  It was recently introduced in Korea and has gained popularity through social media photos. It is originally grown in the United States. It was named after an American Lutherian pastor-turned-botanist Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg (1753-1815).  

Cafes and parks in cities find it interesting enough to add to their landscape. Some even grow it as a seasonal attraction. It’s been a popular autumn trend across Korea that cities would have some grass patches with it for people to go to in the fall season. 

Cafe Lee Sooop

Cafe Lee Soop (카페이숲) in Ipjang, northeastern part of Cheonan, has some photo zones waiting for you. The cafe is built at the foot of a small hill. It is a glass-walled cafe with the pink muhly grasses on the front to look at while chatting with friends. The interior itself looks airy because of the full light coming through from the front. It is pretty spacious inside with seats facing the pink grasses. There are tables and chairs outdoors if you wish to be closer to the grasses and more breeze on a sunny autumn day. 

The pink grass patch has pathways made into it to walk around and take pictures. There are a couple of photo spots to seat on for those picture perfect shots. Or you can also be creative to try those poses as you “glide” along the feathery pink grass. You will not be the only one to do so. Group of friends, couples and families visit the place with cameras and even tripods for this. Some also just want to enjoy the place as it is. 

Until then, the fruit drinks listed on the menu should suffice. They got strawberry and blueberry lattes available. An americano coffee would set you back for 5,500 won. Because of the current COVID19 situation, default serving will be on a disposable cup. You will have to ask for a mug if you wish to go for a more environment-friendly way to have your drink. They also serve teas, cold drinks and a few kinds of dessert cakes. 

Whether you are curious about the plant or want to take some autumn photos, you really don’t have to go far. You can stay within the borders of Cheonan to find Pink Muhly grass. So go ahead for a visit to take photos and enjoy the view while drinking some coffee or tea.

Getting There

Getting to 카페 이숲 would just take 20 minutes by car or taxi from the bus terminal downtown. There were taxis dropping off a group or two that day. But most people go there by car, as seen with the parking space available. A bus ride across from Shinsegae Department Store will take about 29 minutes (Bus Stop #685). Get on bus numbers 121, 200 and 201 getting off at Songnam-ri (Bus Stop #2374). You will have to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the cafe. 

133-1 Songnam-ri, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

충청남도 천안시 서북구 성거읍 송남리 133-1

Open from 11-9:30 PM, everyday for the months of October and November. Closed on Mondays during the rest of the months of the year.

You can also check out their IG account for more information.

Autumn Camping at the Independence Hall

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Camping at the Independence Hall in Cheonan? Why not? You can set up camp at the camping site and explore the rest of the place for a day or longer if you wish. This post will introduce you to the camping ground: the different camping zones and amenities available onsite. 

Make A Reservation

One reason that it’s not a popular place for non-Korean is accessibility starting from reservation. Like more and more public websites in Korea, reservation to this place can only be done through their website online, in Korean. It can be a feat to actually make a reservation if you have limited Korean language skills. 

Reservation can be done 30 days before and until 9 PM of the same day that you wish to camp. Last minute reservations will depend on the availability, of course. This is usually filled up specially during weekends and peak season. You can stay overnight up to 4 nights. They are closed every first Monday of the month for disinfection and safety inspection.   

There are more details regarding the reservation but let me just give you a heads up. The payment system can be tricky for a non-techy, non-Korean speaker. It is possible, yes, but be prepared with extra patience and determination. 

First, you need to sign up for the Independence Hall website’s membership. You can only find this in the site’s Korean version. So one will need a little knowledge of the local language and a lot of patience. You would also need to have a phone number under your name. Kids under 14 can sign up after confirming their parent’s identity. 


Independence Hall’s main website

Next, you can finally start making a reservation for the camping area once you have created your account and logged in. In the main page, 과람정보 -> 얘약/신청 -> 캠핑장 예약. 



A new window for the camping area website will open up.  Click on the 캠핑장 예약  from the main menu. You can now choose the camping zone and date. Online payment will need you to download an app if you haven’t got it yet. 

Camping Zones

This campsite has 4 main zones: Daehan (대한), Dongnip or Independence (독립), Tong-il or Unity (통일-A, 통일-B), Manse (만새). 

Daehan Zone (대한)

This is the only area that can accommodate bigger vehicles. Thinking of bringing your own RV? Sure! This is the most spacious zone for it and still has space for a tent or an extra car. The ground is well-levelled and tiled. It is basically a large parking lot with accessible power and drinking water sources. 

Independence Zone (독립)

It is the first one that you can find on the left next to the entrance. It is a bit on the level area with just a few shrubs. The camping spaces look pretty small (5mx7m) and a bit too close to each other compared to Daehan Zone. There were some green spaces in between some of it but you have to know which ones. It’s best for solo campers and small families. The grounds are also tiled so setting up on a level ground is pretty easy. 


Tong-il or Unification Zones (통일-A, 통일-B)

This is my second best bet if going with more than two people. There’s enough space for a larger tent and wider spaces before the next one. It is more on the flattened elevated part of the place. Most part of this zone faces the “Reconciliation Field”. 

Manse Zone (만새)

If you want to camp under and in between pine trees, this is the place for you. It’s a cooler area or colder depending on the season or your personal preference. This is the only zone that has wooden decks to put the tent on. The decks were built into the sloping hill so it might not be that accessible for the less able-bodied person or for the little ones. 


Zones Size (m) Fees 

(+5000 on Fridays, Saturday, day before holiday)

Daehan 9×10  25,000 won Allowed: Caravan, modified camper, motor home, roof top, trailer, camper, etc.

(※ Only one is allowed)

– All normal tents are allowed

– car camping

Dongnip or Independence 5×7     15,000 won Not allowed: rooftop, folding trailer, camper, car camping, etc.
Tong-il or Unity 

(A, B)

Manse 2.5×3



The campsite has toilets, coin-operated shower rooms, waste recycling area, futsal court, parking area, water and electricity.

Restrooms and Showers 

There is a main two-storey restroom and second one located a little farther up in the Unification Zone. Coin-operated shower rooms are available to use just next to the main restroom. There is an automated bill-to-coin changer right outside the shower room door. The showers have hot water options so no worries during cold days. And one more thing, it is a common shower hall without any cubicles just like in most jimjilbangs or Korean public baths. Please keep that in mind if you are not used to the Korean ways yet.

Tong-il Zone, camping space and restroom

Power, Water and Washing Areas

Electricity can be accessed for each zone but you will have to bring your rolled-up extension cords. This is usually for the lights or anything less than 600W per site. 

Each zone has washing areas limited to use for the camper’s cooking needs. At least 20 people can do the dishes at the same time. There are also leftover food waste bins, think of those ramyeon bins in the convenience store, just bigger. 

Waste Recycling Areas

There are waste recycling areas just like everywhere here in Korea. This includes cans, plastic containers, bottles and possibly special for a campsite would be a bin for empty butane gas cans. I noticed that there weren’t any labelled spaces for paper and plastic packaging though. Maybe that is to limit the disposable things we bring when camping or everything else just ends up in the general waste bin. Personally, I try to limit the waste I bring if I can. 

Convenience Store

There’s one right at the entrance but it was closed that day. Better check in advance or just bring everything that you will need. There are convenience stores outside the Independence Hall’s perimeter, roughly 5 minutes away by car.  



There are visible fire extinguishers in almost every zone and CCTV in strategic locations. The fire station is just within five minutes away. 

No pets allowed except that you may spot some animals that happen to be passing by the area. 


There are parking spaces but limited depending on the camping zone. You will have to bring your camping gears from your car to your spot. Nonetheless, the parking areas are quite near the camping zones. Except for the Daehan Zone, most would only allow one car and that is also subject to a parking fee of 2000 won for small cars. If there will be extra cars, it will have to be parked at the general parking area of the hall. 

Other Recreational Options

Reconciliation Yard (free) and Futsal Court (extra fee)

If camp life itself is not enough for a physical workout, one can rent the futsal court for a fee or play in the more spacious Reconciliation Yard. 

Access to the Independence Hall’s outdoor exhibits, Rose of Sharon Garden and Path of Maple Trees. Here’s another post to know more about the Maple Trees walking trail that is best seen in the fall. 


How to Get There

Turn right when you see this. You have just reached the camping grounds. The convenience store is the yellow and green small building at the entrance.

The campsite is located on the southwest side of the Independence Hall. Getting there is through the main gate for the parking area. Just inform them that you are heading to the campsite. You will be instructed to follow the maroon lane. When you get to the campsite guard post, they will check your plate number against their reservation list, as well as your temperature (because of COVID, of course.) You will also get a flyer with the map and campsite rules. 

Drive a bit more before you reach the campsite itself. You will pass by a playground on your left and the Rose of Sharon park on the right. The campsite is on right before you reach the baseball practice field. 

Once you get to your designated camping space, a staff will hand you some paper. Write your name and contact number which most likely states that you have read, understood the rules and agreed to it. You will not see any of the staff until you leave again unless there’s some problem. Which, of course, will possibly be the case if you follow the rules and some common sense when camping.

The camping grounds had been closed recently because of COVID. The closures had been unpredictable but they do post updates on their website. It had just recently reopened this October. We recommend to  sign up for the website now so there will be less hassle when you actually decide to go camping. Until then, you can read more about camping gear stores in Cheonan.

It is now, more than ever, that we need to recharge and commune with nature to keep our sanity during these times. As always, enjoy the place but keep social distancing guidelines in order for us to be able to continue our “new normal lives.” 

Witches Kitchen: A spooky good dinner.

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Witches Kitchen

Its fall time in Korea which means beautiful weather, sweatshirts, pumpkin-flavored drinks, and Halloween. Located in sinbudang is the perfect Halloween themed restaurant complete with witches, cauldrons, skulls, and even scary drinks.  If you are looking for delicious food or a fun Halloween themed night out look no further than Witches Kitchen.

The atmosphere

When you walk into the restaurant you notice the Halloween theme immediately with the front desk covered in skulls and bones. In order to stop the spread of COVID 19, only the second floor is open. The restaurant is full of fun Halloween themed decorations. The walls are lined up with pictures of witches, the ceiling has spider web covered chandeliers, the shelves are full of scary books and bones. Even the lights are covered in witches’ hats. The whole vibe is fun and full of Halloween to enhance the dining experience. When I went, I spent 10 minutes just looking at all the great decorations.

The menu

The menu is full of Halloween themed foods like “Ghost Pasta” and “Snake pizza”. The menu is divided up into types of food. They have a page full of starters like salad, and mac and cheese. Then there is a pizza, rice dishes, and meats. The last page is full of drinks that you can get.  There were so many interesting food creations on the menu. For the salad, the cheese was shaped like a monster’s head with two olives as the eyes. The pizza sauce was poured in the shape of a spider web. The Mac and Cheese look like a monster’s face. Even the drinks come in blood bags, complete with a blood bag stand.

The food was amazing. The waitress spoke great English so if you are a foreigner there was no problem ordering. When I went, I and my friend got a salad, pasta, and a pork combo with a drink. The salad was amazing, it had bits of sugar and sweet cheese on top. The pork was soft, juicy, and covered in cheese. The spaghetti was good. Even the drink came in a blood bag and you had to drink it using an I.V tube.  The whole event was really enjoyable.

I can not reccomend WItches Kitchen highly enough. If you have little kids the restaurant isn’t too scary for little ones.  The food is amazing and just for the experience alone you should try going to the Witches Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 먹거리9길 15

Phone:  070-4177-1116


Hours: Every Day 12:00 – 22:00

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Cozy Aquarium Cafe in Cheonan

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Aquariums are places where science, conservation, and human connection with biodiversity are encouraged. In Cheonan there are some small and large aquariums, but what about visiting an aquarium and at the same time enjoying a delicious coffee?

This time we introduce a new themed cafe option that we can find in Cheonan. It is a cozy and beautiful aquarium cafe where you can interact with various fish of strange shapes and varied colors as well as learn a little more about the diversity of aquatic plants that exist.


This cozy and spacious aquarium is located in the Sinbang-dong area and has been operating since December 2017. It is also one of the aquariums that contains a wide variety of fish species and aquatic plants in Cheonan.
Inside the two-story aquarium you will find a wide variety of fish, set water tank, water tank, water plant, among other products. Each of the tanks throughout the store have brief information about what kind of fish or aquatic plants are for sale.


The first floor of the aquarium is divided into: the aquarium gallery, the fish room (in this area you can see in more detail the types of fish that the store is selling), the cafeteria and the rest area.

On the second floor are mainly all the products and supplies related to the care, food or decorations for the tanks as well as other elements for the proper breeding of fish / aquatic plants. Or if you are looking or would like to add a new element to your personal aquarium, this is the right section to find it.

Some fish that you can find when visiting the aquarium is the piranha fish from the Brazil Amazon, this fish draws a lot of attention especially for its shiny and very colorful scales. There are also different kinds of aquatic plants of different sizes and colors.


During your visit to the aquarium, relax and enjoy drinks such as (coffee, smoothies, tea, etc.) as well as delicious desserts. The menu is very varied and at affordable prices.


Aqua Garden opens every day from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Also open on holidays throughout the year.


If you are interested in buying a fish or aquatic plant, you can check the aquarium’s main website http://www.aquagarden.or.kr/ to see what types of fish are available for sale


 충청남도 천안시 동남구 통정 1로 2 ,신방동 1253 / 1253, Sinbang-dong, 2, Tongjeong 1-ro, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do



Cheonan Public Sports Park

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Cheonan Public Sports Park

Cheonan Civic Sports Park

Holidays and following a continuous social distancing life don’t have to mean being stuck at home. It would be refreshing to seek the green outdoors even if you are in the city and still follow the social distancing rules. How? Or should we say, where? We’ll share one right in the heart of the city. All you need are your mask, your own water bottle, and a good pair of walking shoes. 


One doesn’t really need to go so far for a quick stretch or a mini hike. There’s one right next to south of Cheonan City hall. Citizens can now enjoy another green space after months of that area being closed-off while construction is going on. 

What’s there and what can you do there?

Good warm weather and high skies brought my itchy feet to the hill and to the rest of the grounds of Cheonan Civic Sports Park. The hill itself is relatively small and it only took a few minutes to reach the little clearing at the top. There were a couple of benches for people who might need it to rest or maybe for some to  just enjoy being surrounded by the trees. 

The main entrance to this park is along Geomeundeul Road in front of Twin Palace but it is also accessible through the city hall. A wide oval grass field with walking pathways is on the right. It’s good for taking a walk on a more leveled ground. Once you get warmed up, you can try the trails going up the hill. It’s not that challenging for a well-able bodied person to worry about. There are about four or five starting points to do that. There’s one near the entrance if you just want to go straight to it. 

But if you are ready to step up your game, there are a couple of outdoor courts on the left side of the park.  A couple of badminton courts are on the right of the entrance, next to the restroom. The futsal and footvolley courts are just a bit farther more on the left.

What else?

A tiny restroom fitted with a simple washstand for two toilet cubicles was easy to spot at the entrance. And there’s a parking space for about 38 cars on the right. There’s more parking spaces on the west side adjacent to the city hall’s.

Speaking of which, an elevated rest area on the western part near the futsal court and wider parking lot is also a good place. The zigzag stairs from the parking lot leading up to it makes it more fun to climb. And the view? It’s not so bad if you look at the banner photo on this post, isn’t it. 

Food? There are restaurants that offer takeouts just across from the city hall block. This is right next to the  main seat of the local government with apartment complexes nearby so food, banks, hospitals etc. are pretty accessible even on foot. 

Things to remember:

As with every public park here in Korea there are things to remember that are NOT ALLOWED.

  1. Leaving waste and trash.

  2. Drinking and smoking.

  3. Cooking and camping

  4. Two- wheeled vehicles and more are not allowed except in the designated parking area. 

  5. Golf, baseball, electric kickboards etc. are also not allowed to protect other people from possible injury that these can possibly cause. 

We can enjoy the place with nothing but our feet and heart-filled with appreciation for the green space. After all, we need to spend a little time away from our screens and outside the four corners of our homes. Finding that pocket gardens and parks nearby will be just one way to do that while still maintaining the current social distancing levels. 

Again, always choose to be healthy. 

Fruit Chapssaltteok 찹쌀떡 Dessert Caffe

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Chapssaltteok or in Korean 찹쌀떡 is a traditional Korean dessert made from glutinous rice and is considered a variant of Tteok 떡 (rice cake). This dessert has traditionally always been filled with sweet red bean paste, but today it can also be found filled with various fruits.

If you have already had the opportunity to try this dessert and you want to try it again or you are curious to try it for the first time, in Cheonan there is a caffe whose main specialty is the Fruit Mochi Chapssalttok.  So go ahead and try this delicious dessert with a soft and chewy texture.

모찌의 하루 / Mochi's Haru

Mochi’s Haru is currently the only dessert cafe offering a variety of fruit Mochi Chapssaltteok with sweet red bean paste in Cheonan. They also offer various beverage options on their menu such as fruit juices and milks, lemonade, smoothies.


The interior of the cafe is very comfortable and if it is the first time you plan to try a Chapssaltteok and you have no idea which of all the options to try, I recommend that you take advice from the staff. During my visit, they kindly advised me to try the strawberry and grape Mochi Chapssaltteok as they are the most popular.



  • STRAWBERRY – 2.500
  • GREEN GRAPE – 2500
  • PINEAPPLE – 2500
  • BANANA – 2500
  • MANDARIN – 2500
  • GRAPEFRUIT – 2500
  • BLUEBERRY – 2700
  • GOLDKIWI – 3000


Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm.

If you buy more than 6 Chapssaltteok you can ask to get it in a medium box.

Chapssaltteok are a good gift choice for the Lunar New Year or Chuseok in Korea.


  충남 천안시 서북구 불당26로, 122지번불당동 1494 2동 103호

# 103, 2-dong, 1494, Buldang-dong, 122, Jibeonbuldang-dong, 26-ro, Budang-gu, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungnam. 


Outdoor Fun In Cheonan

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With summer time almost ending, there are still a few more weeks to enjoy some outdoor fun before the cold winter months come. Korea has many outdoor parks and picnic areas that are free to use and great for families. This past weekend I visited Dandae Lake (단대호수) and experienced many of the activities that you can do for free!

Located in Sinbudong about a 10-minute walk from Shinshagae Department Store is Dandae Lake 단대호수. If you are into hiking, there is a big looping track that goes around the lake. If you are into exercise, the park has 4 different exercise areas. There is a basketball court with 4 basketball hoops. There is a badminton court with 2 nets. If you have a bike or roller skates, there is a full-sized roller rink that you can use. If you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, you can use a variety of exercise machines that will work your whole body.

After spending a full day biking, playing basketball, and hiking its easy to work up a sweat. Luckily, there are a variety of delicious cafes located next to the lake. One of the cafes I visited is Maris Coffee. Maris Coffee is both an outdoor and indoor cafe.  If you want to avoid the heat, there is plenty of seating in the air conditioning. Like many cafes in Korea, they are all very unique. This cafe has movie paintings and pictures along the walls.

One of the things I liked about this cafe was the outdoor terrance seating. There were 2 levels of outdoor seating. One of the levels had bean bag chairs facing the lake and the other level had long chairs for laying down and enjoying the view of the lake. The bean bag chairs were perfect for enjoying the sun set over the lake.

The cafe itself was very similar to many in Korea. Their menu offered a variety of coffee, lattes, milkshakes, tea, and fruit shakes. If you are hungry, the cafe offers lots of delicious cakes and ice creams. I got the ice cream when I went there, and it was delicious. I recommend the ice cream.

How to get there

Hydrangea Season at Beautiful Garden Hwasoomok

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Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, so I was excited to try and track some down in Cheonan during jangma, or the rainy season. There is a lovely spot to enjoy them called Beautiful Garden Hwasoomok, where you’ll find not only hydrangeas but a host of other blooms, too.

I was excited when I saw a sign stating that entry to the gardens was free if you purchased something from the on-site cafe, so I went there first and got a peach smoothie (7000 won). They also have a range of other drinks and baked goods to choose from. The smoothie was delicious, and the decor at the cafe is really stylish – I especially loved the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. If you don’t purchase anything from the cafe, admission to the garden is 5000 won for adults, and 3000 won for children aged between 4 and 12 years.

The hydrangeas seem to be the star of the show at this time of year at Beautiful Garden Hwasoomok – there were a number of signs indicating where to find them. It’s worth noting that if you have mobility issues or if you have a child in a stroller, heading up to see the hydrangeas might be a bit difficult. They are situated on the side of a hill, so you have to navigate some uneven steps and unpaved trails that are quite steep. Keep that in mind if you’re visiting!

For those who climb right to the top, you get rewarded with some amazing views out over the surrounding area.

As well as the large number of hydrangeas at the garden, there are a host of other blooms to enjoy. Be sure to visit the two greenhouses – one has a range of different bonsai trees, and another is filled with tropical plants that typically wouldn’t survive in the normal year-round climate here.

Map Details for Beautiful Garden Hwasoomok are below, and you’ll find free parking on-site if you’re driving. If you opt to take public transport, hop on bus #310 from the Shinsegae Department Store bus stop. Alight at the Gyocheon-ri stop, and the garden is across the street. For more information about the gardens and on-site facilities available, please visit the Beautiful Garden Hwasoomok website here.

Twin Turtle Coffee: A Hidden Gem in Cheonan

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One of my favorite things to do is explore the peaceful countryside areas of Cheonan. We’re fortunate in this part of Korea that we can enjoy the best of both worlds – bustling city life, alongside the peace and tranquility of pristine nature. Recently I found an amazing coffee shop surrounded by absolutely gorgeous scenery, about 30 minutes drive from the Cheonan Bus Terminal. Twin Turtle Coffee is definitely worth a visit!

The first thing I noticed once we arrived was just how beautiful the grounds are. Before I even headed inside the coffee shop, I was charmed by the patio area which looked out to all of the lush greenery. The rainy season was a wonderful time to visit, as it was overcast and meant that the temperatures weren’t too high — and luckily for us it didn’t rain on the day we stopped by.

Alongside the spacious covered patio seating, there is plenty of indoor seating too. I loved the style of these seats!

The CEO and Barista of Twin Turtle Coffee, Kateryna, is originally from Ukraine, and met her husband here in Cheonan. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Korean, which is extremely helpful in catering to a range of different guests. She spoke with my husband and I in English, and explained to us some of the coffee shop’s history. She even gave us a tour of the grounds – we were so thankful for her fantastic customer service!

In the photos above, you can see lotus plants and flowers, coffee plants, and Mugunghwa – a type of hibiscus flower which is the national flower of South Korea! I had a lot of fun exploring the plant life on the grounds. In fact, at the back of the coffee shop there is a giant lotus pond with a bridge that you can walk out over. It wasn’t fully in bloom when we visited, but we are hoping to visit again later in July to see them. I have no doubt it will be spectacular!

The coffee here was as fantastic as the views! I had a latte and my husband had a cappuccino, which we both enjoyed alongside the complimentary Twix bars on our tray.

If you’re after a delicious coffee in some incredible natural surroundings, with super-friendly customer service, I highly recommend a trip to Twin Turtle Coffee. Be sure to leave some time to explore the area as it truly is beautiful!

Map Details for Twin Turtle Coffee can be found below. Free parking is available right out the front. Also, feel free to follow them on Instagram via the link here!