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Board Game Cafe: Good Gaming Fun.

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Red Button Board Game Cafe

Korea is well known for its interesting themed cafes. If you are interested in Cheonan you can go to dog, sheep, ferret, raccoon, and even insect cafes. My favorite type of themed cafe in Korea is the board game cafe. I love getting together with my friends, having a delicious drink, and playing some games. In this article, I’m going to tell you what my board game experience was like. If you’re a gamer like me, it’s a must-try in Korea.

The cafe is divided into three parts: a cafe, game selection area, and playrooms. When you first walk in, you have to write down your information because of COVID. After signing in, you will receive a puck with a number on it. This will be the room you will use. At the end of your time, you hand in the puck and pay for your room fee. The room costs 4,000 won per hour. Each person who uses the room has to buy at least one drink. The cafe has a mix of drinks and snacks that were all reasonably priced.

The boardgame cafe had about 30 rooms for use. The one exciting part was that they had little couples cubby cubicles where you could play games. The room was tiny and looked like they were for couples. The cafe also had 17ish full-sized rooms for big groups of people with curtains for privacy.

There was a good variety of board games to play. There was a nice mix of role-playing games, mystery games, and cooperative games. If I had to guess, I would say there were about 200 different board games that you could play. One nice touch about the cafe is that all of the games have stickers to let you know if the game is easy, medium, or hard to play.

I went to the cafe on a Saturday night with my friend. We each got a drink and stayed for 2 hours playing games. The store worker gave us a tablet loaded with videos on how to play all of the games. Including drinks and the board game room rental, we paid 17 dollars. There were a couple of problems that might be difficult for a foreigner. First, none of the workers spoke English, so it might be hard to order and pick a room. Second, all of the games and videos on how to play the games are entirely in Korean. Unless you are playing a game, you know well it might be hard to try a new game there. Other than that, it was a delightful experience. I could easily change games, the room was cozy and very private, and the drinks were delicious. This is a must-do for any board gamer.

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 만남로 48 RGB빌딩 7층

Business hours: 
Sunday 12:00 – 24:00
Monday – Thursday 13:00 – 24:00
Friday-13:00 – 01:00
Saturday 12:00 – 01:00

Hodu-gwaja – Cheonan’s Iconic Walnut snacks

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Just about anywhere you go across Cheonan, you’ll find stores selling Hodu-gwaja, or 호두과자 – which translates to walnut cookies or walnut cakes. What is the history behind these treats, what are they made of, and where are some good spots to purchase them from? Read on to find out.

Cheonan’s Connection to Hodu-gwaja

If you’ve ever tried hodu-gwaja, it might be news to you that they were actually first made right here in Cheonan – all the way back in 1934, in fact! Their popularity spread across Korea around the 1970’s, and nowadays you can find them in all corners of the country. I’ve tried them in numerous places across Korea, and I still think the ones I’ve enjoyed in Cheonan take top spot.

What are they made of?

Hodu-gwaja are a pastry-like sweet which is shaped like a walnut. The outer dough is made of pounded walnuts mixed with flour, and inside you’ll find smooth red bean paste and a piece of walnut itself. They have just the right amount of sweetness, but not overpoweringly so – they’re a great pick-me-up with a cup of coffee.

Where are some places to find Hodu-gwaja?

Naturally, given the popularity of hodu-gwaja, there are a large number of places to find them. If you’re heading through Cheonan Station, head out of Exit 1 (past the tourist information center) and you’ll find a number of bakeries selling them right there. Hodoonara is one of the first you’ll walk past, and you can take a look at their menu online here to plan out what you want to purchase before your visit. Just around the corner from there, you’ll find a place called Hakhwa Grandma’s Walnut Confectionery, said to be one of the most famous places to buy hodu-gwaja from. This is what the front of the building looks like.

The prices for hodu gwaja are also very reasonable. At this place, you can get 20 pieces for only 5000 won. You’ll also find hodu-gwaja when you’re on the road, as they are sold at just about every rest stop – including Cheonan’s Manghyang Rest Area.

Have you tried hodu-gwaja in Cheonan? Where are your favorite places to buy them from? Let me know in the comments below!

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Is Wearing a Mask A New Normal?

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Is wearing mask a new fashion norm? Will you choose to wear it or not? Let’s check out some info if wearing a mask should be part of your look or not. 





The spread of Covid-19 virus, which made it to a pandemic level, has made people wear their mask whenever they go outdoors. These days, public places and riding public transporation made people wearing a mask a compulsory. It is the New Normal as the netizens said.


Photos by: Chelle Lee, Princess Benito Seo, Hannah Dorothy Padilla, Benjie Alfaro, Lannie Yun





But come to think of it, we have the yellow dust or even fine dust that we need to protect ourselves of too. The air quality seemed to be worse from late Autumn until Spring in South Korea which includes the city where we live, Cheonan!


We have in example the Summary of Air Quality Index of Cheonan from mid 2015-present where I based that conclusion which is shown below.



You can check the air quality in South Korea in real-time ———> South Korea Air Quality Index Visual Map

While this one redirects you to ———> Cheonan’s Real-time Air Quality Index



You can explore the site to get to know the Air Quality Index in other areas of the world too! There is a search bar on the upper right corner for your convenience. While this is the HOME, the main website.


Main Website





What do those colors depict? Which is polluted? What color means i have to wear a mask?

This picture tells you more about that, even the precaution needed.

Air Quality Levels




Below are sample photos of places with different Air Quality levels





If you missed the Weather Forecast in the News about the Air quality in your area, you can check Naver or simply click the recommended site above.



Check this out once more to help you find a mask at ease!^^

Cafe de Flore : The best outdoor bbq restaurant in Cheonan.

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Cafe de Flore

Spring has officially come to Cheonan. Springtime is all about picnics, going hiking, spending time with friends, and of course, barbecuing. There is one place near Gakwonsa in Cheonan that offers all of these.

The Barbecue area is located next to Cafe de Flore. Here you will call in advance and reserve a table. The BBQ area has about 10 tables that you can rent in advance for 3-hour increments. The Cafe will provide the table, the bbq, and the charcoal for the grill.  You have two options for meat. You can bring your own meat or you can buy some meat set at the cafe.

If you arrive early or want to avoid the heat, you can visit the cafe next to the BBQ area. The cafe has an inside and outdoor seating area. The menu has a lot of common items found at a cafe; smoothies, tea, coffee…etc. The prices were quite reasonable with coffees and teas costing about 3 dollars and fruit drinks being 6 dollars.

Cafe de Flore offers a variety of drinks and side dishes. The side dishes are included with the cost of your rental. The drinks you have to pay for and are self serve.  The side dishes were all of the traditional Korean side dishes; kimchi, lettuce, sauces..etc. Next to the side dishes is a big refrigerator with all of the drinks. There is beer, soju, colas, and water all for extra cost.  The Cafe also has a microwave and some ramen that you can buy for extra fee too.

I spent about 5 hours at Cafe de Flore with my friends. The cost of the table and bbq was 45 dollars.  If you have the time and are looking for a unique grilling experience, I recommend coming to Cafe de Flore. You won’t regret coming here.

How to get to Cafe de Flore

Phone: 010-2331-8186

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 각원사길 187-30

Hours: M-F 10:00 – 22:00

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Popular macaron stores in the Buldandong area

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As foreigners living in Korea we already know very well the coffee culture and the large number of cafeterias options that can be found everywhere, this influence of coffee has also generated a notable and greater consumption of desserts or sweets since they combine perfectly with a cup of coffee, tea or juice. There are wide of sweets, but macarons today have especially marked a great trend in Korea, and is that the variety of colors of these small crispy cookies on the outside with delicious fillings inside has captivated the palates of many people.


In Cheonan, the most recommended macarons stores to visit are located in the Buldandong area as they are characterized by their good style, flavors, colors and variety of designs.


|모든 디저트 Coffe&Desert|


♦  ¨모든 디저트 Coffe&Desert¨ is mainly popular by its pink decoration on the outside and inside of the store. The front door is the first thing that catches your eye as it is completely pink in color with the appearance of  coffee and macaroons dispenser machine.


Inside it has tables that have an ornament on it (pink and white rose vases) , if pink is one of your favorites colors you will definitely love this place.

♦ Every day this store offers different designs and flavors of macaroons, prices usually vary between 2000 to 3000 won depending on the design of each macaron. Drinks such as coffee, tea and smoothies are also affordable.


♦ The store usually uploads the list of options or designs of macaroons that it has for sale every day on its Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/moden__d/

Opening hours are Tuesday- Sunday  from 11am to 8pm. Close every Monday. 



♦ ¨SWEET FOREST DESSERT CAFE ¨, is another of the most recommended stores for its variety and texture in macarons flavors, it can be found in different colors and fillings and the best of all is the price since it only costs 2000 won per unit.



♦ Inside it has a very warm, cozy, cute and well decorated environment.


♦  Opening hours are Wednesday – Sunday from 11pm to 8pm. 




모든 디저트 Coffee & Dessert 



ADDRESS : 충남 천안시 서북구 불당22대로 92




ADDRESS : 충남 천안시 서북구 불당26로 122

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Delicious American Food in Cheonan

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Living abroad can be a challenge sometimes. From speaking the language and setting up a phone, to figuring out bus routes; sometimes we just want to kick back and relax while enjoying some comfort food.  For me, the best comfort food is pizza and hamburgers. So read with me as I introduce two American style pizza and hamburger restaurants.

Located in Buldang, Burger Addict is a diner themed hamberger restaurant. When walk into the restaurant, you will notice the artsy feel of the restaurant. Along the window there are records from various bands. On the walls, there are very colorful pictures and art pieces. The tables are spaciously arriainged which adds to the open feel of the restaurant. Most of the tables had seating for 4 people, but could be moved to accommindate larger groups.

The Menu

As you can guess by the restaurant, the main food here is burgers. The staff itself didn’t speak much English but they did offer a menu in English and Korean. If you had some dietary restrictions changes to the menu might be difficult. Burger Addict offered a wide variety of  regular and specialty hamburgers. For sides, they have regular and seasoned fries or cheese sticks.  Most of the hamburgers were under 8 dollars and came in some sort of combo.

This place was worth the price, I got a mushroom bacon burger with fries and a coke for 12 dollars. The really interesting thing is that they burn the name of the restaurant into their hamberger buns.  The hamberger patty was cooked to a  perfect medium temperature. Next time I go to here, I’m going to try their hand made speciality milk shakes. If you are looking for a great burger. You should come to Burger Addict


불당로31길 39 (2.61 mi)
Cheonan, Korea 31156

Phone: 010-5792-1403

Hours: Monday- Sunday 11:00 -22:00

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Opened in January of 2020, in Sinbu dong, Pizza Pizza Pizza is New York Style pizza restaurant. The owner Choi Young, opened the restaurant after spending a month in New York eating a various pizza restaurants.  The restaurant itself is a bit on the small side with 4 tables for group sitting and barside sitting for individuals.  While you are waiting for your pizza, there are many eye popping decorations to look at to pass the time.   There are photos of James Dean and the New York Museums on the wall and even a Big Boy statue on the counter top.

The Menu

The menu offers a variety of specialty pizzas and sides. Most of the pizzas cost between 12- 16 dollars.  Pizza Pizza Pizza offers a wide variety of toppings and will easily substitute toppings if you have some allergy. There are a couple of side dishes offered  like chicken sticks and churros but the main thing here is pizza. Pizza Pizza Pizza is available for delivery on the yogiyo app.

When I visited Pizza Pizza Pizza, I ordered a pineapple pizza. The owner spoke a little bit of English and even though a plain pineapple pizza wasn’t on the menu. He allowed me to order off menu. While the pizza was cooking, the owner was very warm and talked with me the whole time about visiting New York City and the history of the store. Like many places in Korea, the customer service was amazing.  One nice touch about Pizza Pizza Pizza is that they serve coke straight from glass bottle. I really added to the novelty of the experience. My pizza was amazing. It had a firm crust, tart sauce, and thick pieces of pineapple.   I will definately come here again.

Address: 367-22 Sinbudong, Cheonan

Phone 010-4932-9702

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NANTA Program: a Fun Way to Destress

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How about relieving your stress? Or maybe you wanna get out of such boredom from such daily routine?
Come on and try this Nanta program to unleash your inner power drumming those “북” (buk), a korean term referring to a drum.



The 천안시다문화가족지원센터 (Cheonansi Multicultural Family Support Center) offers this program to marriage migrants without any fee. There were about 10-12 members who participated last year, which most of them came out to perform at some places. Classes are held only once a week every Wednesday at 10am for only 2 hours in Baekseokdong. If there will be an upcoming performance, classes are done twice a week. There is a car service also being offered for free from Cheonan Station to Baekseokdong at around 9:40am for your convenience!


You will get to learn the basics first which include the handling of “채” (drumstick) and where to hit the drum for different sounds. Also, don’t get shocked on this! Remember, this is nanta so you will be swaying around some parts of your body too. I’m telling you, it’s EASIER than you thought and way lots of FUN!

So come on and destress! They have the new water drums that you’ll possibly use.
Who knows, you might be able to perform on stage too just like me in no time!

*Supposedly, the class should have started February 5 for this year. But due to the novel Corona (COVID-19) virus outbreak, the start of class is on indefinite. I hope you’ll stay updated.

What to do:
Head to the Cheonansi Multicultural Family Support Center main office near Cheonan Station bringing your ARC (Alien Registration Card) with you and register for you to enjoy the programs offered. If ain’t possible, you can give them a call and inform them of your interest in joining this amazing Nanta program and register on your first day of class!

Kindly click below to check out their website for the updated programs they are offering.

Cheonansi Multicultural Family Support Center WEBSITE

Or you can reach them here:
* Tel. 041-1577-8653
* Fax. 041-622-8904
* Email. 15778653@hanmail.net

Check out this Calligraphy program they offered. You might wanna try it out when they open it again for new participants.

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Gakwonsa Temple: cool history close to home

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Gakwonsa Temple

Located close to Cheonan’s Downtown area is one of the best temples in Korea. Gakwonsa is home to the largest Buddha in Korea. On top of that there are plenty of beautiful statues, historical paintings, and amazing landscapes.

The area around Gakwonsa is very rural. When you get off the bus you will see many local delicious restaurants for the patrons. After walking a little farther down the street, you will arrive at the entrance to Gakwonsa. In front of the entrance there is a beautiful lake and a hiking trail to the mountain range behind Gakwonsa. To reach the entrance, you will have to walk up 206 stairs to reach the top. If you hate hiking or wish to drive, there is also an alternate entrance with ample parking on the other side of the temple.

The food restaurants

Stairs to entrance

After walking up the 206 steps,  you will arrive at the main attraction of Gakwonsa: the statue of Amita-bul (The Buddha of the Western Paradise).  This massive statue is composed of 60 tons of bronze and is about 15 meters high. Located in front of the statue is a worship area where you can light candles and use mats for praying. Next to the statue is a small temple type building where you can purchase candles and some informational books about Gakwonsa

Amita-bul is more than enough reason to come and visit Gakwonsa but there are much more things to look at besides the statue.  If you walk a little past the statue of  Amita-bul you will find many beautiful temples.  The outside of the temples are decorated with floral patterns and paintings. There were 6 different temples located in Gakwonsa.  Some are for worship and some are living quarters/ offices for the monks who live there.

The first temple that I walked into was a worship temple. In the middle of the temple were 3 golden buddhas. Underneath the buddhas were various little statues, and on the floor there were mats for worship. The atmosphere of the temple with similar to church where you have to be quiet and respectful when entering. The monks were ok with taking pictures and filming as long as you are quiet and respectful.

The art located in the temple were all amazing.  The walls were decorated with multiple rare paintings only found at Gakwonsa, and the ceiling was filled with intricate floral patterns. In the back of the temple, there was a light up wall filled with little tablets that you could write messages on.

I highly recommend checking out Gakwonsa. The temple itself has a ton of interesting Korean history to explore. The building are filled with beautiful art and fun architecture. The scenery around Gakwonsa is perfect for a quick getaway from the urban life of downtown Cheonan. With only being located 5 minutes from downtown, there is no reason not to check out this amazing temple.

Video of my trip to Gakwonsa

Address: 245, Gagwonsa-gil, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do 충청남도 천안시 동남구 각원사길 245 (안서동)

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Cheonan Eats: Grilled Intestines!

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 Are you tired of eating the same few meals over and over again? Feeling adventurous? Part of the reason you came to Korea was to try new things right? Well once again I’ve got your covered. Gobchang (곱창), the intestines of cattle and pig,  is the perfect combination of an unusual yet addictively delicious taste making it a great way to push your boundaries when it comes to exploring new foods.

So What Exactly is Gobchang?

Gobchang is a term used for both the small and large grilled intestines of a cow or pig. Koreans have been eating gobchang for a lot time. In the past, it was mostly eaten by those who couldn’t afford more expensive meats.  However, gobchang is now considered a delicacy and is usually more expensive than other meat.

Gopchang is divided into So-gopchang (소곱창) and Yang-gopchang (양곱창). So-gopchang indicates the small intestine of a cow while Yang-gopchang refers to its first stomach (rumen). A cow has four stomachs: The first is called the rumen (Yang, 양); the second the reticulum (Cheonyeop, 천엽); the third the omasum (jeolchang, 절창); and the fourth the abomasum (Makchang, 막창). Koreans eat every part of the stomach and they each have their own unique taste and texture.

Gobchang is served in many different ways. Common ways are in soups (곱창전골), grilled bbq style (곱창구이), and mixed with lettuce and spicy sauce (야채곱창). However this article will mainly be exploring grilled gobchang.  Most gobchang restaurants have an option call the modeum platter (모듬=All). This allows you to sample each of the different parts of the intestine that the restaurant offers.

Left to right: Intestine Soup (곱창전골), grilled intestines (곱창구이, intestines mixed with veggies and sauce (야차곱창)

From left to right: Intestine soup (곱창전골), grilled intestines (곱창구이), intestine with veggies and sauce (야채곱창)

Types of Gobchang

First up is the so-gobchang (소곱창), or small intestines.  This is normally what you get when you order gobchang.  It definitely has a bit of an acquired taste and is quite chewy. When cooked right, the outside becomes crispy while the inside remains soft and juicy. It goes well when dipped in sesame oil and salt.

Next we have makchang (막창), the lowest part of the intestine also commonly known as the entrails. This is my least favorite part because unlike the other types of intestines, makchang doesnt hold in flavor as well.  It is also quite chewy and best eaten with sauce.

Then there’s the yeomtong (염통), or heart.  I know, I know.  Sounds bloody, squishy and just plain inhuman. But remember the whole reason why you came to a gobchang restaurant was to try new things right?  In my personal experience, it’s the foods that sound the most unappealing that end up being the tastiest. And heart is a prime example of this. It both looks and taste the most like meat.  It’s not as chewy as the intestine and has a much more briny taste.

Finally we have my personal favorite, daechang (대창). Daechang is the large intestine.  It is much softer than the other parts and is best eaten after it has soaked up all the grease from cooking the rest of the intestines.  It has a very squishy texture and is full of flavor. Unfortunately daechang is also the most expensive part of the intestines.

Raw liver (생간 ), reticulum (천엽) and raw beef (육회) are also usually served as a side dish along more commonly seen korean foods such as kimchi (김치) and bean sprouts (콩남물). The raw liver has an especially interesting taste; it’s as if you are biting into a piece of cold meat that’s bursting with blood vessels.  Definitely not for everyone but worth giving it a try.

From left to right: Raw liver (생강), reticulum (천엽), raw beef (육회)

Lastly, after you’ve polished off the last of your yummy intestines, don’t forget to order a serving or two of fried rice (bokkeumbab, 볶음밥).  This tasty mix of rice and seaweed mixed with the leftover grease and leftover bits of intestine is the perfect way to end your meal.

And remember, intestines are a type of food that Koreans call anju (안주), which is food made to be eaten with soju (소주).  So if you’re having trouble stomaching the stomach in front of you, knock back a few shots first and unleash the inner ahjussi in you!

Cheonan Eats: 생생이두부보쌈

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On my (hopefully) endless quest to find the tastiest and most influential restaurants in Cheonan, I can across a quaint little place named 생생이두부보쌈 (SangSangyDubuBossam).  This hidden gem opened in 1901, making it one of, if not the oldest, establishments in Cheonan. The restaurant itself is located in a 한옥 (Hanok: Traditional Korean house), however, the surrounding area has long been developed; huge apartment buildings and shopping centers tower over it, making 생생이두부보쌈 a tough place to find.

In 2016, 생생이두부보쌈 was awarded as a “천안 맛집” (“Cheonan Taste House”) by a panel of experts, beating out 80 other restaurants in Cheonan. Despite this it is not a very well known place, and after eating there I can’t possibly understand why.

The restaurant’s interior is just the right mix of traditional and cozy.  Walking in I instantly felt as if I was in a place that I had visited many times before. The staff was super friendly and helpful as well.  And the food was absolutely incredible.


We insist on using domestic ingredients for the health of our customers and our farming industry. We make tofu with good ingredients every morning, and prepare food for our customers.  If the food and service we have prepared is not good enough for you and you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to tell us. I’ll work hard with all of my staff to make it more lively.


Nutritional yet delicious. They use only Korean ingredients, freshly prepared every morning. The serving sizes are large but you’re not left with that feeling of regret after overindulging. You’re instead filled with a warm, happy feeling that comes from putting something healthy in your body.  We ordered what the restaurant is known for; 두부보쌈 (dububossam- tofu wrapped in a leaf of lettuce) with the 순두부찌개 (sundubujjigae- tofu soup) and a bottle of traditional 동동주 (dongdonju- a traditional Korean liquor).

As with most Korean meals, the 반찬 (side dishes) came first. A delicious spread of bean sprouts, potatoes, and other vegetables as well as two types of tofu salad and some 비지 (okara: a substance leftover when making tofu that is better described here). They also served a small bowl of some freshly made, warm and very soft tofu that went well with a small dash of soy sauce.

Next came the 두부보쌈. A cast-iron plate filled with delicious homemade tofu, pork and fried kimchi.  A piece of each wrapped in lettuce with some 새우젓 (small, pickled shrimp) or 쌈장 (ssamjang: A Korean dipping sauce) and I was in heaven.

After that came the 순두부찌개. I’m a big fan of tofu soup, especially during the winter, and this one did not disappoint.  The tofu was soft and fresh. The broth wasn’t at all greasy but rather had a subtle, clean taste to it.

Finally came dessert.  A few pieces of home made 인절미 (injeolmi: a type of Korean rice cake) and a bowl of  수정과 (sujeonggwa: a traditional Korean cinnamon punch).  I’m not normally a fan of rice cake but I found myself eating the entire plate. And the refreshing taste of the 수정과 was the perfect way to end the meal.

A food fanatic and inspiring chef, I’ve been living in Korea for over five years now.  During that time I’ve eaten my way through several cities and have been treated to many delightful dishes.  I can honestly say that 생생이두부보쌈 is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying in terms of taste, friendliness, and atmosphere.  So if you find yourself in the area or are looking to try something new tonight, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

How to get there?