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English children’s books at Cheonan Asan library

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English reading fun for kids  icon-book 


Reading is a fun and educational activity for children.

Did you know that the Cheonan Asan Cooperation library has an English children’s book section?

Let’s check it out together.


Cheonan Asan library


The library holds a nice collection of English children’s books.


When I went to the library for the first time, I made an interesting discovery.

Surprisingly, there are more English books available for children than for adults. I wondered why this is the case. When I saw a mother with her young child, carrying a large amount of English books, I knew why. I guess the reason for this may be the high value that Koreans place on English education for their kids which nowadays seems to start at an early age.

Of course there are English studying text books with Korean translations but there is also a large selection of English story books for children.

I would say the majority of the books are aimed at young kids and elementary school age children and above. There are mostly story books and not so many board books which are more suitable for young toddlers.


Child-friendly facilities

The library is very nicely designed and makes you feel so comfortable.

What I love about this library is that it is a place where you can not only borrow but also really engage with books. The open structure and the seating area invites you to sit down and dive into reading. There are over 30 seats available in the children’s section.

The carpet and the vivid colours make it a comfy place to sit with your kids and start your reading adventure.



Hello there! I am a self check-out and return kiosk.

Look at this lovely reading room for children with little chairs, tables and a floor mat. This is a safe place where kids can be kids without disturbing those who want to focus on their reading and study in the main section.

See you later, alligator!


Moreover, the library has a nursing room with a changing station and a small outdoor playground.

However, the playground is currently not open due to the pandemic situation.


While libraries in my home country Germany have a kid’s section, I have never seen such convenient facilities aimed at families such as a nursing room and a kids reading room.

To sum it up, I am very impressed with the family-friendly library and the comfortable space provided for parents and children to enjoy reading. From what I have seen, this is a great feature of many Korean libraries.

Thank you to the cities of Cheonan and Asan for creating such a great place for everyone, young and old(er), to enjoy reading.

Culture and education program


The library is also offering special classes for adults and for children, however, the program is currently not fully operating due to the Corona situation. Please refer to the homepage for further information on what courses are offered (in Korean).

How can I check which courses are currently available?

Here is a quick guide:

  1. Go to https://www.capc.go.kr/library/front/

  2. Click on the plus sign next to “독서문화프로그램 신청” (Reading and Culture Program Registration)

  3. Check 신청상태 (Application Status) to see if application is on-going or if the deadline is over (마감).


I am looking forward to the day when we can freely enjoy the cultural and social life again.

Until then, stay safe and healthy and follow the social distancing measures!

Last but not least, location information.



Cheonan Asan library

Chungcheongnam-do Cheonan-si Seobuk-gu Gongwon-ro 109


충청남도 천안시 서북구 공원로 109

Tel : 041-417-5031



For a detailed guide on how to use the Cheonan Asan library, check out this previous post:



Keep reading and learning  icon-book  icon-heart  icon-smile-o 


How to get there?

Where to Get Mexican Food in Cheonan

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Do you miss having Mexican food in Cheonan? We’ve got some good news for you! There’s a new place in town where you can get your taco craving — Taco Rito (타코리또)

The previous local Mexican place around Buldang disappeared sometime last year amidst the pandemic. I’m pretty sure that they are sorely missed but we hope that this recent addition to the foreign food options won’t disappoint. 

Their Menu

Taco Rito is the latest place to find Mexican food to satisfy your cravings. 

They got you covered on tacos, burrito, and quesadillas. They also have burrito bowls if you prefer an unwrapped burrito. The choices for these are mostly beef, chicken, pork or prawn for each. 

Not exactly vegetarian friendly, right? But if you would request not to include that for your order, they are accommodating enough to do so. 

You can also have some nachos and sides like fries or better try their salsa verde made fresh everyday. 

These Mexican dishes can be paired up with some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They’ve got some beer, tequila, ginger beer, sparkling juice, and the regular sodas like Coke and Sprite. 

Where and how to find it?

Now, of course, if you’re ready to find out for yourself if their Mexican food is any good, head out there right away. They are located just a few minutes by bus from Ssangyong Station. 

천안 동남구 수국2길 8-4, 1층

Cheonan Dongnamgu Suguk-2-gil 8-4 or


천안시 동남구 신방동 49-19

Cheonan Dongnamgu Shinbandong 49-19

*Korean address system has changed in recent years but the transition takes forever. Try both on a map app and see which works.

Tel. No. 041-904-0199

Their hours are:

11  – 11 on Mondays – Saturdays

Tempted enough yet? You can easily swing by the place in Ssangyong or have it delivered through Baedal Minjok food delivery app for your convenience.

Get that Mexican food to satisfy your cravings at your own place. Or better yet, enjoy it for a picnic outdoors in one of the public parks nearby. Or how about a date at this drive-in cinema. Let us know how it goes, will you? ^^

K-drama Vincenzo: Shooting Sites in the City

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Are you into K-drama Series?

Have you heard about this man, Vincenzo Cassano? 😆 

Or maybe a fan of the handsome private army of Descendants Of The Sun – Song Joong Ki?

He actually has this drama-hit series entitled Vincenzo, which may come to an end soon.

Some of the primary spots were actually shot in the fun city of Cheonan.

Let’s check out where are they!


---------------- Shooting Sites ----------------

Sun Moon University

선문대학교 천안캠퍼스

Main Hall facade – 1st featured in the end of Episode 5 as well as in Episode 18 – as court place.

Check Photos
⬅️ screenshot from the drama
⬇️ photos taken by the author

Cheonan Sports Complex

천안 종합운동장

Soccer Field – featured in Episode 7 where Italian Soccer Coach and his team visited the place to draft a kid soccer player.

Check Photos
⬇️ screenshot from the drama
⬇️ photos taken by the author

Cherry Blossom and Blooming Buldang (불당동 벚꽃)

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Cherry blossom beauty in Buldang

It is that magical time of the year when Korea is covered in white and pink candy cotton.

Cherry blossoms are the ultimate symbol of spring in Korea.

A new spring, a new beginning! 

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom these days.

Hurry up to enjoy the white and pink beauty as it lasts only a week or a couple of days.

If you cannot make it this time, this post will be a helpful guide for the next year.

Today’s post introduces when and where to enjoy the cherry blossom in our city Cheonan.



Cherry blossoms in Korea are expected to be in bloom at the end of March 2021.

Did you know that there is even a cherry blossom blooming map online? 

When do the cherry blossoms start to bloom? Let’s check it out online on Naver.

Let’s search for cherry blossom, which is 벚꽃 in Korean.

It varies slightly in every region. Cheonan is not on the map though but cherry blossoms were in full bloom here on March 31 2021.

Cherry blossom map Korea


There are a couple of spots where to watch the cherry blossoms in Cheonan.

Check out these six places:

  1. Buldang Stream (불당천)

  2. Gagwonsa Temple (각원사)

  3. Cheonan Bukmyeon Cherry Blossom Road  (북면 벚꽃길)

  4. Wonseong Stream (원성천, 원성천 1길, 원성천 2길)

  5. Dankook University (단국대)

  6. Taejosan Mountain Park (태조산공원)

For further information, check out the other articles on “Cherry Blossom” on this blog.


Today let me introduce one of them in this post.

Blooming Buldang-dong and Buldang stream (불당천)

Join me on a stroll around Buldang stream to indulge in the cherry blossom beauty.


Unfortunately, the air pollution has been severe in the last two days but today, it cleared up so that people went out and enjoyed the scenery.



See how the scenery has changed.


Strolling around the Buldang stream lined up with cherry blossom trees.

Just enjoy the beauty.



Beautiful bridge in bloom


Furthermore, I spotted some random cherry blossoms in Sinbuldang.

Can you guess where it is?

Here is a hint:

These pics have been taken near the Cheonan Sports Complex and City Hall.

It is amazing to see how these flowers are able to transform such a busy and bustling area like Sinbuldang.

Flowers spotted in Sinbuldang


Last but not least:




How to get there?


Enjoy spring while it lasts 

Screen Golf in Cheonan

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With winter weather right around the corner, it’s essential to keep your health and keep active. Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite sports with friends. Korea has a lot of indoor sports places like golf, baseball, fishing, and archery. For this week’s article, I will show you a famous indoor golf chain called GOLFZON.

In Korea, the land is tiny, and large golf courses are quite expensive. However, a cheaper and more fun alternative for all those golf enthusiasts is screen golf. The most famous chain in Cheonan is Golfezen. Here you can play all the best golf courses in Korea and America for a fraction of the cost. If you want to improve your golf game, the place offers one on one training with a real golf pro.

How much does it cost

Golfzen has a flat cost of 15 dollars an hour. If it’s your first time, you have to use the driving range for practice before you can try a course. If you are interested in personal training with a golf pro, it costs 600 dollars for ten lessons. There is no fee for club rentals. Each of the rooms has a set of golf clubs that are free to use.

Getting ready to golf

I went to the Golfzon in Sinbudong. After talking to the worker, you can choose two golfing types: practice or a real game. The software has over 20 golf courses in Korea and one in America. There is a large couch in the back when you want to take a rest. When you want to change your shot or direction of a ball, buttons on the floor are labeled in English. After every swing that you do, there is a camera that shows you your swing. It’s an excellent tool for seeing problems in your form. It all adds up to a realistic golfing experience.

The screen golf experience

When I walked into the room, I was told that I had to use the practice mode to get used to the system. It was my first time golfing indoors, and I was a little timid swinging a golf club in a small room. I was nervous that I was going to hit the projector or the lights. The worker was very helpful in explaining everything in English to me. When the worker saw I was timid, the club pro came in and helped me with my fears. He showed me some full-power swings and told me not to worry about hitting the ceiling. After 10 minutes of practice, the worker brought me in some orange juice and some water. For 15 dollars, it was enjoyable. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys golf or exercise. This is the perfect activity for solo or groups..

Where is it?

Hours of operation: Everyday 10am to 1am

Phone: 523-0753

Cheonan City Late-night Buses

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Cheonan City has decided to operate late-night buses to enhance the convenience of public transportation during late-night hours starting December.

The city plans to introduce late-night buses that travel every hour from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. when city buses are cut off to connect with other public transportation such as subways, KTX and trains.

The introduction of late-night buses is a part of the transportation welfare services.

Late-night buses will operate on three 16-seat small buses and a total of two routes, and the city plans to deploy late-night buses first in the eastern part of the city, which has a large floating population, using big data analysis service data.

The late-night bus route will run around the terminal, Dujeong Station, Cheonan City Hall. The other one will run the western wings of Cheonan train station, Ssangyong Station, Cheonan Asan Station and Cheonan City Hall.

The late-night bus fare is the same as the regular bus fare in Cheonan, which is 800 won for children, 1,280 won for teenagers, 1,600 won for adults. With transportation cards, it will be 700 won for children, 920 won for teenagers, and 1,500 won for adults. In addition, free transfer can be made once within 45 minutes.

From July to November last year, the city discovered late-night bus routes through a big data analysis project in Cheonan City and signed a business agreement with two city bus companies on late-night bus operations, and plans to purchase small electric buses at a cost of 510 million won (195 million won in state funds and 315 million won in city funds) this month.

A city official said, “There have been complaints about the need for extended operation of city buses only by using taxis because public transportation such as subway, KTX, and trains are not connected to city buses,” adding, “We plan to plan late-night buses to realize universal transportation welfare late at night.”

“The finalized version of late-night bus route has yet to be finalized, but we plan to circulate around sections to enhance connectivity with public transportation such as subways, KTX and trains,” he said. “Through the evaluation of the operation, the late-night bus routes may be expanded.”

Witches Kitchen: A spooky good dinner.

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Witches Kitchen

Its fall time in Korea which means beautiful weather, sweatshirts, pumpkin-flavored drinks, and Halloween. Located in sinbudang is the perfect Halloween themed restaurant complete with witches, cauldrons, skulls, and even scary drinks.  If you are looking for delicious food or a fun Halloween themed night out look no further than Witches Kitchen.

The atmosphere

When you walk into the restaurant you notice the Halloween theme immediately with the front desk covered in skulls and bones. In order to stop the spread of COVID 19, only the second floor is open. The restaurant is full of fun Halloween themed decorations. The walls are lined up with pictures of witches, the ceiling has spider web covered chandeliers, the shelves are full of scary books and bones. Even the lights are covered in witches’ hats. The whole vibe is fun and full of Halloween to enhance the dining experience. When I went, I spent 10 minutes just looking at all the great decorations.

The menu

The menu is full of Halloween themed foods like “Ghost Pasta” and “Snake pizza”. The menu is divided up into types of food. They have a page full of starters like salad, and mac and cheese. Then there is a pizza, rice dishes, and meats. The last page is full of drinks that you can get.  There were so many interesting food creations on the menu. For the salad, the cheese was shaped like a monster’s head with two olives as the eyes. The pizza sauce was poured in the shape of a spider web. The Mac and Cheese look like a monster’s face. Even the drinks come in blood bags, complete with a blood bag stand.

The food was amazing. The waitress spoke great English so if you are a foreigner there was no problem ordering. When I went, I and my friend got a salad, pasta, and a pork combo with a drink. The salad was amazing, it had bits of sugar and sweet cheese on top. The pork was soft, juicy, and covered in cheese. The spaghetti was good. Even the drink came in a blood bag and you had to drink it using an I.V tube.  The whole event was really enjoyable.

I can not reccomend WItches Kitchen highly enough. If you have little kids the restaurant isn’t too scary for little ones.  The food is amazing and just for the experience alone you should try going to the Witches Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 먹거리9길 15

Phone:  070-4177-1116


Hours: Every Day 12:00 – 22:00

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Grad school programs in Cheonan.

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Korea is a country that takes pride in education as a method for upward social mobility. By investing in Education, Korea was able to go from one of the poorest countries in the world to the 12th richest country in terms of GDP. As a foreigner, Cheonan has many excellent universities that you can attend if you too want to increase your job marketability.

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Address: 48 Wolbong-ro, Ssangyong-dong, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Phone:  041-570-7700

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Address: 518-10 Anseo-dong, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Phone: 1899-3700

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Sangmyeong University

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Address; 31 Sangmyeongdae-gil, Sinan-dong, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do


Phone:  +82-041 550-5114

Copyright Sangmyung Univ. all rights reserved

Korea Tech

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Address: 1600 Chungjeol-ro, Byeongcheon-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do


Phone:  041-560-1114

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How to hire a personal trainer.

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Going to the for the first time can be overwhelming as a foreigner. You can’t speak the language; You don’t how to use the machines; You are unsure how to exercise safely or how much to exercise. All of this uncertainty along with feeling self-conscious about your body can stop you from investing in your health. But with Covid-19, Its more important than ever to keep your body healthy. I want to alleviate your fears about joining a gym and give you some information about how you can start living a healthier life today.

Rambo Gym

Rambo Gym is easy to find just look for the Burger King across the street from Shinshagae Department Store in Sinbudang. Then take the elevator to the 4th floor. When I walked in I had to take off my shoes and use the guest’s shoes. One of the workers promptly explained to me the pricing for Personal Training and for just a gym membership.

The gym was a little on the small side but It has plenty of gym equipment for you to use. There were individual lockers for your clothes. Men and Women’s locker rooms for changing and showering. The only bad part like all the gyms is that if you don’t speak Korean it might be hard signing up.

Cost of the Gym

Rambo Gym had two separate pricing. The basic gym membership was 100,000 won a month. If you were interested in personal training, the cheapest package is ten 50 minute sessions for 600 dollars. The advantage of Rambo gym is that if you buy a personal training package, the gym membership is included.

How do I get there

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 만남로 48 RGB빌딩 4층 람보짐

지번충남 천안시 동남구 신부동 462-5

Phone: 041-555-8121

Healthy Boy Gym

Down the street from Rambo Gym is Healthy Boy Gym.  It is located on the 2nd floor of the building. The sign is a little hard to see from the outside. When I walked in I didn’t have to take off my shoes. There was a small offices where the pricing of the gym was explained to me.

What the gym like?

The gym was by far the biggest I’ve seen in Sinbudang. If you come here, there is no need to bring gym clothes or shower towels as they are all provided. The gym has separate rooms for pilates, yoga, and group exercise classes. The gym had plenty of various exercise machines and workers who are eager to assist you if you need it. One down side is that when I went there the music was quite loud. The worker that I saw spoke average English so If you come here, I don’t think you will need any helpers to sign up.

How much is it?

The price of the gym was 90,000 won a month. The personal training classes were 660,000 for 10 classes. Unlike the other gyms, you have to buy both the gym membership and the personal training classes.  However, the trainers were nice and gave me two extra classes for free.

Address: Sky Tower Apartment Building 4th floor Near Shinsagae Department Store

Phone: 521.0707


Monday-Friday 24 hours.

Saturday 7pm close.

Sunday 11 am to 7pm c

Tiger Gym

Tiger gym is located next to Starbucks in Shinbudang. Its located on the second floor of the # building. The apartment has a number sign as their name. Like all the other gyms, I took off my shoes and the workers promptly explained the pricing.

What is the gym like?

I went to this gym on a Wednesday night and it was the least busy of all the gyms. There wasn’t any music playing which is also nice if you like working out in a quiet environment. There were plenty of machines to work out with and like all the gyms they offered men’s and women’s changing rooms. At Tiger gym, you have to bring your own clothes but they do have lockers for your personal items.

How much is it?

Regular gym membership costs 100,000 a month. Personal training had a flat fee of 55,000 won a session. If you sign up for personal training, then you don’t have to pay for the gym membership. The worker didn’t speak much English so if you come here you will probably need help signing up.

Where is it?

Address  타이거짐 페이지, 동남구 만남로 9 더샵 2층

Phone 041-554-5678

My first class with my trainer

I decided to join Healthy Boy Gym because the trainer did the best job with explaining the process of personal training.  I started off my first lesson with a consultation on some of my fitness goals and some measuring of my body weight. The gym uses a machine that measures your muscle, body weight, and body fat. The trainer gave me some calorie recommendations and then we started our first session.

We started our class with 10 minutes of warm-up. After warmups,  the trainer taught me the basics of working out. From the beginning, It’s important to focus on proper form over using heavy weights. The goal is to use lighter weights when teaching proper form, then adding heavier weights later.  We worked out on 9 machines that worked out legs chest and arms. After the workout, I received my results via the “In Body” app that tracks my health.

How to get there?


“Hottest” Days in Korea (복날): Year 2020

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Brace yourselves as the Hottest Days are coming for this year 2020.







Pronuounced as Bongnal, 복날 (Bok.Nal), considered as the Hottest Days during the Summer Season in a Year based on the Lunar calendar.




It is characterize into three: 

초복 Chobok 

the start or beginning of the hot summer


중복 Jungbok

the middle part of the hot summer and lastly,


말복 Malbok 

the end of this hot summer







Koreans these days pay much attention to their health. When these hottest days come, they counteract it USUALLY by eating Hot food such as 삼계탕 (Sam.Gye.Tang) which is a Hot Chicken Ginseng Soup.



My mother-in-law invited us for dinner just last weekend. And she cooked this 삼계탕 for us in preparation for the 초복 which is just a few days later.





If you tend to just eat out so as not to be tired preparing and cooking for long hours, maybe you can check out this popular samgyetang place in Yuryangdong which will be featured in my next article. (Will update it here soon.)



For now, let’s get to know the exact dates of Bongnal for this year.

초복 Chobok – July 16

중복 Jungbok – July 26

말복 Malbok  – August 15





When you check the weather forecast, the days considered to be the “hottest” don’t really have a higher temperature as compared to some other days. This is just predicted by the Lunar Calendar.



So, there you go! Stay dry during this Jangma and cool on these hottest days of 2020!




Kindly drop a comment below to let us know how do you wanna stay cool during these “hottest” days ahead.^^