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Vegan Bakery Cafe in Buldandong

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Having a vegetarian or vegan eating style is not an impediment when it comes to trying a dessert or a piece of cake. That is why looking for innovative coffee alternatives in the different areas of Cheonan we find a cafe that cares about creating and making products ( desserts – cakes ) for all those who keep a balanced diet or have a light eating style.


 ¨ Bbangartgan Vegan Bakery Cafe ¨ it is located in Buldandong, exactly in the area known as ‘카페 거리’ or the coffee street. In this area there are various cafes as well as restaurants, but this cafe is characterized mainly by offering different delicious and gluten-free vegan desserts and cakes.

The interior of the cafe is spacious and has a very nice decoration, and the customer service is very warm and attentive. The cafe also offers bakery classes for all those interested in learning about various vegan recipes.


Since 2016, we have been researching desserts for those who can't digest dairy and flour, those who are allergic to eggs, those who are vegetarian, and those who are dieting.

VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE - Butter, dairy, egg and flour-free vegan-gluten-free desserts made with unisex sugar.

CAUTION : We don't add preservatives but we are aiming for low-sugar, low-salt. It's recommended to eat it as early as 1-2 days. Ingredients containing gluten are handled together and made in the same manufacturing space. . If you have celiac disease, please be careful and contact us.



  Bbangartgan Cafe takes orders for vegan cakes in different sizes that are generally made the same day that the customer orders.

  The price range for cakes and desserts is from 3,500 won to 8,000 won.


   Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday from 2pm to 10pm

Weekends from 12pm to 9pm. 


ADDRESS : 충남 천안시 서북구 불당15길 10-2 – 불당동 1407 1층 BBANGARTGAN /  Chungnam, Cheonan-si, Seobuk-gu Buldang 15-gil, 10-2  – Budang-dong 1407 1st floor .



Ver esta publicación en Instagram

. 마지막 케이크 픽업 기다리면서 인증샷💓 오늘은 매장에 오신 모든 분들이 맛있다고 말해주신 날 음 어느 나라 분인지 못 여쭤봐서 아쉬웠지만 외국분들도 비건 디저트 하나씩 전부 다 드셔보시곤 완벽한 비건 디저트! 베스트!라고 해주셔서 기쁨 빵빵💓이었습니다 . 여름엔 비건 디저트가 너무 조심스러워요 재료도 두부나 이런건 실온에서 금방 상할 수 있어서 타르트도, 과일 케이크도 어려운 상황이지만, 대신 좀 더 새로운 비건 메뉴를 또 개발하는 시간이라고 생각하면서 신메뉴를 혼자 마음에 그려봅니다 . . . 마지막 손님이 나가시면 곧 마감하네요 동생분이랑 몇번 오셨다가 동생분은 친구분이랑 낮에 오셨는데 형은 또 다른 분과 저녁에 찾아오시구 마지막까지 감동😭 . . . 8월 3-6일은 내부공사로 휴무입니다! 케이크 주문 잠시만 쉬어갈께요! . . . #주문케이크 #천안주문케이크 #천안케이크 #천안케이크맛집 #불당동케이크 #불당동케이크맛집 #불당동디저트 #불당동 #불당동카페거리 #주문케이크 #불당동과일케이크 #천안과일케이크 #천안생크림케이크 #비건케이크 #천안비건 #천안비건디저트 #신불당 #비건 #비건케이크 #디저트카페 #천안디저트카페 #천안카페

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How to hire a personal trainer.

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Going to the for the first time can be overwhelming as a foreigner. You can’t speak the language; You don’t how to use the machines; You are unsure how to exercise safely or how much to exercise. All of this uncertainty along with feeling self-conscious about your body can stop you from investing in your health. But with Covid-19, Its more important than ever to keep your body healthy. I want to alleviate your fears about joining a gym and give you some information about how you can start living a healthier life today.

Rambo Gym

Rambo Gym is easy to find just look for the Burger King across the street from Shinshagae Department Store in Sinbudang. Then take the elevator to the 4th floor. When I walked in I had to take off my shoes and use the guest’s shoes. One of the workers promptly explained to me the pricing for Personal Training and for just a gym membership.

The gym was a little on the small side but It has plenty of gym equipment for you to use. There were individual lockers for your clothes. Men and Women’s locker rooms for changing and showering. The only bad part like all the gyms is that if you don’t speak Korean it might be hard signing up.

Cost of the Gym

Rambo Gym had two separate pricing. The basic gym membership was 100,000 won a month. If you were interested in personal training, the cheapest package is ten 50 minute sessions for 600 dollars. The advantage of Rambo gym is that if you buy a personal training package, the gym membership is included.

How do I get there

Address: 충남 천안시 동남구 만남로 48 RGB빌딩 4층 람보짐

지번충남 천안시 동남구 신부동 462-5

Phone: 041-555-8121

Healthy Boy Gym

Down the street from Rambo Gym is Healthy Boy Gym.  It is located on the 2nd floor of the building. The sign is a little hard to see from the outside. When I walked in I didn’t have to take off my shoes. There was a small offices where the pricing of the gym was explained to me.

What the gym like?

The gym was by far the biggest I’ve seen in Sinbudang. If you come here, there is no need to bring gym clothes or shower towels as they are all provided. The gym has separate rooms for pilates, yoga, and group exercise classes. The gym had plenty of various exercise machines and workers who are eager to assist you if you need it. One down side is that when I went there the music was quite loud. The worker that I saw spoke average English so If you come here, I don’t think you will need any helpers to sign up.

How much is it?

The price of the gym was 90,000 won a month. The personal training classes were 660,000 for 10 classes. Unlike the other gyms, you have to buy both the gym membership and the personal training classes.  However, the trainers were nice and gave me two extra classes for free.

Address: Sky Tower Apartment Building 4th floor Near Shinsagae Department Store

Phone: 521.0707


Monday-Friday 24 hours.

Saturday 7pm close.

Sunday 11 am to 7pm c

Tiger Gym

Tiger gym is located next to Starbucks in Shinbudang. Its located on the second floor of the # building. The apartment has a number sign as their name. Like all the other gyms, I took off my shoes and the workers promptly explained the pricing.

What is the gym like?

I went to this gym on a Wednesday night and it was the least busy of all the gyms. There wasn’t any music playing which is also nice if you like working out in a quiet environment. There were plenty of machines to work out with and like all the gyms they offered men’s and women’s changing rooms. At Tiger gym, you have to bring your own clothes but they do have lockers for your personal items.

How much is it?

Regular gym membership costs 100,000 a month. Personal training had a flat fee of 55,000 won a session. If you sign up for personal training, then you don’t have to pay for the gym membership. The worker didn’t speak much English so if you come here you will probably need help signing up.

Where is it?

Address  타이거짐 페이지, 동남구 만남로 9 더샵 2층

Phone 041-554-5678

My first class with my trainer

I decided to join Healthy Boy Gym because the trainer did the best job with explaining the process of personal training.  I started off my first lesson with a consultation on some of my fitness goals and some measuring of my body weight. The gym uses a machine that measures your muscle, body weight, and body fat. The trainer gave me some calorie recommendations and then we started our first session.

We started our class with 10 minutes of warm-up. After warmups,  the trainer taught me the basics of working out. From the beginning, It’s important to focus on proper form over using heavy weights. The goal is to use lighter weights when teaching proper form, then adding heavier weights later.  We worked out on 9 machines that worked out legs chest and arms. After the workout, I received my results via the “In Body” app that tracks my health.

How to get there?


“Hottest” Days in Korea (복날): Year 2020

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Brace yourselves as the Hottest Days are coming for this year 2020.







Pronuounced as Bongnal, 복날 (Bok.Nal), considered as the Hottest Days during the Summer Season in a Year based on the Lunar calendar.




It is characterize into three: 

초복 Chobok 

the start or beginning of the hot summer


중복 Jungbok

the middle part of the hot summer and lastly,


말복 Malbok 

the end of this hot summer







Koreans these days pay much attention to their health. When these hottest days come, they counteract it USUALLY by eating Hot food such as 삼계탕 (Sam.Gye.Tang) which is a Hot Chicken Ginseng Soup.



My mother-in-law invited us for dinner just last weekend. And she cooked this 삼계탕 for us in preparation for the 초복 which is just a few days later.





If you tend to just eat out so as not to be tired preparing and cooking for long hours, maybe you can check out this popular samgyetang place in Yuryangdong which will be featured in my next article. (Will update it here soon.)



For now, let’s get to know the exact dates of Bongnal for this year.

초복 Chobok – July 16

중복 Jungbok – July 26

말복 Malbok  – August 15





When you check the weather forecast, the days considered to be the “hottest” don’t really have a higher temperature as compared to some other days. This is just predicted by the Lunar Calendar.



So, there you go! Stay dry during this Jangma and cool on these hottest days of 2020!




Kindly drop a comment below to let us know how do you wanna stay cool during these “hottest” days ahead.^^

Salad&Sandwich Cafe options in Cheonan

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If you are one of those people who loves to visit coffee shops frequently and at the same time maintains a light and healthy diet, then the Salads&Sandwich Cafes are perfect for you.

In Cheonan there are these kinds of cafes but it is a little difficult to find them because in reality there are not many compared to the popular cafes that are found anywhere, that is why this list of options will help you find the best Salad & Sandwich cafe that matches with you.

PICNIC TIME / 피크닉 타임

This comfortable cafe is recommended for all those who are or live in the Dujeongdong area.
It has a variety of salads, sandwiches as well as fresh drinks and desserts based on homemade yogurt at a good price.
Salad options include Picnic Salad and Chicken Breast Salad, and the popular Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise or known in Korean as 에그 마요.
Opening hours are from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.


Further information and variety of recipes on INSTAGRAM.

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

종합선물세트 같은 느낌🤣

Una publicación compartida de 천안 피크닉타임 (@picnictime_) el


 충남 천안시 서북구 두정상가5길 23 – 23, Dujeongsangga 5-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do,

  010 5837 1028


This coffee salad is a great option for those who live in the Buldand-dong area.
The most popular menu options are avocado salad with salmon and bulgeogi sandwich (불고기).
Opening hours from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (closed on weekends).

 충남 천안시 서북구 불당26로 80 , 불당동 1544 지웰시티푸르지오상가 A-102 / 80, Budang 26-ro, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do.


SALAD YOU / 샐러드유


 충남 천안시 서북구 불당30길 28-1 , 지번 붕당동 1792 103호 /  28-1, Budang 30-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do.


How to get there?

Green Garden Center in Cheonan

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Where can you find garden supplies in Cheonan?

It was a humid day when I found myself in search of plants somewhere in a busy area near Wonseong Stream in Dongnam-gu. I just didn’t find what I had in mind but it was even better. If you are thinking of growing your own plants like ornamental shrubs, trees and maybe even your own private forest, then this can be just the right place to start. 

This Green Garden Center provides the garden supplies from seeds to other tools and accessories that you might need. It also serves as a place to find forest products that Korea has to offer through the local branch of the country’s forest cooperative store. 

Korean Forest Fast Facts

Did you know that more than half of Korea’s land area is covered with trees? 

According to the Korean Forest Service data, 63.35% of Korea is forest and 20% is agricultural land. It only makes sense that the country would have agencies to manage this natural wealth. 

This wasn’t the case back in the middle of the 20th century. Korea had to implement a reforestation program and land use changed for industrialization back in the mid-1950’s.

Starting at 35% forest cover area at that time, the government established various agencies to increase that number. After decades of diligently pursuing the goal, the country has successfully run programs not only to have more trees but to also find ways to use it sustainably. This is one lesser-known field, compared to the more popular internet speed, that this country has been successful. 

Government agencies like the Korea Forest Service and private ones like cooperatives work together to achieve this. One of which is the National Forestry Cooperative Federation which I happen to find along Wonseong Stream in Dongnam-gu. The first thing that one will notice here are the plants near the street and the sign “Green Garden Center.” 

What forest products can we find there?

Various forest products are sold from food to furniture. On the right side upon entering the supply store are wooden room dividers, picnic tables and Korean-style foldable dining tables of different sizes. There are some wooden pillows, as well as wooden chips used as pillow fillers. If you’re looking for some Korean wooden things for the kitchen like spatulas and rice spoons, I found mine there. 

But that is not all. There’s an area for food products too. I found a shelf full of different dried stems, barks, roots and more.  Think of natural medicinal teas sourced from the forest like wormwood or maybe some of them as flavorings for the cooking in the kitchen. I saw a more commonly available sesame oil but a walnut oil is something new for me.  

Aside from those direct forest products, there are also dried mushrooms and bee products like pollen and honey. It’s just amazing how much good we get from the trees, right? 

What kind of plants are there?

But of course! The main thing that drew me there in the first place were the plants. It is a garden center after all. The variety of plants that they sell includes local and imported ornamental plants. There were also a few berries and herbs. 

Since it is still summer, the outdoor area with some hydrangeas was in full bloom with colors from the flowers and leaves. Yes, leaves. These blue leaves are from a plant called festuca glauca or Elijah Blue. 

The indoor nursery had more interesting things to see and buy, of course. Be warned that it might take an extra power to resist buying more than what you came for in the first place. A very eye-catching soft monkey tail cactus (hildewintera colademononis) will be one of the first things that you will see at the entrance. You will suddenly feel transported to a different place — to Bolivia possibly. Do you want to guess how much this premium cactus cost here in Korea? Just a whopping 3M won!!! 

No worries, there are a lot of other cactus available that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. On the right side of the entrance is the succulents corner. I would not attempt to even name one anymore but these can be a delight for those who prefer the seemingly low-maintenance plant favorite. 

So much for the cacti! Let’s check out what else to find inside. There are a few herbs like the ubiquitous sweet basil, lavender, and rosemary. I also saw a couple of pots of kalamansi with a few fruits. Mostly are ornamental like hostas, mandevillas, hydrangeas, marian, dinema plants and more.  See for yourself if you can name them all because I obviously can’t. 😀

What are the available garden supplies?

The building has a gardening supplies store on the first floor of the main building near the parking lot.  You can find vegetable and flower seeds the minute you step into the store. They also sell soil, solid fertilizer balls and liquid fertilizers for your plant care.

If you are keen on decorating your garden, gardening supplies like sphagnum moss, jute tape, pebbles, and landscaping supplies are also available. But if you want to feel the rustic countryside or outdoor-style cooking, I also spotted a couple of stoves and grills ready to be fueled with wood or charcoal.

There were also some fancy tools to make your gardening work a little bit easier like the Korean “homi.” This special Korean planting tool is pretty unique and does its job pretty well. You can use this in simple gardening jobs or backbreaking one like digging up sweet potatoes in the fall.

The pots for sale are in a different place next to the nursery. There are decorative ceramic pots and of different sizes to choose from. 

This gardener’s haven is located at Yuryangdong Dongnam-gu and open 7 days a week. They also have a Naver blog in Korean but it has loads of plant photos and available gardening supplies.

That’s it! Now, you know where to go when you need to plant some greenery in your life. Check this place out and be inspired to go green!

Different types of doctors offices in Cheonan.

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About 3 weeks ago, I broke my finger doing Jiu-jitsu. After going to my local doctors office, I was refered to a specialist to get it fixed.  I have a good level of Korean and was able to understand where I had to go. After a quick procedure and a couple of pins later my hand was all fixed up. This experience made me think about how hard is it for a new person in Korea to figure out where to go if they have a health problem. In this article, I will give you the names of all the different specitaly doctors and some recommendation of where to go.


If you have any teeth problems  you can look for a 치과.  Most places are same day walk in. Two good places to visit are Seoul Best Dental Clinic in Dongnamgu and Seoul Dental Clinic in Dujeong.

Seoul Dental Clinic

TEL: 041-417-2827

Address: 충청남도 천안시 서북구 두정동 973번지

Seoul Best Dental Clinic

TEL: 041-415-0700  |  FAX: 041-415-0900

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신부동 461-6번지

Ear Nose Throat Doctor

If you are having any problems with your head lungs or sinus. You should go visit the 이비인후과. A good one is  Doori ENT in SSangyangdong.

Doori ENT

TEL: 041-578-5578

Address: 충청남도 천안시 서북구 쌍용동 2012번지


If you are having any problems with your eyes or want some lasik surgery. you need to find an 안과.  Two good eye doctors in Cheonan are Na Eye Clinic and Cheonan Seoul Eye Center.

Na Eye Clinic

TEL: 041-563-3551

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신안동 473-12

Cheonan Seoul Eye Center

TEL: 041-552-6767

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신부동 461-1

Oriential Medicine

If you are looking for a non traditional form of medicine called Eastern Medicine then you need to go to a 한의원.  A good one in Cheonan is 예그린 한의원

Yegrin Oriental medicine Center

TEL: 041-562-1075

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신부동 462-6


If you have any rashes, blotches, or skin problems then you need to find a 피부과. 2 good ones in Cheonan are Soo skin clinic and Oracle Dermatology.

Soo Skin Clinic

TEL: 555-8833

Address: 충청남도 천안시 서북구 성정동 1262

Oracle Dermatology

TEL: 041-569-3355

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신안동 462-7


If you have little kids and need them to see a doctor than you should look for a 소아과. A good one is Miraie pediatractis

Miraie Pediatrics

TEL: 041-561-7799

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신부동 462-6


If you are pregnant and looking for a doctor to help you with delivery then in korean you need to find a 산부안과. A good one in Cheonan is Aniclinic in Sinbudong.


TEL: 041-561-7588

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신안동 462-3

How to get there?

My experience getting a Covid19 test.

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On the night of April 24th, I visited Itaewon and enjoyed some foreigner food on my way home to Cheonan. A week later there was an outbreak at the King Club in Itaewon. After the outbreak, The government asked anyone who visited Itaewon from April 24th to May 8th to get tested regardless of symptoms. In order to stop the spread of corona virus, I decided to get tested. I want to talk about how easy it was for me to get tested and help relieve any fears that foreigners might have about the process.

Before I got the test

In the morning, I called 1339 and talked with a woman who spoke good English. I informed her that I had visited Itaewon during the time period. She asked me if I had any symptoms, then finally asked me if I had a car to drive to the testing center. I told her that I had no car. The woman on the phone asked for my I.D and my address. They arranged for me to be taken to the testing center by ambulance.

At the testing center

When I arrived at the testing center, I first went to a tent where filled out some basic information about myself; ARC number, date of birth, name… etc. Then, I told her the exact places and times that I visited Itaewon. The whole process took about 5 minutes.

After giving my details, I waited about 15 minutes in line to take the corona test. When I entered the room, I took two types of test. They did a swab of the back of my throat and then one more up my nose. Both of them were unpleasant but it was over very quickly. Between the two swab it took about 25 seconds. After taking the test, I was told to quarantine in my house for 2 days until the results of the test came out. The ambulance that took me to the testing center also drove me to my house after.

Getting the results

Even though the testing center said it would take 2 days, I got the results back within 16 hours of taking the test. The results were sent to me by text message.  The message was all in Korean which might be a problem for people who don’t speak Korean. I was told that I was “음성” which means negative. If you are positive you will get the message “양성”. The test that I took was free and I was very impressed with the care that the government took to stop the spread of corona. For a link to where you can get Covid 19 testing click here

City Urban Regeneration Concept Store

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An urban regeneration is a combination of social, economic, environmental, planning and management factors that must be correctly implemented together with a good design of strategies to achieve a better quality of life and economic stability of an urban city. In recent years Cheonan has been regenerating in different urban areas and this has allowed the city to grow positively for the benefit of all citizens.



The ¨ Urban Regeneration Concept Store¨ enables local residents and those interested in city regeneration to learn about the city's new regeneration agreement policy. In this center you will be able to know and explore the latest and new urban effects of the urban regeneration project that is being applied in Cheonan and in different cities of Korea through technological and didactic materials.

This conceptual store or experience hall is shaped like a gift box and is divided into different spaces: Dream Hall, The start of a new city, Hope, Land of opportunity, Change Wall, Cheonan Urban Regeneration, Project District Location Map, Cheonan Urban Regeneration New Deal.

Each of these spaces has high-quality information and images where you can directly see the process of urban regeneration projects that are carried out not only in Cheonan but also in other cities in Korea.

NOTE : If you know Korean and want to know more about urban regeneration strategies, you can use the touch screens to get more information about it.


In the ¨ Dream Hall ¨ area, you can enjoy a beautiful creative multimedia art exhibition called Pungdeungol that consists of hanging lamps that float and constantly reflect various colors. Here, the background is perfect to take good and awesome pictures.


City Urban Regeneration Concept Store is on the left side of Exit 2 of Cheonan Station (West Plaza - 천안역 서부 광장), admission is free and you can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 6: 30 pm.

How to get there?

Live to 100!

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Three simple things that we can keep in mind to reach that age and still be kicking ass!

Statistics have shown that humans, in general, tend to live longer through generations.

The average human life expectancy has gradually risen and Korea is not an exemption. The Korean life expectancy back in the 1950’s was at 35.37 which is understandably so since there was the active Korean war between 1950-1953. This has dramatically increased to 62.3 years around 1970 and continued to do so up to the present. Roughly 50 years later, it is now at 82.92 years old (pre-COVID data.)

The country’s general economic progress, along with improved health services and living conditions, are possible factors for this trend. People nowadays can easily aim to live up to 100 years by just trying to keep a few things in mind: live a physically active life, have a sound mind and a healthy diet. 

1. Live a physically active life – Walk, run, do stretches, attend fitness classes or hit the gym. If you can read Korean and walk around a residential area, you cannot help but notice that there’s bound to be a “fitness center.” It could be a martial arts center or regular indoor gym or maybe an outdoor/indoor one just like this one right here in Cheonan. There are also various sporting clothes and goods stores where you can get your sports supplies. Koreans love the idea of getting active as you can see everyone flock the parks and mountains especially on weekends and holidays.


2. Focus on the positive to have a sound mind – This just doesn’t include the state of the mind but the social aspect of life: family, friends, religious organizations, hobby clubs. Enriching one’s life with quality social connections. It will help us have a healthy mental state that also will definitely make us want to live longer. Meditations, self-reflections, and living a mindful life are pretty accessible while living in Korea. There are a lot of churches, temples, and recreational facilities that we explore. Even a simple hike or stroll through an old temple or one of Korea’s countless historical places can be refreshing for our minds.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet – There are a lot of different foods to choose from but being mindful about our food choices is a better step towards hitting that 100 years-old birthday. (beksal) Nowadays, a lot of people, old and young, are keen on diet foods. It has been the trend these past few years and more recently maybe partly because of COVID19.

Meet Mr. Lee, the man behind Leeam Foods who aims to live to 100 years old. This family-run food company seeks to provide baked goods that can help us reach the hashtag #백살까지살자 or “let’s live to 100.” They initially started as a burger cafe but have shifted to making sourdough breads. Their line of products also include protein breads, nut butters, and snacks. You can enjoy desserts like tarts, scones and crackers with less guilt. What makes them different is that they hardly use butter, milk and sugar, if any at all. This is not the kind that you will usually find at any franchised or neighborhood bakery.

Most of their customers find them online through their Naver Store or Instagram account. They regularly post their latest products and suggested recipes in their IG account (or 인스타/insta, as Koreans would locally call it.) You can choose and order from there. It will be delivered right at your doorstep, vacuum sealed inside a box.

Leeam Foods is located just around 10 minutes on foot from the Cheonan Express Bus Terminal. It is on the second floor, right above Serona pharmacy (새로나약국), across from Alpha stationery store.

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Buldang vs Shin-buldang vs Gu-buldang; What is the difference?

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You may have heard about Buldang, Gu-buldang, or Shin-buldang but what differentiates these three?

Let’s talk about the origin of these labels for the popular district. It’s important to know that Buldang-dong is a district in Cheonan that is in constant development. Throughout its history it has been known as one of the rich areas of Cheonan. In recent years the terms Gu-buldang and Shin-buldang has been thrown around by locals. This is due to the sudden rapid development the district has had in the past few years.

Walking around you are able to see big franchises setting foot in this district. With the sudden growth came along the labels Shin-buldang and Gu-buldang. Shin meaning new and Gu meaning old has created an imaginary border separating this district. The main road running down the district is what separates the so called old and new Buldang.

This term has been coined by the locals as a way to locate shops, cafes, restaurants, and even where people live. You may hear people talking about a new café that has opened up in Shin-buldang or a popular pub to visit in Gu-buldang. To a new comer’s ears that would make it seem as if they were in two completely different areas, but in reality they are located in the same district of Buldang-dong. This separation of Buldang-dong is acknowledged by the locals, but if one were to look up a map there is no official label for Shin or Gu- buldang.