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Cheonan Art Center: National Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art
Apr 12, 2018
Cheonan Arts Center / Museum Main Entrance

The Cheonan Art Center is a performance art center that offers entertainment for all ages. The facility is divided up into two main areas, the concert hall and the art museum.  The concert hall offers a variety of musical concerts and ballets throughout the year, and the art museum has different themed exhibits throughout the year. I am particularly excited about the Korean National Ballet performing The Nutcracker on December 1st and 2nd. This is actually the second museum that my family and I have visited in Cheonan. And it was just as delightful!  I am really impressed on how Cheonan’s museums are affordable and family friendly.

A picture of myself posing with Peony by Ham, Sujeong / Hematocele Plant by Kim, Myoung-jin
Bush Clover-Like Moles by Shim, Soo-koo / I love you by Jeong, Jinkap

The portion that my family and I toured was the National Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art. The spring exhibit is full of beautiful pieces of art! The spring theme was also a lovely change to the cold March day that we were experiencing. The diversity of painting styles and artwork was very interesting and had me wanting to know more about each piece.

The art center has two floors of art ranging from traditional Buddhist inspired art to interactive pieces. From a foreigner’s perspective, I really enjoyed the artwork on the first floor. I am not an expert in artwork, but this art really grabbed my attention. There were a few paintings that were painted on traditional Korean handmade paper. Kim, Myoung-jin’s “Heatocele Plant” beautifully displays spring on this style of traditional Korean handmade paper.

Another piece of artwork was created with small pieces  from a traditional tree in Korea. Shim, Soo-koo’s “Bush Clover-Like Moles” is a beautiful example of this artwork.

The artwork on the first floor was extra special to me as an expat living in South Korea. This style of artwork is not something that I would commonly see in America. Especially not for free at a beautiful, modern museum. Yes, you read that correct. The admission is free at this museum.

On the second floor, the art was more interactive. My four year old really enjoyed the artwork on this floor. While we were visiting the art museum, there was a group of young elementary students visiting the museum for their field trip. It was a lovely bonus to see so many young children appreciating the diversity of art styles. It would be hard to narrow down which one was their favorite based off of their giggles and smiles. However, one conversation piece that we all enjoyed was Kim, Yeong-myeon’s “Ten Thousand Lives”.

Ten Thousand Lives by Kang, Yeong-myeon
My four year old admiring the different faces in Ten Tousand Lives / The Flying Man by Kim, Jin-soo

This art work entertained me and my family for nearly an hour. It was really neat looking at the different faces and comparing them to their resemblance of famous characters and people.

There were so many crowd favorites with this young group and the adults. Kim, Jin-woo’s “Flying Man” was another crowd favorite. This interactive artwork doubles for an art and science conversation. It was really neat!  I could actually picture this interactive piece of art in a children’s museum back in America.

On site there is also a lovely, little coffee shop. Be sure to visit it prior to leaving the museum. They serve coffee, tea, and a variety of refrigerated drinks at an affordable price.

I would like to especially thank Mr. Young Chang Hong, the assistant curator, and the staff for their kindness and wonderful customer service. There was an informative pamphlet about the exhibit, with quotes from various artist, at the front desk. However, the pamphlet was entirely in Korean. Therefore, I was not able to read it. And we all know that Google Translate is not always the most accurate. Mr. Hong was very polite and walked through with me sharing what he could with me in English. It was enough for me to fall more in love with the art work.




As I mentioned earlier, I am an amateur art fan. Visiting art museums is a hobby for my family. My husband and children really enjoy various styles of artwork. However, I walked away from the Cheonan Arts Center: National Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art very happy and entertained. My initial intentions was to visit the museum with my husband on a day date. As many parents know, our plans don’t always work as we intend for them too. But I am really happy that our four year old joined us. It was purely a coincidence that there was a group of students there as well. While I was there, I also saw people come in solo and with adult peers. From the couple of hours I was there, there was a diversity of ages visiting the museum.

I mention this because I do believe that this museum is worthy to visit for any occasion. It’s a wonderful field trip option for homeschools, youth groups, and school groups. It’s also a great day date option with your significant other or friends. I have plans on returning to the museum for the next exhibit.

 Entrance to Daemyung Resort / A layout of the Ocean Park and Daemyung Resort
Bus route map in front of the museum / A small section of the parking lot

If you have time, take the time to walk around the property and neighboring streets. There is an open grass area that would be nice for a picnic on a beautiful day. I saw a spa wellness center nearby and a cafe. However, what really caught my eye was the beautiful Daemyung Resort with Ocean Park. In my head, I planned a whole day and/or weekend experience just in this one area. Between the museum, concert hall, and Daemyung Resort there is plenty to do in this area for an entertaining, fun filled day or weekend.




Now that you are ready to visit this delightful museum. Let’s talk transportation. There is a bus stop right in front of the museum. For drivers, there is ample parking available.

For consistent up to date information, go LIKE the Cheonan Arts Center Facebook page.

The exhibition is over, and now an exhibition about “dots, lines, sides” is in progress.


Address 185, Jonghaphyuyangji-ro, Seongnam-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea

TEL : 1566-0155, 041-901-6611

URL : http://www.cnac.or.kr/

Business hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00 / Closed on every Monday, New Year’s Day, Seollal, Chuseok, Display preparation period

Bus : 401

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