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Cheonan Call Van Service

Have you ever heard of the cheonan call van?  I’d like to recommend the cheonan call van service. What’s a call van? A call van is like a private car you call to get you  from a place in cheonan to any city and vice versa.

Call vans are more efficient and convenient than public transportation.  The fare is very cheap.  It’s less expensive than the taxi because there’s no counter. The price is already fixed and it’s usually less than what one could have payed for the taxi. It’s also possible to negotiate with the driver beforehand depending on the luggage size/quantity/weight and travel distance. It’s quick.  One phone call will get you wherever you want to go quickly and accurately.  It’s safe. All drivers are registered and take care of 100% telephone reservations. So it’s easy to track in the event of an accident and all records remain. The call van drivers are very kind and friendly. It’s available 24hours a day, you  can call them at anytime they’ll run to you.

When can you use the call van?

You can take the call van when you are off to the aiport at dawn, To move to a one room,  when you have a lot of luggages: Taxis often refuse people to ride if they have a lot of luggage, but with the call vans you can ride 100% without problem. When you are moving with a group (friends or family) or when moving pets you can call a call van. Alsso, when you are going urgently in the hospital/or leaving the hospital or somewhere else you need to get ASAP. You can just use the cheonan call van services anytime you need it, it depends on you.

Chenan call van service is just one call away. You say where you are and you tell them your destination. But the only thing that can be a problem is that you have go to say it in korean. It’s very easy. You just have to say ” yeoboseyeo yeokineun … (the place you are) imnida. (the destination) kayo.” then they’ll run to you.

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