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One of the long weekend holiday, Seollal (설날), has just ended.

How did you spend it?  Or how would you like to spend a long weekend then?



Most would choose to rest while on a vacation, might be abroad or within the country. What place comes into your mind when travelling just around Korea? I think, this is the most well-loved destination of most tourist or even locals to spend their holiday.

Right, that’s~~~

But here comes the time of pandemic where travelling especially to well-known places to tourists and even locals is discouraged. Just like my family, you might have opted to stay home.


So, if you missed Jeju so much, let me introduce a place that gives you this vibe.


제주 미작
Jeju Mijak

This newly opened cafe (January 27, 2021) brings Jeju vibe closer to us without even boarding a plane or being aboard in a ferry. It is located in Shinbandong area (신방동) away from the busy streets of Cheonan with a long stream and even a long area to take a stroll.


What things about Jeju do you want to see?

Dol Hareubang (돌 하르방 )

Hallasan (한라산) or maybe the Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉Sunrise Peak 

Hallabong (한라봉)


*ICONS by Yeojeong Lee

These are just afew of Jeju’s icon and you’ll definitely get to see it in this cafe too😆

the Cafe |outdoor|

Round tables and built-in benches are in placed if you opt to stay outside. Parking space is wide and is available at the back of the cafe.

the Cafe |indoor|

A wide area with few dividers.

Tables and chairs along the wide glass window.

Another “cabin” on the far opposite of the main entrance door. And another couple of tables and chairs enclosed by the Doldam, called to this wall made of volcanic rocks which is an icon of Jeju too.

the Cafe |Menu, food & beverage|

Plus point on the use of UV Sterilizer for the utensils there, just perfect on this period! By the way, it might take a while for your order to be served, but you’ll be amazed of how they prepared it especially the plating. 💞 So while waiting for it, you can look around and step outside for some photoshoot feeling like you’re in Jeju. As for me, the prices are just worth it because of the good taste and big serving that can be shared for 2-3 people.

the Cafe |What we Had|

There will be another long weekend ahead but you don’t need to wait for it to be able to take a trip down Jeju. Or if you feel sad or blue because you are extra careful not to go on a trip during a long weekend or holiday break, then, this Jeju Mijak got you covered.

Name: Jeju Mijak | 제주미작 (for Navigation)

Address: 충청남도 천안시 동남구 신흥1길 58 (신방동 150-10)

150-39 Sinbang-dong, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Contact #: 041-571-7572

Operating Hours: 10AM – 10PM (Everyday)