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Cheonan Seonghwan-eup pear festival
Nov 7, 2018

Hello, this is Cheonan social reporter, Ketila.
Seonghwan Pear Festival is one of the best annual festivals in Cheonan. its held on October-November, this year was on October 27th and it is a family-focused event for all categories of people to attend it, from kids to agers. This event is a celebration of the premium fruit grown in Cheonan the goal of the Festival for all these years has been to showcase the agricultural heritage of Cheonan City, moreover the greater Cheonan area’s agritourism, local businesses, and community services.
the festival started at 10 am in the morning, I arrived me and my friend around 11 am, we took about 25 minutes by bus number 110, you can take it from Cheonan train station after walking about 2 minutes from there, but it was totally worth it, Seonghwan-eup was an extremely beautiful place especially in the fall season, we finally got some fresh rest from the usual city life routine, everything around was colorful, the crisp sunburnt leaves everywhere it was a beautiful bright autumn day.

This kind of events is one of the most effective ways to support companies looking for trade opportunities. local vendors and sponsors with all-volunteer Festival committee come together to work and expand the agricultural exhibits, as well to support and represent the region. hospitals schools, professionals and community farmers highlight the best that Cheonan has to offer.
So many activities were present around for both young and adult people
The festival includes a range of entertainment, several various activities, and games for kids, singing competition with very interesting prizes. The traditional folklore dancers filled the place with their wonderful colorful costumes. Kids get special entertainment including games, Cheonan Seong-hwan pear character competition followed by SNS press, recruitment of orchestra members by seonghwan-eup citizens autonomy committee, and creating national flag vane also we got a chance to get some cute Halloween vibe drawing on the face by a very cute volunteer middle school students, who came to assist the festival by offering many joyful pursuits, as face painting also nail art and balloon art. We really enjoy it as well the families and it gave a really warm atmosphere in mid-autumn cold day, and all of that was totally free so make sure to not miss this opportunity next time.

We made sure to stop by and admire the eye-popping contemporary art presented for viewing and for sale.
The festival features crafters & student artisans who show and sell their beautiful creations like handmade cups, jewelry as well as necklaces, bracelets, and very creative handcrafted drawings.

Many of famous local agricultural market outcome was on time, exposed by regional farmers and vendors from the fresh vegetables and fruit, rice, small apples, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, green onions, cone pepper, walnuts, blueberry honey, rice wine and of course the main product pear which was a real taste! so delicious and taste so different from pears in my country but still so unique so yummy ,and also the dried once it was the first time for me to try dried pears, the taste was not less than the fresh one it was so rich, and the seller said that it has no sugar and no aliment additions or conservator so I was surprised how healthy it is and still taste so good so, I took a chance to buy some since you can’t find that good quality everywhere ,we had the possibility also to distinguish so many kinds of premier pears, that were exhibited and ranked in exceptional way by size , weight and the sweetness you feel like its a beauty pear competition, every region in Cheonan was bragging their special unique kind of pear it was really amazing to watch, and recognized how rich and various is the agriculture sector of Cheonan.
Me as a biologist I can tell that this delightful fruit not only tastes great but also has so many benefits and effectiveness for human’s health you can use pears for mild digestion problems, diarrhea, colic, constipation, and nausea also people use pears for a hardened liver (liver sclerosis), spasms, fever. okay let’s keep it simple and delicious you can enjoy your pears in different recipes for pies as well as canning, baby food, juice, wine and fruit cocktail in the commercial food industry so Seong-hwan-eup pears play an important role in Cheonan’s agriculture industry ,so make sure to grab some premium pears once you come to Cheonan.

Good for the last, how can we talk about festivals and not mention food, the Most favorite part of it, Korean food was the most present in the festival and me as a big fan of it, I have been satisfied and delightfully honored my hunger by many typical dishes of Korean cuisine starting with snacks and appetizers, main dishes to desserts.
The festival has something for every taste, with food booths representing a wide variety of Korean menu, many of the booths build upon a pear-theme.
The Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, with the fermented vegetable kimchi, and meat and other exotic ingredients, which can be something of an acquired taste for non-Koreans, and its such an excellent combination so you can have pretty much of everything, Korean beef soup, grilled fish, ttok- grilled rice cake and pork, and chicken with sweet and spicy sauce, sausages and also I had my first experience to taste fried ginseng it was strange spicy taste but good at the same time. After that, we got some Hangwa traditional Korean cookies. And of course when we say Cheonan we say Hudookwaja cookies, it is so famous here it has walnut and red beans in it even if you are like me not a fan of sweet red beans taste, I can guarantee You will fall in love with the taste, personally I can only eat sweet red Beans in this way. That’s how I finished my day, for me festivals are really An exciting experience not to be missed for everyone who attends that really open your mind to another new culture and gives you the Opportunities to meet new people, to make and share memories together.

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