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Cheonan Sports Complex
Jul 3, 2018

The Cheonan Sports Complex is situated in the thriving city of Buldung-dong and is famously known as a FIFA world cup hosting stadium, it was one of the stadiums used for the U20 FIFA World Cup which took place in 2017. The sports complex has world-class tennis courts, basketball courts and an Olympic swimming pool. The Cheonan district has meticulously converted it into an exercise centre for the Cheonan public to enjoy.

This sporting complex is possibly one of the best I have ever seen. After spending 2 years out of the gym, and having gone back and forth in my multiple attempts to ignite my joy for exercising, I went out on a journey to discover an affordable and safe space where I could start exercising and make a habit out of it. To my pleasure, I discovered the Cheonan Sporting Complex.

The facilities are easily accessible through the local bus network. Using busses (1; 990 and 800) towards the City Hall, you will be dropped off right in front of the Baekseok stadium entrance. Upon walking in you will see a map with all the different buildings in and around the complex. This is very convenient, especially if you cannot read Korean.

The Olympic swimming pool is open to Korean students who go to receive swimming lessons during school. In addition, it is open to the public between 16:00 – 18:00; the government gives free swimming lesson to the public, and will also be hosting a summer swimming camp for the swimming enthusiasts.

In case the thought of getting lost at this massive complex puts you off from paying it a visit, you will be gladly helped by one of the friendly parents around. As I was walking, looking for the pool, a very friendly Mr. Yoon helped me find my bearings. I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Yoon and his son Sungmoon who are frequent visitors of the swimming pool, and they expressed their satisfaction with not only the state of the facilities but also the swimming coaches. Upon talking further to Sungmoon, who wishes to be a professional boxer and swimmer one day, I came to discover that he enjoys swimming here because they have designated lanes for his age group which allows for him to swim freely. Mr. Yoon highly recommended the facilities to anyone who would be interested.

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