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[Cheonan World Dance Festival 2018] Free shuttle bus and public transportation & parking lots information
Sep 11, 2018

The festival will be held at Cheonan Samgeori Park and Cheonan City downtown for five days from September 12th (Wed) to September 16th (Sun). On the purpose of the convenience for the visitors to the festival, we operate shuttles.

For those who taking local buses, we will take you to the city bus line and the parking lot for those who drive.


Free shuttle


During the Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival, free shuttle buses on the A, B and C courses will be operated all the time. Please be aware that time varies from date to date. So check the bus route and timetable in advance.


  • A




  • B




  • C

On the 14th(Fri), where street parade in Cheonan terminal is on, due to traffic restrictions, you can board the shuttles at Hana Bank in Sinboo-dong, not at Shinsegae Department Store bus stop in front of the central terminal.




City bus route



Please check the numbers of the buses that goes from the Cheonan Terminal and the eastern plaza of Cheonan Station to the Samgeori park in advance.




Parking lot guide


This is the parking lot information for those who drive. There are 12 parking zones with 1,637 parking spots. The Samgeori elementary school parking lot will be only available on the weekend, so please refer to the parking lot withing the park.