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Cheonan World Dance Festival, The Winner of ‘The 2020 Korea first, World best Awards’
Jun 22, 2020

For the seventh consecutive year, Cheonan World Dance Festival, selected as the ‘Best Regional Performing Arts Festival’ and the ‘Honorary Culture and Tourism Festival’ has won the ‘The 2020 Korea First, World Best Awards’.

Cheonan Foundation for Arts and Culture organizes and hosts the ‘Cheonan World Dance Festival’, the best local festival in Cheonan City every year. The festival has won ‘The 2020 Korea First, World Best Awards’ in the regional luxury brand category.

‘The 2020 Korea First, World Best Awards’ is hosted by the ‘Korea First, World Best Awards’ committee and organized by the Korea Consumers Association. ‘The 2020 Korea First, World Best Awards’ aims to discover products, companies, brands, etc. that give consumers satisfaction and happiness, and at the same time, evaluates and rewards their achievements made to promote consumer rights.


Cheonan World Dance Festival 2020

Date : September 23 ~ 27, 2020

Venue :Cheonan Samgeori Park and Parts of Cheonan

Website : http://www.cheonanfestival.com/_kor/


‘Cheonan World Dance Festival 2020’ has been recognized for its excellent and solid composition of festival contents and also as an art festival.

The Cheonan World Dance Festival has a variety of programs such as National Dance Competitions, Street Dance Parade, International Dance Competitions, and College Cheerleading National Championships under the theme of “To Cheonan To Dance With Excitement”.

Cheonan World Dance Festival 2020, where many talented dancers gather in one place, will be held from September 23rd to October 7th at Cheonan Samgeori Park and in some parts of the city. We greatly value the interest of our resident citizens.

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