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Cheonan’s Christmas Lights Festival
Jan 25, 2019

Needing a little Christmas cheer added into your life in Cheonan? Christmas events occur throughout the holiday season right across from the Cheonan train station. From the mid-November to mid-January, this old city center area is decorated with a fun variety of Christmas light displays and a big Christmas tree. You can visit at any time to take pictures with the lights, and then there are holiday events designated to specific days. Every year they have events on Christmas and Christmas Eve as well as events on a few weekends leading up to Christmas. Specific dates can be found posted around Cheonan station and by the light displays (below is the poster from 2018).

Christmas Events:

There are three kinds of events put on during the Christmas Lights Festival: the audition program, daily concerts, and the gift festival.

The audition program consists of contests in wide range of performance styles including band and instrument performances, caroling, dancing, family music contest, and K-pop contest. The winners are invited to perform in the special performance held on December 30th.

During the daily concerts there are  a wide variety of performances including a handbell ensemble, singing, K-pop dancing, band performances, children dancing and singing, and Taekwondo.

The gift festival is open to the public and allows participants to take part in 7 missions in order to win a prize at the end. Some missions are very easy while others are definitely trickier. Luckily you only need to successfully complete 5 of the 7 missions to get the prize.

Each person is given a pamphlet as they enter the festival area where stamps are given for each mission accomplished. There are banners to mark each of game zones. This past event included a game of yelling “I love you” at a high enough decibel; rock-paper-scissors best 2 out of 3 where the winner gets to hit the loser with a toy hammer while the loser tries to protect themselves a helmet; putt-putt golf; mini Olympic curling; knocking over a water bottle by swinging balls hanging from panty hoes attached to a helmet, and stacking cups into a pyramid without knocking them over. Once 5 or more stamps are collected, you take your pamphlet into the building marked with CGV and then receive a token. The token are used on the toy vending machine with orange balls with the name of different prizes inside. The prizes included mugs, jelly candy, chocolate, a toothpaste kit, and LED toys.

Street Food:

During the various holiday events the Traditional Market (found catty corner to Cheonan station) stays open late with a delicious variety of street food for sale.

From Fun in Cheonan: We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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