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미나릿길 벽화마을- Cheonan’s Hidden Art Wonder
Dec 21, 2018

One of Cheonan’s hidden gems, 미나릿길 벽화마을 (Minaritgil Mural Alley) is a web of murals with some fun trick art and Korean culture tied in. This may not be a place to make a full day trip out of, however; there is quite a large collection of paintings with a wide range of styles. Conveniently it is located about a-5 minute walk from Cheonan’s main traditional market (남산중앙시장). So next time you make your way to the market, definitely visit this hidden art wonder.


Minaritgil Mural Alley is a short walk from the Namsan Traditional Market or you can take a bus directly to the 남산축협 bus stop. In the map pictured below the red star marks the bus stop in front of the traditional market, the green star marks bus stop 675 and the purple star is the entrance to the mural alley. When you stand facing the traditional market the big sign is overhead with the long market ahead. You will turn to the right to walk towards the 675 bus stop. At this bus stop the sign will point to cross the street. Continue down this side road (what you will see as you walk is pictured below). Once you come across the sign and map, you have arrived.


This area of Cheonan used to be very dirty and dangerous. In 2012 it was the most undeveloped area in Cheonan. Therefore Cheonan’s government worked together with some charitable organizations to start this mural project. It was a way to help clean up this area as well as bring it some color and beauty. There were 22 university students each majoring in either art or design who worked on this project; their names are listed in the midst of the trail. The murals changed the area to bring a more happy and positive feeling to the people. 

Minaritgil Mural Alley:

The alleys are organized in a way that make it easy for visitors to navigate throughout its entirety without missing any part of it. The path is labeled on the ground with numbers 1 through 17.

Trick Art:

As you follow the trail be sure to keep an eye out for the green footprints scattered along the paths. They are placed as markers for where you and a friend should stand to capture the optical illusion between you and the painting.

How to get there?