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There’s something to me that’s just magic about receiving a letter in the mail. It could be considered a lost art in this day and age where text messages and email correspondence are the norm, but I love the joy that goes along with opening your mailbox to see a handwritten item from someone special.

As a result of my love for snail mail, I was so excited to discover Cheonan has its very own Postal Museum! The museum is free to enter and has plenty of exhibits and hands-on activities for the whole family to enjoy. It also gave me a whole new appreciation of just what’s involved in getting a letter or parcel from A to B.

The Korean Postal Service throughout history

The museum here will definitely appeal to any history buffs out there – it offers a fascinating glimpse into how Korea Post has changed and evolved over time. One thing that was particularly interesting was how Korea Post have updated their uniforms and mailboxes throughout the years. There are displays of both the uniforms and mailboxes lined up in chronological order, giving visitors a really neat step-back-in-time experience. If you appreciate the beauty of stamps, you can also see examples of those across the decades. Many of them are truly like mini works of art!

A global post perspective

The Cheonan Postal Museum doesn’t just focus on Korea Post – there’s a real global atmosphere here. You’re able to see different post boxes and stamps from all around the world, and even postal worker’s uniforms from different countries. It was interesting seeing that most countries opt for either red, yellow, or blue post boxes – there’s a bit of a theme going on!

Fun for the whole family

We were pleasantly surprised at just how many activities here were designed with kids in mind. Immediately as you walk in, there are a range of different postal uniforms for little ones to try on. Our four year old and two year old got a real kick out of that, and it certainly set the scene for their mail-related adventures at the museum! There’s a cute setup that is perfect for happy snaps while the kids are in costume, too.

You can also try your hand at stamping woodblock styled prints. The first step involves rolling the ink out over the block…next, grab one of the sheets of paper provided, gently lay it down flat on top of the print, and press down!


Peel it back, and ta-da! You’ve created your own beautiful print souvenir from your day at the museum!

Outside the venue, visitors can even check out a post train which has been converted into additional museum space. Head inside the train carriage and you’ll discover more historical information, including a display of Korean transport based stamps featuring cars, buses, trains, and ships.

Want to send your own piece of mail in a unique way?

If you have a postcard or letter to send to a friend or family member, why not mail it off at the museum’s fully functioning giant mailbox! Climb up the stairs, open the slot and pop your mail in – the mailbox is collected daily! Surely this has to be Korea’s largest post box?!

The Details

The Cheonan Postal Museum is located at Chungcheongnam-do, Cheonan-si, Dongnam-gu, 양지말길 11-14. For those using Google Maps, follow this link for directions, and for a Kakao Map Route please visit hereThe venue is open from 9am until 6pm daily, but do bear in mind they’re closed on Sundays and national holidays. Admission is completely free, including free on-site parking.

Are you new to Korea? Check out this article on the Fun in Cheonan site that covers how to mail parcels at Korea Post!

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