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The Chorus Garden Women Choir’s 8th Concert; The Harmony of European Music
May 31, 2019

 Ensuring the safety of the children, the Green Mothers Committee has always been protecting them from accidents on their way to and from school. The Green Mothers Committee has made a project choir arrange for scholarships. This choir has since become the main nucleus for the Chorus Garden Women Choir in 2003.

The choir started with its practice with just under 10 people in the March of 2011 is now having 8 consecutive concerts. They are also building up their career by continuously entering the nationwide concerts, having special shows for various organizations, and visiting social welfare institutions for talent donations.

They have received the 2nd place at the Ryu Kwan Soon National Choir Contest on September of 2014, and on November 2015, they won the first prize for the chorus part at the Ryu Kwan Soon Vocal Contest. They have since then grown to be one of the best female amateur choir.

Most of the choir units first sang at the Chorus Garden Women Choir had struggled at first, because they weren’t used to singing together in sync. But under the maestro Kihueng Kim’s professional and systematic instructions, they can now achieve a wide spectrum of chorus repertoire. Kihueng Kim is a renowned maestro who is passionate about the choir and singing.

The Chorus Garden Women Choir is a medium working to harmonizing all age groups and classes by becoming a tunnel of communication, a way to find an important worth that only music can possess. Also, it is more meaningful since it will be the last graduation concert under maestro Kim’s conduction. I hope that you can have a time of happiness and to be able to sympathize with the rest of the audiences at the concert with the Chorus Garden Women Choir.


Chorus Garden Women Choir’s Concert

■ Date : June 1st (Sat)

■ String Time : 5 p.m.

■ Running Time : Approximately 80 minutes

■ Location : Cheonan Art Center (at the Small Performance Hall)

■ Admission : Free




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