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Christmas Classical Music Concert in Cheonan
Dec 19, 2019

This month for the arrival of Christmas, Cheonan carries out fun activities for the population in order to enjoy this time of joy, peace, and love between family and friends. One of the biggest events in the city and which has the assistance of many people is the Christmas Festival that takes place during the last two weeks of December every year, but how about a Christmas classical concert as another good option for enjoying the Christmas atmosphere?

The Cheonan Arts Centers (천안예술의전당) has a large list of concerts throughout the year, however, the month of December is the most varied as it offers different concerts of classical music performed by talented and renowned musicians.

On Wednesday, December 18, I attended the concert of classical music entitled ¨ 클래식 산책 “Walking in the Classic – 김재원 과 클래식 & 재스 크리스마스 (Kim Jae Won Classical & Christmas). A beautiful show that brought together more than 200 people to enjoy the talent of the acclaimed Korean pianist Kim Jae Won with other musicians who play different and nostalgic Christmas melodies.

Throughout the one-hour show, the audience connected and cheered each song and the natural skill of each of the musicians with their respective instruments fully illuminated the stage.

Since it was prohibited to record and take photos inside the auditorium, the video below shows the passion with which musician Kim Jae Won plays the piano in his concerts.

Without a doubt the Christmas concerts make you feel more the happy atmosphere of this Christmas season, but especially classical music manages to convey a lot of peace and emotions of joy to everyone who listens to it.
If you also want to live this great experience there is a lot of concerts that the Cheonan Arts Center has planned for the coming months. You just have to enter the website www. cnac.or.kr, where you will find detailed information about each show, as well as the methods of buying tickets.


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