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Chu-eo-Tang (추어탕) : A Korean traditional loach soup in Cheonan
Jan 30, 2019

During this cold weather, eating hot soup is more likely the food that everyone will be looking for. There are a lot of soup choices in South Korea and one of a must-try soups is Chu-eo-Tang.

Samgyetang, Kalbitang, Ppyyohaejangguk, Kimchi Jjiggae or Dwaeji Jjigae were the most common soups that people may know and crave during this winter. And only a few people may know another traditional Korean soup which is made from pond loach, a freshwater fish, which is called Chu-eo-Tang. Chueo (추어) is a nickname for pond loach. This pond loach is boiled and grinded into pieces until it can be mixed with other ingredients.

On December 31, 2018, we went to a Chu-eo-Tang restaurant. My Korean friend who was with me, it was her first time to eat this kind of food while me, I ate this a lot during my stay here in South Korea. According to her, it really has a Korean taste like Korean rice soup called Gukbap (국밥).  The ingredient used is unfamiliar for her even though she is Korean. Before she saw the dish, she felt a little scared of tasting it since she was expecting to see a whole body of loach in Chueotang. Fortunately, this dish is served mincing the loach that we cannot see the fish shape itself.


We enjoyed eating this food putting some additional toppings according to our taste. The toppings were minces garlic, chopped pepper, and leek. Putting minced garlic and pepper in this dish will make it tastier. Garlic and pepper make its flavor come out and it removes the fishy taste of Chueotang.

My friend said it is aromatic because of perilla pounder and it is so soft because of chopped dried reddish greens. If Chueotang is eaten after it becomes less warm, it will be fishy. According to the owner of the restaurant, this kind of food can improve our health by taking tonics.


Ingredient :

시래기(dried reddish greens)

미꾸라지(loach or mudfish)

된장(soybean paste)

들깨가루(perilla seed pounder)

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