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Chungnam Music Creation Center
May 1, 2019

K-pop fans need to know that K-pop idol groups don’t represent the whole of Korean music.
And not just within K-Pop, which is only one subsect of music coming out of South Korea. Although that’s often used as an umbrella term for all Korean music, K-Pop is predominantly the domain of idols – the groups with their immaculate choreography and eye-popping videos. Many listeners fix ‘K-’ in front of a genre, such as K-indie, K-hip hop, and K-rock.
Observe the manner in which new pop music from Korea is received. Without fail, every popular music coming out of Korea is treated as “K-pop,” with no reference to genre or style or mode of production. This is why “K-pop” does not even mean “pop music of Korea,” in which “pop” refers to the genre of standard pop. Again, when people use the word “K-pop,” they make no attempt to actually identify the genre of the music they are listening to. Words like “K-rap” do not exist. (And fortunately so.) The only thing that matters is that the music is of Korea.


We had the chance this week to visit Chungnam Music Creation Center, it’s an open space to anyone who wants to experience and feel music.
It was created as a regional based project promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in 2016 to develop the popular music industry in the region.
The first basement consists of a performance hall with 131 seats, an open hall on the second floor, a recording studio, it’s a real space where you can create various music contents by utilizing facilities and sound related equipment.
Through various support projects and operations, they are making a continuous effort to develop local pop music and create musical contents for musicians, plan and promote various performances, helps local musicians participate in the performance stage and finally support local musicians to make their proper album.

There are eight localisations of this organization ( Seoul, Daegu, Kwangju, Jonbook, Jonnam, Busan, Chongju) and this year they received around nine bands each one is special with their own style. here down billow a look of two different music style bands that we assisted their performances.

MONOFLO this band has just started, but it has won many awards in various competitions in succession with outstanding ability, and it is enchanted with the envy around it. its a band formed to communicate with the public at this time of the year, five members of the new music band who met at a cafe in myongduk, jung gu Daegu, on August 18 they are;
-Kim young hoon 23 years old ( Department of music production, Keimyung University )
-Gee Seok gyu 20 years old (Department of Music Production,Keimyung University) for two years.
-Yoon Eun 24 years old (Baekseokdae Practical Music Department).
-Kim Hana 27 years old a vocal trainer on the vocals.
the five members gather and perform songs and performances in the practice room that is set up on the side of the karaoke room on Tuesdays and Thursday every week.it has been a steady promise since the band was formed last December.

RYON is a group of young Korean classical musicians, composed of three composers who keep their traditional touch as a traditional music team, but they make efforts to create music that can communicate their sounds and nows popular melodies with various codes in order to create a song that can match with general public taste. They are inviting various events, various festivals, and various banquets in Korea, and planning to produce a warm spring ensemble sound source and a concert.
in general, the band has pleasant and light music according to the composers’ tendency not that classical boring Korean music as the first composer of the group said I am trying to make a sound that everyone can sympathize.
I highly recommend assisting one of these performances it was really a good opportunity to directly enjoy the music culture that is difficult to get usual.

address 충남 천안시 동남구 은행길 15-1

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