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Get to experience a different level of comfort and vibe while watching a movie in this cinema of

  • Bean Bag
  • Cabana (recommended for couples)
  • 35
  • 4 (8 person)
PRICE /pax
  • 16,000 won
  • 20,000 won

4th flr | Cinema No. 6

I got to watch in this Cinema No.6 before. That time then, it was Yawoori’s VIP Lounge Cinema with comfortable Recliner seats. They even provide disposable slippers (the one we have in hotel rooms) and blanket (which you need to leave after the show).

Came 2019 where CGV took over the Yawoori Cinema located in the 4th and 5th floor of Shinsegae/Yawoori Cheonan terminal. Then, one of the two cinemas located in the 4th floor was converted into CGV’s VIP Cinema called CINE & FORET. The place was specialized to let the audience have a forest feel. Aside from the visuals, upon entering, you can hear chirping birds or such insects sounds. And as you look up, it’s time for a stargazing. 😻

At first I thought it would be awkward for me to be seated too low on a bean bag, but upon trying it out, it was very comfortable and the screen is just perfect. It is also partnered with a side table for your own use. On the other hand, choosing a cabana would also be perfect to stretch and lay your body as if at home in a sofa bed. You can also close the curtain a bit if you want some privacy. There is a bed table provided per cabana to place your food and beverage or other stuff as well.

If you wanna go for a bean bag seat, better reserve the ones on rows C,D,E or F. Other rows might place you into an uncomfy viewing due to the placement of wooden fence. Do note as well that there are only selected movies that they show here. Upon reservation, check if it is located in [ Cinema No. 6, 4th flr or 4층 ].

CGV’s VIP Cinema CINE & FORET are only available in 7 locations around Korea and that includes the one in the terminal branch of Cheonan City.

The ticket price is a bit expensive so make sure to just watch your most-awaited film. Best if you go with a family or friend.