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City Urban Regeneration Concept Store
May 28, 2020

An urban regeneration is a combination of social, economic, environmental, planning and management factors that must be correctly implemented together with a good design of strategies to achieve a better quality of life and economic stability of an urban city. In recent years Cheonan has been regenerating in different urban areas and this has allowed the city to grow positively for the benefit of all citizens.



The ¨ Urban Regeneration Concept Store¨ enables local residents and those interested in city regeneration to learn about the city's new regeneration agreement policy. In this center you will be able to know and explore the latest and new urban effects of the urban regeneration project that is being applied in Cheonan and in different cities of Korea through technological and didactic materials.

This conceptual store or experience hall is shaped like a gift box and is divided into different spaces: Dream Hall, The start of a new city, Hope, Land of opportunity, Change Wall, Cheonan Urban Regeneration, Project District Location Map, Cheonan Urban Regeneration New Deal.

Each of these spaces has high-quality information and images where you can directly see the process of urban regeneration projects that are carried out not only in Cheonan but also in other cities in Korea.

NOTE : If you know Korean and want to know more about urban regeneration strategies, you can use the touch screens to get more information about it.


In the ¨ Dream Hall ¨ area, you can enjoy a beautiful creative multimedia art exhibition called Pungdeungol that consists of hanging lamps that float and constantly reflect various colors. Here, the background is perfect to take good and awesome pictures.


City Urban Regeneration Concept Store is on the left side of Exit 2 of Cheonan Station (West Plaza - 천안역 서부 광장), admission is free and you can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 6: 30 pm.

How to get there?