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Ever since the coronavirus became such a global cause for concern, my wife and I have been trying to find alternative ways of getting out of the house and keeping our children occupied. Many of those options have been outdoors, where we can keep a level of social distance from others but still have fun. If you have children who enjoy outdoor play, the Taehaksan Recreational Forest in Cheonan offers a great opportunity to connect with nature in a peaceful outdoor setting.

The recreational forest is set up like an adventure playground in the wilderness. There are plenty of places for children to climb, practice their balance, and really embrace all that the great outdoors has to offer. We saw plenty of families with young children at the park, setting up picnic blankets and having some lunch. It seems that you can also camp at the site to extend the forest experience, but advance bookings are required. You can book a space online at their website here.

Because the recreational forest is so leafy and green, it’s a great spot to visit even on warm summer days. It was around 30 degrees Celsius on the day we visited, and the shade cover within the park grounds made it feel substantially cooler than the temperature would let you believe. Just make sure you bring some drinks and snacks – there is a cafe across the street, but if you need a convenience store you’d have to drive to reach it.

The Taehaksan Recreational Forest is also an enjoyable place to connect with some of Korea’s culture, as there are a couple of temples in reasonable walking distance from the main play areas. We enjoyed exploring those as well.

Public restrooms are available on site, and there is a free parking lot across the street. As this spot is a little out of the way, driving to the venue is recommended. For Kakao Maps users, follow this link for a map. A Google Maps pin can be found below.

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