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A Soothing Hot Cup of Tea
Jul 13, 2019

A Soothing Hot Cup of  Tea

I love being in Korea; you can find just about anything you want here. Koreans really know how to cater to their customers. They have things that you never knew you needed until you need it. Same goes for coffee and tea shops. Cheonan is on this amazing growth path; everywhere you look, new buildings and businesses are popping up. All these new businesses have something interesting to offer the customer. The hot trendy new area in Cheonan is the Shinbuldang area,

With many cute coffee and tea shops opening up with a little twist in order to attract customers. My new favorite coffee and tea shop is an infusion of the old and new in design. This shop is decorated in traditional Korean style hand-carved wood paneling, and traditional handmade flower woven paper decorates the walls. The shop is set up with television that shows how the wood panels were created. As I walked by this cute coffee shop, the owner introduced himself to me, invited me in to try the tea, and experience the sauna seat where you can control the temperature as you sit and enjoy your tea or coffee. The lower part of your body is stimulated to keep the blood circulating.  Inside the sauna seat, you can also roll the bottoms of your feet on a prickly foot massager that is position just under your feet as you sit down to help with muscle relaxation and feet fatigue after walking around all day. The shop is called MISO, Coffee and Flower tea shop. “MISO” means “beautiful smile” in Korean, and it’s taken from Chinese characters. The shop is the brainchild of the owner, according to him, he wanted his customers to feel healthy and rejuvenated as they sipped on their beverage of choice.

What makes the shop different are the sauna chairs, which are really good on cold days, you can enjoy a soothing and relaxing sauna while enjoying your tea or coffee, best of all you can control how hot or cool you want it.  As you soon as you step into the shop you feel a lightness in the air, the shop is small, but with comfortable sitting areas and friendly staff. The shop offers a variety of flavored coffee and delicious tea made from different flowers and an assortment of desserts. The tea is poured from a beautiful glass teapot and served in a small delicate teacup.

If you are looking for a fun and healthy way to enjoy your cup of tea or coffee, then you should definitely visit the MISO coffee shop. It’s located about a 15-minute walk from the Cheonan/Asan subway station. You can also take bus number 3, or any bus that goes to the Cheonan City Hall.