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A day out with ‘Korean History and Development’ in The Independence Hall, Cheonan, Korea
Apr 9, 2018

Great Korea, is not established in a night, is achieved by sacrificing countless blood and lives. For remembering the great Korean people, who sacrificed their own lives to take over the freedom from dark and nasty days of Japanese colonial rule. The Independence Hall of Korea was established August 15, 1987. In times, The Korean history is getting live with full of emotion and remembrance of overcoming hard days to achieve today’s identity.

So, not only for Korean people but also for foreigners, The Independence Hall of Korea is waiting for a warm welcome. Whether you are young, adult or elder person even having a family with kids, this is the place for enjoying and passing with a quality time of every type of people.

If you are a foreigner, you can start your journey towards Independence Hall of Korea from Cheonan subway station (line no.1) or from Cheonan express bus terminal taking a shuttle bus, No. 400.Usually, there are two opening hours as in Summer (March-October) 9:30 -18:00 and in Winter (November-February) 9:30-17:00.

The good news for you to know, all visiting and exhibitions are free except tram-train fair only 1000 won per person which travels through Path for Reunification. The visiting area of Independence Hall takes place four different views in four different seasons like spring, summer, fall, and winter, so this is the worthy place to visit in four different seasons.


Before entering through the front gate, there is a central service centre where you can find a very synchronized and informative leaflet both in Korean and English on visiting information to make your visiting easy. A 51m –high sculpture called ‘The Monument to the Nation’ which is an image of the wings of a soaring bird or two hands in prayer symbolizes the indomitable Korean spirit, stands on the front gate to welcome you. A huge area of  394 million m2 consists of seven exhibition halls, 4D theatre, The Grand Hall of Nation, White lotus pond, Millennium forest, Path of maple trees, Reunification Hall, Monument of the King Gwanggaeto and so on.



1500 metres in diameter and 1.8 metres in deep, man-made called pawng-nyon (white lotus) lake gives a beautiful natural view of the road toward the ‘The Grand Hall of the Nation’ from the front gate. A nice waterside desk set on the bank of the lake where people of all ages, but mostly children can get exciting feelings while feeding to nice looking colour fish. And good thing, there is available to buy fish-food from vendor machine. In front of ‘The Grand Hall of the Nation, there are ‘Plaza of the Nation’ with large yard area where 815 Korean flags are flying (Taegeuk square) since raised on August 15, 2015, first. A tombstone as ‘The Monument to the King Gwanggaeto the Great’ king of Goguryeo, one of the three Kingdom of  Korea, is established right side in the ‘Plaza of the Nation’ which represent the spirit of the Goguryeo people. After passing long yard, ‘The Grand Hall of the Nation, is set up as entry for the exhibition hall, where the large statue stands in the centre of the grand hall of the nation as the symbol of ‘Indomitable Koreans’



The exhibition hall starts from an outer left side (behind) of The Grand Hall of the Nation, and it’s highly recommended to visit exhibition hall from one to seven accordingly to understand the history of the establishment great Korea. There are varies materials and artifacts display in the exhibition hall documenting the all heroic ages of Korea. All ages get to live through painting, drawing, photography, film, seismic images, statue or a three-dimensional model. A huge number of historic events like Japanese atrocity, foreign invasion, Korean rival and movement, social campaign, battlefields and so many are displayed with the combination of dummy, perfect sound and videos which are really exciting for all types of peoples. Children can enjoy the free drawing with given papers and different colours according to big display are showing there in the exhibition hall no. 4.There is a trial experience of the Korean war in the Exhibition Hall no.5 which make you feel in battlefields, created with a dummy, audio sound of fighters, bombs, and guns, fog and smell of munitions, showing how Korean independence armies fought the japans troops in mountainous areas in Manchuria.

After finishing the exhibition of seven halls, you are welcome to feel some thriller with 4D theatre oriented with cutting-edge technology as a usual free show. So, after enjoying a long Korean history, are you hungry and do you need to rest with a family campaign? Yes! There is a youth campsite to chill to refresh, and mostly in front of the front gate, there is a fusion restaurant with LOTTERIA.

So, If you are staying in Korea, do not miss to make a perfect day out with ‘Korean History and Development’ in The Independence Hall, Cheonan, Korea



(All information was taken from writing and user guide of The Independence Hall authority)




Address 95, Sambang-ro, Mokcheon-eup, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea

TEL : 041-560-0114

Business hours : 09:30~17:00(Nov.~Feb), 09:30~18:00(Mar.~Oct.) / Closed on Monday

Bus : 400, 383, 390, 381, 493

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