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Living abroad can be a challenge sometimes. From speaking the language and setting up a phone, to figuring out bus routes; sometimes we just want to kick back and relax while enjoying some comfort food.  For me, the best comfort food is pizza and hamburgers. So read with me as I introduce two American style pizza and hamburger restaurants.

Located in Buldang, Burger Addict is a diner themed hamberger restaurant. When walk into the restaurant, you will notice the artsy feel of the restaurant. Along the window there are records from various bands. On the walls, there are very colorful pictures and art pieces. The tables are spaciously arriainged which adds to the open feel of the restaurant. Most of the tables had seating for 4 people, but could be moved to accommindate larger groups.

The Menu

As you can guess by the restaurant, the main food here is burgers. The staff itself didn’t speak much English but they did offer a menu in English and Korean. If you had some dietary restrictions changes to the menu might be difficult. Burger Addict offered a wide variety of  regular and specialty hamburgers. For sides, they have regular and seasoned fries or cheese sticks.  Most of the hamburgers were under 8 dollars and came in some sort of combo.

This place was worth the price, I got a mushroom bacon burger with fries and a coke for 12 dollars. The really interesting thing is that they burn the name of the restaurant into their hamberger buns.  The hamberger patty was cooked to a  perfect medium temperature. Next time I go to here, I’m going to try their hand made speciality milk shakes. If you are looking for a great burger. You should come to Burger Addict


불당로31길 39 (2.61 mi)
Cheonan, Korea 31156

Phone: 010-5792-1403

Hours: Monday- Sunday 11:00 -22:00

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Opened in January of 2020, in Sinbu dong, Pizza Pizza Pizza is New York Style pizza restaurant. The owner Choi Young, opened the restaurant after spending a month in New York eating a various pizza restaurants.  The restaurant itself is a bit on the small side with 4 tables for group sitting and barside sitting for individuals.  While you are waiting for your pizza, there are many eye popping decorations to look at to pass the time.   There are photos of James Dean and the New York Museums on the wall and even a Big Boy statue on the counter top.

The Menu

The menu offers a variety of specialty pizzas and sides. Most of the pizzas cost between 12- 16 dollars.  Pizza Pizza Pizza offers a wide variety of toppings and will easily substitute toppings if you have some allergy. There are a couple of side dishes offered  like chicken sticks and churros but the main thing here is pizza. Pizza Pizza Pizza is available for delivery on the yogiyo app.

When I visited Pizza Pizza Pizza, I ordered a pineapple pizza. The owner spoke a little bit of English and even though a plain pineapple pizza wasn’t on the menu. He allowed me to order off menu. While the pizza was cooking, the owner was very warm and talked with me the whole time about visiting New York City and the history of the store. Like many places in Korea, the customer service was amazing.  One nice touch about Pizza Pizza Pizza is that they serve coke straight from glass bottle. I really added to the novelty of the experience. My pizza was amazing. It had a firm crust, tart sauce, and thick pieces of pineapple.   I will definately come here again.

Address: 367-22 Sinbudong, Cheonan

Phone 010-4932-9702

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