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Enjoy outdoor ice-scating at Cheonan Sports Complex
Jan 30, 2018

Enjoy outdoor ice-scating at Cheonan Sports Complex


During the winter months the ice-skating rink is open every day so gather your family and enjoy a beautiful winter day on the ice – right in the center of Cheonan Sports Complex. The exact opening day depends on the year, but mostly from the middle of December to the middle of February. In 2017, it is open from December 22nd to February 11th.

*Open hours : December 22nd, 2017 – February 11th, 2017 (It can be changed according to the weather conditions)

*Location : Cheonan Sports Complex

*Facilities : Skating rink, Sledding slope

*What to bring : Your own muff.

*Contract : 041-529-5050

Skating class is 20,000 won not including gear rentals. There are 4 sessions every day from Monday to Thursday. Each session is 50 minutes and 15~20 people can participate in each session. Under 7 years old is not allowed.

When you rent skates, show the staff your ticket first. Make sure you get the right size for your feet. The smallest size for skates is 190mm and the largest is 290mm. Tie the laces tight enough since you can skate more confidently when your feet and ankles are firmly held in the skates.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet for your safety!

Alright, now you are ready to skate!

Ice skating is a lot of fun! It is a great way to spend time with your family. Families that play together stay together, or at least that’s how the saying goes. If you take some time to have fun together, it can reduce stress and tension among family members.

There are safety men around at all times, so don’t worry about your kids’ safety. If something bad is about to happen, they will protect your kids.

But don’t assume that it is a place only for families. It is also great for couples, of course! You can have a romantic and fun date on ice rink.