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Enjoy the try-outs for horseback riding in the city, because it is now in operation!
May 27, 2019

Samgeori Park is one of Cheonan’s most renowned place for its accessibility and beautiful views, attracting many visitors. The “Downtown Horseback Riding Experience” has been opened up within this park.
It’s a great opportunity to go for a light walk as well as experiencing things that you don’t get to do in an everyday life, such as horseback riding! Let’s look at the following information for further detail.

The Downtown Horseback Riding Experience has opened up only in Cheonan’s Samgeori Park from April 20th through May 12th on weekends and holidays.

The event has been proceeded a total of 9 times, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If the procession profit was good enough, they said they would extend the event, and it really did happen! The following story will be told in another article.

This event has proceeded at the Samgeori Park parking lot. The horseback riding time has been limited to 2~3 minutes per person, allowing more citizens to enjoy the riding.

There were many enjoyable attractions besides the horseback riding, such as the ornamental horse or photo zones. The staffs and professional resources like horse trainers have been assigned throughout the area for a smoother procession.

Also, the event staffs have undergone a safety education beforehand to fully prepare for various accidents and have applied for sports safety insurance.

The pilot try-outs were from April through the second week of May, but because many citizens participated, it has been extended to June. The information will be in the next article.

The Downtown Horseback Riding Experience time planning has proceeded as follows:
1. preparing the horses for riding
2. operating 3 horses for riding (with 1 horse resting in rotation per hour)
3. lunchtime (including the fee for horse feed)
4. straightening up horses

The downtown horseback riding in Cheonan Samgeori! Isn’t it special? How about a nice walk through the park and a horseback riding? We will appreciate your support and participation!

The city of Cheonan will put more effort so that the citizens can be more healthy and have the opportunity for great leisure life.

How to get there?