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Escape Room + VR Experience: An Afternoon Full of Fun!
Jan 17, 2019

It’s afternoon and you and your friends are making plans to spend the rest of the day but you wonder what can we do? nothing new comes to mind. It seems that every gathering is the same and do all the time the same stuff. It’s time to try new experiences! Here I bring you the best spot to gather with your friends and have a hell of fun! Two experiences in one same place, Escape Room and VR games for a really good price. What can be better than these?! Me and friends tried it for the first time and it was the best plan we could have made.

Escape Room


For those who don’t know yet what is this about, let me tell you. Escape room is a game of real-life experience that started in Asia and it gains a lot of popularity. The escape room games were originally a simple video game of cleverness and drops of suspense in which the players need to explore every corner of the room in order to find hints that will help them to find the key that will make them escape from the room in where they were locked. Escape room experience, unlike the video game, it supposed to be played by more than two players. So I planned a meeting with my friends and proposed them to experience this popular real-life game.


We went to downtown, where we found Sherlock Holmes escape room. I advise you to call first and make an appointment with them, select the theme of your room, the level of difficulty and the level of horror. In case you don’t make an appointment is possible that you’ve been waiting for a long time until a room gets free and they’ll assign you any random room according to disponibility, better you make your plans beforehand. Also, try to get there like 20 minutes before your appointment because the explanation takes a little bit. Once you get there, the receptionist explains you all the rules and process to follow. It does not allow to get inside the room with phones or bags, so if you were expecting to register your experience you should give up now! If you’re hesitating because you think this experience might be similar with as visiting a haunted house, let me tell you it’s not. Don’t worry, it’s not scary and nothing will come out from nowhere to make you scream. The game is just about to make your mind work in solving riddles and puzzles, finding the password of locks to reveal hints and finally discover where the key is.

What are the room themes?

There is all kind of themes. In Sherlock Holmes escape room there are themes of haunted school, strange world, wizards, murder, etc. All with different levels of difficulty and levels of horror (related with the scenography). Also, the rooms can have from two to four stages, this means that after finishing in one room you’ll move to another one and so on.


How much time do we have to escape?

The experience is up to one hour, but depending on the flow of people during that time you could get some minutes extras like service. Use your time wisely.

What if I can’t progress in a long time?

People in reception is monitoring your experience all the time, if they see you in trouble they will offer you a hint. You have a total of three hints to spend, so think carefully when you really need it. Here’s the thing, when you start the game, they provide you with a device to communicate with the reception. If you’re in trouble solving the riddles you can contact them and ask for the hints. They usually give hints in Korean, however, they also do it in English and in case you still can’t understand, they’ll go to the room to explain you through body language.


What if we achieve to escape from the room?

In Sherlock Holmes escape room if you manage to escape from the room, regarding of how many hints you used, you can have your polaroid picture hanged in the “Fame board” or cards of discount for your next visit. However, for just participating you get a discount for the VR room located in the same building one floor below.

What about the price?

Sherlock Holmes escape room price is for two people 44.000. Three people is 60.000, and more than four people is 18.000 per person. With more members, the price per person would decrease and every room is up to 6 people.



Does it worth it?

If you’re crazy about puzzles, riddles, and mystery or if you have a soul of a detective this place will totally worth for you! Going with friends make it always more interesting, of course. You could make two separate groups and compete which team is able to solve their rooms first. Even more impressive, sometimes it can be used to improve the abilities of teamwork between friends, couples, classmates and even colleagues.

VR Room

The VR is located on the second floor of the same building, luckily! We moved to the VR experience just right after the escape room. With our discount (stamped in the receipt) we got free access to every game for only 10.000 won. We tried every game possible, from the VR to the motion machines. I just discovered I could possibly die in a zombie invasion since I’m really bad with the guns in the VR game. There is all kind of games in the VR zone, from horror shooting games until simple daily life games, one player and even two players. We tried the elevator game, really bad if you have vertigo. Then we tried some horror games of shooting and at the end, we decided to try the two players game. A game set in a snowy landscape where you fight with snowballs! No doubt VR is an amazing experience but my favorite was the motion machines. We tried the two players airplane battle in the motion machines zone and it was almost like a rollercoaster, I really enjoyed it! We really did have a lot of fun! The VR experience has many options for entertainment, there are even rooms of coin norebang (karaoke) if you want to take a break of adrenalin.

Why VR experience?

Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular activities in Asian countries. If you love playing video games, the VR experience is like a level up of games! But it’s not just about games, VR takes you to unexpected places and makes you live in impossible circumstances, making you believe or feeling it like real. That’s the VR magic! I got my first sky experience through VR, I actually never tried it in real life before, but it felt pretty close.

Why this place?

Well, it may be, probably, many other options (like this) but if you decide to go with the pack “Escape room + VR experience” you get a really good discount! Besides I really loved the place, it’s organized, tidy and the staff was very helpful. The day we went there wasn’t much people os we got almost the entire place just for ourselves. No lines, no waiting time, just fun!

How to go there?

The address is 충청남도 천안시 동남구 먹거리11길 27 3층. It’s actually in downtown, search in one of the streets opposite side of Shinsegae shopping center, parallel with the main street. Good luck!

How to get there?