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Excellence of Baking in Cheonan: Toujours Bakery
Apr 13, 2018

One of the things that you notice about Korea is that pastry has a special place here.  Each of more or less busy areas of a city will boast an assortment of patisseries ranging from cozy little bakery shops to famous Korean franchises.  But what could make one particular bakery so exceptional that most of the local residents would highly recommend paying a visit there? I decided to check it out and headed towards one of the Toujours Bakeries, which are considered a must-visit for all the pastry lovers in Cheonan. Here I will share my experience, but first let’s look at some curious facts, which, frankly speaking, made me expect a lot of from this little pastry tour.



First of all, the Toujours Bakery was founded more than 25 years ago in Seoul. And only a few years later first bakery shop was opened in Cheonan. Unfortunately, due to the extreme pressure from big conglomerates, who simply did not want to let any competitors in the capital city, the shop in Seoul stopped operating. But instead new affiliates appeared in Cheonan. Thus today we have a very appealing local brand the Toujours Bakery, which has a really long story. Its 20 years’ history promises us all their products are made with all the enormous experience and great professionalism.


Secondly, the Toujours Bakery is a boulangerie-patisserie. It combines a patisserie, which produces cakes and different types of pastry, and a boulangerie, which is baking various types of breads. And, moreover, the Toujours is an artisanal boulangerie-patisserie, which indicates that all the bread and pastry are being baked on the premises and delivered astonishingly fresh to the shop shelves.


Also in the Toujours, they proclaim that the French name, which means ‘always’, is the main principal of delivering their products to the audience. It means they strive for remaining ALWAYS the same in matters of good quality, exceptionally good ingredients and freshness. Those definitely sound as good promises and make us anticipate the first taste.


The Toujours Bakery special, which is highly recommended by the locals to taste, is a very curious bread called Turtle Bread, in Korean 거북이 (pronounced as keobugi ppang).  The Turtle Bread received its name for being baked with the slow-bread technology. Slow breads are made using very little yeast and lots of time to ferment the dough. The advantage is that the structure of the crumb due to this technology is becoming much more open. That means a slow-bread will be very airy, light, easily digestible and, thus, much healthier than other breads. Therefore, the Turtle Bread from the Toujours Bakery is definitely worth trying.


And finally, the Toujours has four locations across Cheonan close to the most important city areas – the City Hall, the Express Bus Terminal and the Cheonan-Asan KTX Station. Thus, being at any spot of the city, we can easily find a reachable destination.



The Toujours Turtle Shop in Buldang-dong, one of the flagship Toujours stores, was the one that I chose for our little Cheonan pastry tour. At the store entrance we were met by a family of very cute toy turtles, which reminded us one more about the highly anticipated Turtle Bread. Indeed, it was needed, because after entering the main shopping hall we found ourselves at a loss for words.


We saw a jaw-dropping variety of breads and pastries with assorted flavors and fillings, cakes, tarts, sandwiches and even pizza.  If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely enjoy a heavenly chocolate classic muffin or a heart-shaped puff pastry rich with perfectly sweet caramelized apple filling.  A really seductive tart with organic strawberry has everything in it make your day. And if you are not fan of sweets at the Toujours you will have a chance to taste delightful garlic bread or rhombus-shaped puff with delightful soft cheese inside. The bakery also offers a good assortment of healthy breads.


And of course, you should definitely try the Turtle Bread. We found it in the very center of the shop in a special container, which saves warmth of the freshly baked bread.  Note that if you want to get your Turtle Bread just from the kiln you need to check the timer nearby and come just in time for fresh portion! It is worth trying. By, the way, if you are buying the Turtle Bread for takeout, before eating make sure to warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds, as it is said on the bread package.  It tastes awesome!


Everything was so fresh and appetizing that we could stay there for hours not being able to make our choice.  Luckily, in the Toujours they offer sample bites for some of the assortment, so after 3 or 4 rounds we finally managed to make a choice and headed to the counter.


Do not forget to grab a coffee or juice and choose a comfortable place to enjoy this trinity. For those who likes being in the center of action there is a bright and airy area right by the shopping hall. If the weather is good it will be so wonderful to enjoy a coffee and a dessert at the first floor outdoor deck, feeling the breeze and lukewarm sunrays. If you like calm and quite atmosphere, go up the stairs to the second floor, then go out to the second floor outdoor terrace and turn to the left. There you will find a cozy loft-style space for intimate friendly talks.


With all the said above the Toujours is definitely a place worth going with your family or with your friend, with your loved ones. Just choose your sweetest dream, grab a coffee, enjoy wonderful taste and freshness, have a good fun in the Toujours Bakery in Cheonan! 




The Toujours Main Shop (from Korean 뚜쥬루 본점, pronounced as toujour bonjeom) is situated in Seongjeon-dong in a short bus ride from the Cheonan Express Bus Terminal. You can take bus number 1 at the bus stop in front of the bus terminal and get off at the next stop. You will see the bakery across the street.  


Second one, the Toujours Turtle Shop (from Korean뚜쥬루 거북이점, pronounced as toujour kobugijeom) is located in Buldang-dong not very far from the Cheonan City Hall and is considered the most famous one among local residents. To get there you can also take bus N1 from the bus stop in front of the Cheonan Express Bus Terminal, but this time it will take about 15 minutes to get to the Cheonan City Hall and about 10 more minutes to walk towards destination.  This spot is also very close to the Cheonan-Asan KTX and Subway Station. Thus, as well, you can take bus N1 from the bus stop next to the station towards the Cheonan City Hall and get off at the 5th stop.


The third one, The Toujours Two Kiln Shop (from Korean 뚜쥬루  돌가마점, pronounced  as ‘toujour  dulgamajeom’), is a little out of the way  as it is located a little bit far from the main transportation spots, so this one would be a great choice for those who live in Sinbang-dong.


And the forth one, the Toujours Galleria Shop (from Korean뚜쥬루 갤러리아점, pronounced as ‘toujour  galloriajeom’), is located in one of the Cheonan famous department stores Galleria in Buldang-dong in up to 10 minutes walking from the Cheonan-Asan KTX and Subway Station.



Address 270, Baekseok-ro, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea(Main Shop)

TEL : 041-576-0086

URL : http://toujours.co.kr/

Business hours : 08:00 ~ 23:00/21:40 (Main Shop)

How to get there?