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On the night of April 24th, I visited Itaewon and enjoyed some foreigner food on my way home to Cheonan. A week later there was an outbreak at the King Club in Itaewon. After the outbreak, The government asked anyone who visited Itaewon from April 24th to May 8th to get tested regardless of symptoms. In order to stop the spread of corona virus, I decided to get tested. I want to talk about how easy it was for me to get tested and help relieve any fears that foreigners might have about the process.

Before I got the test

In the morning, I called 1339 and talked with a woman who spoke good English. I informed her that I had visited Itaewon during the time period. She asked me if I had any symptoms, then finally asked me if I had a car to drive to the testing center. I told her that I had no car. The woman on the phone asked for my I.D and my address. They arranged for me to be taken to the testing center by ambulance.

At the testing center

When I arrived at the testing center, I first went to a tent where filled out some basic information about myself; ARC number, date of birth, name… etc. Then, I told her the exact places and times that I visited Itaewon. The whole process took about 5 minutes.

After giving my details, I waited about 15 minutes in line to take the corona test. When I entered the room, I took two types of test. They did a swab of the back of my throat and then one more up my nose. Both of them were unpleasant but it was over very quickly. Between the two swab it took about 25 seconds. After taking the test, I was told to quarantine in my house for 2 days until the results of the test came out. The ambulance that took me to the testing center also drove me to my house after.

Getting the results

Even though the testing center said it would take 2 days, I got the results back within 16 hours of taking the test. The results were sent to me by text message.  The message was all in Korean which might be a problem for people who don’t speak Korean. I was told that I was “음성” which means negative. If you are positive you will get the message “양성”. The test that I took was free and I was very impressed with the care that the government took to stop the spread of corona. For a link to where you can get Covid 19 testing click here