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Going out for a shopping day with the kids doesn’t have to be a chore. The E-Mart Department Store next to March Park has enough to keep both the children and the parents happy!

Cheonan is a fantastic place for shopping.  It boasts several big malls including Shinsegae and the Galleria, which can be quick stops for specific items or occupy an entire day. But what if you have small children with you? Those big malls tend to cater towards young adults and couples.  Traveling there with a family can often feel like a chore rather than a fun outing.

Fortunately, the E-Mart department store next to March Park in Cheonan offers a bit of everything you’d find at those shopping centers in a family-friendly environment.  Throw in the park and game center that is right next door, and you have yourself the perfect place for balancing your parenting and shopping needs.

The E-mart is similar to others outside of Cheonan, but it boasts some very neat elements that make it great for the kids and adults alike. Here’s a rundown of what the E-mart has to offer:

Toy Store

I was shocked when I walked up to this toy store because I’d never seen anything like it in a department store. It had a Lego area for children to play, a playground shaped like a pirate ship, and a comprehensive selection.

The other thing I liked about this toy store is that it had plenty of Korean original toys, which makes for unique toy shopping for your own family or for gifts for friends and relatives outside of Korea.

Kids Cafe

When your kids need a break from the shopping, there is a great kids cafe accessible through the toy store. For a reasonable fee, your children have access to a big toy food market and kitchen area, a superhero toy section, a slide/ball pit, trampolines, and other fun sections.

A note about entering: there are three steps you’ll need to accomplish after you pay before you can enter. First, you’ll need to write your children’s names in a register, at which point the staff will print out a sticker to place on their backs. The next step is a temperature check using a forehead thermometer to ensure your children aren’t entering while sick. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that each of your children use the hand sanitizer that is at the entrance.


The electronics section is right next to the toy store, which means that while the kids are looking at their desired toys, the adults can do the same with computers, tablets, and televisions.


The E-mart has all of the basic fashion and accessories you would expect from a department store. The styles available keep with the current trends in Korean fashion.


All of the major Korean cosmetic brands are represented in this department store: Innisfree, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Face Shop, and Etude House, among others.


Unlike many malls, the E-mart offers a homewares section for those essentials you may need whether on a trip or residing here in Korea.  Towels, sponges, water filters, shower heads–although the department is not huge, it has a little bit of everything you may need.


One of the nice things about E-mart is that there is a high quality supermarket on the basement floor with three very great features. The first is the prepared food counters. If you want to take away main dishes, appetizers, or desserts, there are several tasty options available to you. The second is the incredible fresh food section. Imagine my surprise when I came across the tank full of live king crabs! In addition to the variety of fresh seafood, there is a wide array of fantastic fruits and produce available. The third feature is the wine and spirits section. More than the international options, I was impressed by the variety of soju, maekgolli, and locally produced beer and wine.

Food Court

The food court was a big surprise for this E-mart, in part because of how good it was, and in part because it was tucked away in the back of the supermarket. Although not a big food court, it has a variety of meal options, including Japanese, traditional Korean, Chinese, and American.  You can drop your cart off at the food court’s “parking lot,” and proceed to a single purchasing station. The touch screen ordering station is multilingual and accepts any major credit card, making meal purchases a breeze.

Once you order your meal, you’ll receive two receipts: one with your purchase information and one with your order number. All you need to do is to wait for your number to pop up on the screen next to the food counter and then you can pick it up to enjoy!

Other Services/Amenities

If you need to have your vehicle serviced during your visit, you can drop your car off at the car care center in the 3rd floor parking area to get an oil change, tire rotation, or other maintenance services. On the basement floor, there is a nursing room and baby changing station.


There is ample parking on the top floors of the E-mart, though do be aware that it can become crowded during peak hours.

Once you’re done at E-mart, don’t forget about March Park and the shopping centers that are right next door!

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