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All About the Food at the Cheonan World Dance Festival
Oct 10, 2019

Because food is such an important aspect of Korean culture, festivals in Korea are typically a good place to find a delectable bite to eat, and the Cheonan World Dance Festival is no exception. It boasts a large number of options, both foreign and domestic, for visitors to choose from. The festival covers an impressively large area of the park, yet it is difficult to walk for more than a minute or so without your nose picking up on something scrumptious.

The food marketplace (먹거리장터) located at the east end of the festival is the main dining area and serves strictly Korean food.  There are 18 different food tents set up in a ring around the edge of the area with live music being playing pretty much non-stop in the middle.  Even though the tents have several tables to sit at, there is still usually a short line formed at the entrance of each place, again proving how much Koreans love their food.

Posted at the entrance of the food marketplace area is a handy map showing both the location and menu of each tent (shown below).

Each tent sells a few different main dishes ranging from barbecued pork to gukbap(국밥) to fried chicken to seafood.  And they all serve plenty of beer, soju(소주) and makgeolli(막걸리).

The amount of food offered at the food marketplace alone is more than sufficient, but the dance festival is just getting started.  Located in the World Culture Experience area (세계문화체험) are also several stands selling street food from other countries. Here one can find mouthwatering Turkish döner and  ice cream, Russian shish kebabs of pork, beef, chicken and octopus dripping in sauce, Japanese okonomiyaki and yakisoba fresh off the grill, delicious fried chicken and chili shrimp, and even sticks of glazed strawberries and fresh coconut juice.

Apart from these two main food areas, there are also a lot of places that sell snacks including corndogs, Cheonan’s famous walnut cakes (호두과자), ice cream in a long, tube-shaped cone, and lots of coffee, smoothies, and other drinks.

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