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Easy-to-Find Foreign Markets in Cheonan
Jan 23, 2019

Foreign grocery in Cheonan? Here are three easy-to-find foreign marts near Cheonan Station. 

The selection and availability of foreign food and other imported grocery products have immensely improved in Korea through the years. We can now find more variety in Korean grocery stores. There is a good mix of Western products as well as other Asian ones in Korean supermarket chains like E-mart, Lotte Mart, and Homeplus. There are also the big warehouse supermarkets like E-mart Traders and Costco both of which have branches in Cheonan. Then, there are foreign markets near Cheonan Station if you are in search of Asian fresh produce, frozen products, legumes, spices, and even Chinese or Russian alcoholic drinks.

So you’re new in the city and you find yourself staring at mysterious labels while shopping in a regular grocery store that makes you want to look for something familiar. Maybe you want to impress someone with your cooking skills through food from your homeland or maybe you just miss home? Whether as an immigrant, a student, or a foreign worker, there will be days when we feel homesick while living in Korea. We sometimes find ourselves yearning for a taste of home in a foreign land and we don’t really need to get that plane ticket. We just need to eat some food from our home country.

You can dine at restaurants but what if you are craving for a dish that they don’t usually serve? You’ve hunted up all the foreign specialized restaurants but still didn’t find what you like. Worry not because you might still have hope on tasting it even if you are in Korea. You just have to try cooking it yourself. Just search for a recipe online and start looking for the ingredients.


There are at least three stores just around Cheonan Station where you might just find those ingredients. These stores are all within walking distance from the station.

1. A Mart      2. World Food          3. Asia Mart

1. A Mart 365/Asia Mart

This is almost right outside the steps of the station Exit 1 before you cross the big intersection. It’s between a jewelry store and a walnut cookie store. You might actually miss it since it doubles as a convenience store from outside but once you get in, you will find some foreign food products. It’s pretty small, with limited space and products but who knows what you can find, right?

2. World Food (Cheonan)

This is one of the older ones in the area. You will finally have to cross a busy intersection for this. This is on the left side of the wider street, before you get to the Korean traditional market, Cheonan Kongseol Sijang/market (천안공설시장.) This is bigger than the first one and has a lot of different foreign food products. We even found whole but mini coconuts and banana leaves in the fresh produce area. There were also two brands of tempeh to choose from in the freezer if ever you are keen to have one those fermented soybeans of Indonesia.

3. Asia Mart

The third and last on our list is located on the right side of the wider street. Walking up from  Cheonan Station Exit 1, cross the street towards GS25 at the corner and walk past one block and a little bit more heading up. Just keep an eye for a store with different flags on the storefront. It’s next to the entrance of an Indian-Nepalese restaurant right above the foreign mart. You’ve missed it if you’ve already reached the KDB and NH Banks. There are also so many things to check out there and it was a pleasant experience to look around and shop. The staffs were nice and we were allowed to take photos.  

What's there?

So what kind of things can you find there? A lot! My Korean buddy felt like she was in a different land. There are products from Russia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and others. There are fresh produce, frozen products, noodles, spices, sweets, legumes, dried fishes, and even alcoholic drinks.  

The store has a fresh produce area where you can find fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, pineapples, cilantro, and more. There are at least two chest freezers filled with frozen fish, seafood, meat, bananas, jackfruit, naan, spring roll pastry, and even frozen samosas.

There is a shelf full of beans like colorful lentils, white beans, black beans, red kidney beans, and black-eyed peas (the edible one, not the popular US singing group.)

frozen fish, seafood, spring rolls

You can also find sauces and spices like cinnamon bark, whole nutmeg,  fennel, fenugreek, turmeric, garam masala, and all those amazing colorful Asian spices. We also spotted some cans of vegetable ghee, coconut milk in can and powder form, and other canned fruits.

spices, sauces, teas, and vegetable ghee

Another lane has instant noodles mostly from the Southeast Asian countries. You can see a lot of different noodles including ones for making pad thai.  


rice noodles like pad thai noodles and other noodles

For the sweet tooth, you can find the sweet tamarind from Thailand (please let me know if it’s really sweet), pandan-flavored wafer sticks, Chinese moon cake, and other comfort food snacks.

Now wouldn’t you want to see and taste these delights for yourself? You can taste a pack of imported instant noodles for 500W, a few spices for about 3000W and will hardly find most of these in a local Korean grocery.  

Aside from food products, you can also pick up some familiar brands of soap, skin and hair products from your home country. So whether you are Korean who wanted to try a different cuisine or a homesick expat, you might just find some interesting products worth checking out at the foreign grocery store. 

Additional information: 

Asia Mart   Store Hours: 9 AM – 11 PM 

                     Contact No. (041) – 568-8788

Foreign Mart   Store Hours: 9 AM – 10:30 PM 

                          Contact No. (041) 562-8808   

How to get there?