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Funny Dance Competition
Sep 17, 2018

Hello, this is Choenan social reporter, Lona.

The Funny Dance Competition is part of the Cheonan Dance Festival. The funny dance competition had people laughing, singing and dancing to the musical festivities that were taking place. The point of the Funny dance completion is to give the public an opportunity to take part in the dance festival free of any judgement, bias and all in the name of having a good time and letting loose.

On arrival to Samgyeori park via bus 12 it took me 40 minutes to get there. Armed with my umbrella I was under the impression that the clouds were going to break later on that day. I left the house and got on the bus exactly at 13:00 hoping that the bus would take less than an hour to reach my destination so I could arrive at 14:00 which was the start of the event. I eventually got to the park with about 15 minutes to spare. Even with the traffic heading towards the dance festival. I got to the dance festival and found dozens upon dozens of stand selling food, offering CPR lesson and even getting teaching kids how to play traditional Korean drums. The smell in the air was pleasantly filled with barbeque meat. Music could be heard from all directions. You could even hear kids trying to catch an ice cream in which the Turkish ice cream man was selling. There were all sorts of people from all over the world in attendance. In my two years of living in Korea this is one of the biggest events I have ever seen. The crowds were safe enough for parents to freely let their kids walk freely explore the festival and there was all around access for wheel chairs or even parents who had their kids in prams.

On arrival to the Budnum hall where the funny dance competition was going to be coordinated.  I was surprised by the full attendance. From the front of the stage all the way to the back every seat had been occupied which really I had excited about the show which was yet to come.

The announcers punctually told us they were ready to begin the competition in 10 min. this gave people enough time to settle down before the show started.

The show was finally ready to get started. It started off with 8/10 participants wearing number tags who came up to the front of the next to the master of ceremonies. The first participants that came out were the smallest boys and girls who were probably between 3-13 years old. This was one of the most entertaining rounds because you could see a group of mothers rushing to the front of the stage to see their kids dancing in front of the stage for hundreds of people. The first group had heads rocking in all directions and arms being flung from side to side. The overall winner was a young girl who showed a pleasing amount of confidence in her moves and was having a really good time.

The groups that followed had a mix of boys and girls who were dressed in outfits that would make you think they got changed in the dark. Some of the noticeable outfits that stuck out were a young man dressed as an old man. He was deep in his role, wearing waist band, a hat and even had a walking stick to help him with his travels up and down the stage.

Between the different rounds the Mayor of Cheonan was present where he made a very brief speech to the crowd. The respect that the citizens were very evident as everyone was silent and paid careful attention to what he had to say.  The performances continued that day with the judges carefully picking out a winner for each round. There were also performers from Poland, South Africa, Korea and even Russia. These dancers were not graded by how good of dancers they were but rather how silly they could be and also the amount of fun they were having up on the stage.

As the judges had backed their last finalist they were all asked to come up on stage at the same time to dance one last time to see if they could last the last round with the same energy. Mind you every finalist was going to win a money prize varying in amounts.

When this was done an energetic Zumba class started while the judges deliberated on their winner. The Zumba class invited the crowd to participate in the classes and they worked up a sweat with the moves that the ladies were doing.

The time finally came for the winners to be announced as to who was going to win. The two finalists who were to battle it out for first and second place were a young gentleman from South Africa and a young lady from Poland. The winner was the Gentleman from South Africa who had everyone up on their feet enjoying their moments at the festival.